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U. S. Senate

Washington, D.C. 20510-3704


Dear Senator:


††† Americans must become united and join together in a common cause to fight the energy crisis as if it were equivalent to a national war and president Bush although seen by some as friendly to nuclear, coal and oil industry technologies; is merely stating the facts and his leadership will guarantee generations to come a stable energy foundation for the U. S. of America.


††† Unfortunately, Americans only unite in a common effort when there's a national crisis such as a natural disaster or world War.† "There seems to be two competing camps.† One side believes that others should do for the less fortunate and the other side who believes that each person is responsible for there own lives.† It seems all too often that we forget that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.† The only real pollutants are laws that stifle creativity.† When entrepreneurs are allowed to invent better ways, in time these innovations find a way of incorporating themselves into general acceptable use.† We must take a balanced stand on the difficult issues confronting America, staying open-minded; not succumbing to self imposed deception.† To a large extent the government's investment in renewable energy technologies has not produced intended benefits. Supply & demand markets dictate the success of any particular device or product and I do not believe that American's should be forced to pay taxes for research and development resulting in developing/implementing energy efficient devices/products.† However, tax incentives that affect only those willing to invest in any particular energy related technology might in deed be beneficial."


††† In the 1981 President Regan was able to pass his administrations budget cuts in the amount of $30 billion dollars of Federal spending.† "Net "merger and acquisition" in the third quarter of 1981 totaled 623, up 25 percent from the 498 of the same 1980 quarter," according to W. T. Grimm & Co., Business Opportunity Journal, Volume 15, Number 1, January 1982.† "There were 66 deals in which companies sold off operations with price tags of $50 million dollars or more in 1981, compared with just 39 in 1979 and 547 corporations with price tags of under $50 million dollars," according to an article in Newsweek, 29 March 1982, "A Corporate Sell-Off Spree."† In 1981 over $3.3 billion dollars was spent on "merger and acquisition" activity and if the Corporate Sell-Off Spree report is correct, $73 billion dollars in 1981 was spent on Corporate divestiture exchange activity and or merger and acquisition.† In 1981 interest rates were much higher then they are today (30-year loan - 14 to 15%) and business failures as of "April 8, 1981 totaling 6,205, 55% more than in the same period of 1980 and almost as many as in all 1978; noted as the worse period for business failures since 1932," according to an article in Time Magazine, Volume 119, Number 17, April 26, 1982, titled "A Rising Tide of Bankruptcies."† Corporate America went on frenzy and divestiture exchange activity and or merger and acquisition was the direct result of President Regan's commitment to reduce federal spending in order to free up the cash flow in America.† Of course corporate America took advantage of President Regan's budget cuts in order to strengthen there own portfolios.† This type of corporate investment is seen by many as a major problem and the beginning of "socialism and control of our government policies, and thus indirectly controls the people, a form of Fascism.† Consequently, this multi-national effort to control key markets often stifles exploitation of alternative energy resources, further illustrating monopolized corporations do not want any kind of competition."


††† Federal Income tax relief for Americans and a federal budget reducing government spending, allowing Americans to benefit by paying less taxes and actually receiving a rebate of $300.00 to $600.00 will become a reality.† President Bush's Federal Income Tax Relief was allocated to the American people and not corporate America.


††† President Bush is addressing the energy needs of the U. S. of America.† His plan is practical and if I understand his goals for our nation adequately, renewable energy technologies will be explored and energy efficient devices and products supported.† Not knowing the end result, I don't know if Mr. Clinton' s FY 2000 tax credit/incentives for renewable energy technologies and energy efficient devices/products will be supported, or those others have submitted.††† I'm sure however an appropriate plan will become reality.† President Bush's action and his commitment toward providing incentives for power plant developments in the U. S. is mandatory, because renewable energy technologies presently are not providing the necessary energy needed for the U. S. of America.† Jobs and dwellings, for hundreds of millions of citizens in the next 60 years is a reality.


††† Power Plant developments alone will not provide everyone a job.† As an environmentalist, I support a clean and healthy environment, research grants or industry investment incentives ensuring fewer pollutants emitted into our environment, elimination of radioactive waste, renewable energy technologies, etc.


††† President Bush, myself and others who support power plant developments have respect for our environment.† I would hope that renewable energy technologies at the minimum could replace nuclear energy.† I don't personally believe that nuclear energy technologies should be invested in further, without first addressing radioactive waste processing technologies, containment and storage safeguards ensuring the safety of our environment.† However, I am not against nuclear energy technologies and when the Department of Energy can address satisfactorily radioactive waste processes, eliminating radio active waste as a threat to the environment, I will support nuclear power generation.† Radioactive waste and sludge's are a real threat to our environment. There are technologies that can presently eliminate certain radioactive sludge's, yet were not building plant's to clean up our environment.


†††† Teledyne Wah Chang, Millersburg/Albany, Oregon radioactive sludge should be disposed of through Vitrification technologies in municipal waste disposal and EnerWaste can do the job.† Why then must this sludge be hauled to the Columbia Gorge?† Is there a secret EnerWaste plant at the Columbia Gorge?† Albany/Corvallis landfill and Teledyne Wa Chang, Millersburg/Albany, Oregon would be a great place to start.† This landfill separation process is inadequate and the waste treatment facility in Albany, Oregon, although has several digesters, on occasion still emits methane into the atmosphere.† How much funding for research purposes would be required, in order to advance disposal technologies of thermally hot and highly radioactive pollutants involved in nuclear energy from spent uranium fuel or reprocess this fuel and or sludge's originated as a result of the manufacturing of specialty metals and chemicals, used in energy production, chemical and mineral processing, aerospace, medical, research and consumer products.† Teledyne Wah Chang, a member of Allegheny Technologies Company, producers of Reactive and Refactory Metals and Chemicals materials include hafnium, niobium, titanium, vanadium, zirconium, silicon tetrachloride, and zirconium and hafnium chemicals.


††† Environmentalist, myself included, must introduce technologies that will clean up our environment and renewable energy technologies that will not only replace, but provide the energy our nation demands for growth, if were to shelf further investment in nuclear or coal technologies which presently provide a major portion of the U. S. energy needs.


††† Practical decisions must be made.† In order to eliminate oil drilling in the mountains on Federal/public lands, wind generation power stations along our coast lines and in the mountains, solar salt ponds, Photovoltaics, Solar Thermal Electric Power Plants, Alternative Fuels, Energy Efficient Engines/Carburetors, Hybrid Technologies, Electric Cars, Solar Panels, Geothermal Heat Pumps, Solar Hot Water Heaters, Geothermal Energy, Ocean Conversion and many other renewable energy technologies and energy efficient devices/products should be proposed as a substitute from those in the renewable energy community.


††† Wind generation turbine manufacturers are producing cost effective windmills and the announcement of several wind generation power stations for the northwest is good beginning.† President Bush has my support and I believe he will encourage Americans to invest in renewable energy technologies and energy efficient devices/products.


††† Energy Quest introduces experts involved in renewable energy technologies and those that presently provide installation services and energy efficient devices/products for homes and buildings.† Energy efficient devices/products are also introduced by many in there fields of renewable energy technologies within and once Energy Quest Encyclopedia's Energy Efficient Devices/Products is published, all Americans will benefit.† We are not twenty or thirty years away from providing the U. S. more then 4% of the current contribution renewable energy technologies provide for U. S. energy demand.† Within one-year, renewable energy technologies and energy efficient devices and products can very easily provide the U. S. 20% of its energy needs.† But we must educate and communicate consumers and corporate America.† We must evaluate entire communities, businesses, manufacturer buildings and industrial complexes, making recommendations and introducing those devices/products that will provide energy reduction and realistic savings in a period of ten years or less.


††† When experts in there associated fields firmly address the expansion of renewable energy technologies in the U. S.; banking institutions provide loans for energy efficient devices/products, introducing mortgages tailored for consumers in order to purchase energy efficient homes/buildings, utilizing photovoltaic/wind energy generation technologies, etc.; renewable energy sources will provide substantial benefit for the U. S. energy demand.


††† "Photovoltaic technologies presently can provide an efficiently built four bedroom home, 1,500kWh of electricity per year.† The electricity demand for an efficiently designed 4 bedroom-detached house might be 3,500 kWh/year per or 43% of annual household electricity demand.† A new build, domestic, grid connected PV installation with a 2kWp installed capacity would cover about 15 square meters (45 square feet) of south facing roof area.† Using current technology, an achievable cost for a one off system of this sort would be $10,000.00, allowing for savings in conventional roofing materials."† Photovoltaic industry is presently producing solar efficient devices and products, yet consumer investment remains low and some believe an investment in a home aforementioned would take 100 years to pay for itself.† With this type of philosophy how will the general public ever be enthused with renewable energy technologies?† Nonrenewable energy technologies increase in cost as natural resources dwindle.† Renewable energy technologies investment although high in the beginning, as demand increases; cost will decrease, as profit will increase from volume.†


††† Ethanol, methanol and hydrogen liquid fuels will eventually substitute a percentage of fossil fuels (oil).† Electric automobiles powered by batteries or Photovoltaic, hybrid technologies that combine both the use of batteries charged by electricity and fuel, energy efficient engines and carburetors, will one day provide energy reduction and consumer savings.† Electric cars powered by batteries are only providing a limited amount of consumer's energy savings, as most Americans are not provided the necessary information about these cars at retail auto sales.† Automobile retailers are anxious to sale their stock pile of automobiles and are not offering conversion solutions as part of the financing package.† If you don't offer an alternative, consumers buy automobiles that are easily financed with deals advertised by the automobile industry.† Automobiles powered by Hybrid technologies presently available have proven energy savings but only a few are purchasing automobiles equipped with hybrid technologies.† Automobile manufacturers are presently designing automobiles with hybrid technologies, making available by 2004 a new breed of automobile.† Those whom invest in hybrid and electric automobile technologies in the private sector will enhance a promising industry and make available hybrid technologies to anyone at lower cost.† Without private investment, automobile manufactures will dominant this industry and the competitive edge a few entrepreneurs presently have will be lost.


††† Renewable energy technologies are presently providing consumer's energy reduction and savings by becoming energy efficient, yet not everyone is receiving benefit because they're not investing.† Renewable energy technologies capable of providing electricity in the megawatt range require land and Power Plants supported by renewable energy technologies must be proposed.


††† Solar Thermal Electric Power Plant / A solar Combined Cycle electricity generation plant, driven by high-concentration optics and high-temperature air receivers is being developed.


ConSolar Project - Solar Thermal Electric Power Plant -


Participating ConSolar Members


Ormat Industries Ltd.

Rotem Industries Ltd.

Weizmann Institute of Science.



††† Exploitation of renewable energy resources must increase a minimum of 5% annually throughout the world as fossil fuel energy supplies dwindle and in the U. S. a goal of 15% total U. S. energy demand is not only realistic but also attainable with those with great insight introducing renewable energy technologies to the American people.


††† Providing information is a necessary first step but what good is information if know one is exploring, researching, investigating and utilizing sustainable technologies guaranteeing a self reliant and self sufficient future?


††† Energy Quest Search provides the means and quick search for any particular energy efficient device/product, technology, etc., but who has the time to explore, evaluate, research and investigate 20,000 plus web sites?


††† Energy Quest Encyclopedia's Energy Efficient Devices/Products with it's A to Z index will allow consumers, businesses and even corporate America the ability to search very rapidly any particular energy efficient device or product anyone may be interested in.† Like wise millions of Americans who elect not to use the computer or serf the web will benefit.† Renewable energy technologies are real and can provide a substantial energy base for the U. S. of America.


††† Uniting in a common effort, introducing Energy Quest as a tool, illustrating energy efficient devices/products within Energy Quest and Energy Quest Search, designed as a search engine introducing those involved in renewable energy technologies is a beginning and had Energy Quest Political and Economic Rights been supported in 1982, renewable energy technologies would be providing a larger percentage of the U. S. of America's energy demands.


††† Within you will learn of many renewable energy technologies, energy efficient devices/products, Photovoltaic, hybrid technologies that combine both the use of batteries charged by electricity and fuel, energy efficient engines and carburetors, passive solar home designs, environmental issues, world wide efforts by many with one goal in mind, an energy efficient self reliant tomorrow and those that provide services, knowledge of renewable energy technologies/environmental issues and energy efficient devices and products to anyone whom desires a self sufficient and self reliant sustainable future.






LETTER TO CNN Energy Quest Search Introduction May 23, 2001





CNN††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† May 23, 2001


Dear National News Desk:

California Energy Commission traded marked the name "Energy Quest" in 1995. Energy Quest publications have been on the market since 1979.

Energy Quest Search is intended to illustrate the vast potential Renewable Energy Technologies provide for the growth of all country's, and those on the Internet whom provide knowledge on renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, energy efficient devices/products and environmental issues available on the Internet.

The introduction of Energy Quest publications published in 1982 and 1986 are addressed. Energy Quest Energy Efficient Devices/Products as a tool, communicating energy efficient devices/products to those interested in becoming energy efficient has great potential. Renewable energy technologies provide a sustainable foundation for businesses, industry, residential communities, homeowners and those whom own automobiles.

Renewable energy technologies are addressed and as a nation of free people, we must build a foundation that preserves our country's natural resources, with the protection of our environment as a top priority.

Energy Quest is an effective tool toward accomplishing a self-reliant and self-sufficient future for generations to come. I rally your support for Federal Investment Tax Credits and Incentives for the purchase of Energy Efficient Homes/Buildings, Energy Efficient Devices/Products, Renewable Energy Technologies and construction of Power Plants supported by renewable energy technologies.

In 1985, a construction accident left me disabled, leaving me paralyzed when my neck was broken. Studying renewable energy technologies, compiling information relating to development projects, involvement in trucking industry issues/trucking business, typing without the use of fingers, searching the web and compiling Energy Quest Search has kept me busy. My friends although supportive, tell me no one really cares about the environment or renewable energy technologies and energy efficient devices/products.

I have personally reviewed every web site many times and although every web site was active upon completion of Energy Quest Search May 13 - 22, 2001 at 3"am; web sites are sometimes changed or servers are replaced. Generally, when the owner changes a web site address, their new address is automatically illustrated and the web site usually connects to the new web site. Furthermore, in order to maintain accuracy web sites must constantly be reviewed as web site addresses constantly change. In the last year I viewed over 20,000 web sites, averaging 110 every day 6 to 7 days per week. (As of June 1, 2002 Energy Quest Search was revised and updated)

Although I support every attempt of those communicating renewable energy technologies illustrated by those web sites provided within Energy Quest Search; I do not specifically endorse or make any assertions that any particular devices/products or renewable energy technologies provide consumer's immediate energy reduction or revenue, selling electricity to your local power company. Your investigation should include evaluation of research into renewable energy technologies and always compare other energy efficient devices and products on the market in order to determine the most cost effective investment. Energy Quest Search web sites provide for your review, web sites that offer services of installers, manufacturers, contractors, energy efficient devices/products, passive solar home architecture/designs, information about the environment and renewable energy technologies. Web sites illustrated connect to other web sites with a library of information at your fingertips.

Energy Quest Encyclopedias Energy Efficient Devices/Products provides the necessary tool to communicate to consumers energy efficient devices/products and if you would like your energy efficient devices/products listed within Energy Quest; send information to Energy Quest National Energy Efficient Development Founder at 3339 Jefferson Scio Drive S. E., Jefferson, Oregon 97352.

The worlds watching and wondering what path America will take. Renewable Energy, Oil, Nuclear Energy, etc. What will we do? 34% increase expected in the next ten years for imported crude oil. Rep. Scott McInnus hearing discussion on our nations problems is 90% correct.

Nuclear Power Plants have risk and waste related problems yet the technology doesn't emit harmful emissions contributing to global warming.

Vitrification processes of radioactive sludge's can successfully dispose of several radioactive sludge's. Exploring and Investing in Technologies that will dispose of radioactive sludge's seems to be the right course to take. Once technologies are successful, stored pollutants must be disposed of, maintaining radioactive waste/sludge's properly.


How much funding for research purposes would be required, in order to advance disposal technologies of thermally hot and highly radioactive pollutants involved in nuclear energy from spent uranium fuel or sludgeís originated as a result of the manufacturing of specialty metals and chemicals, used in energy production, chemical and mineral processing, aerospace, medical, research and consumer products.† Teledyne Wah Chang, a member of Allegheny Technologies Company, producers of Reactive and Refactory Metals and Chemicals† Materials include hafnium, niobium, titanium, vanadium, zirconium, silicon tetrachloride, and zirconium and hafnium chemicals.


Depleted Uranium (DU) is, according to the Military Toxins Project, the radioactive by product of the uranium enrichment process, is "roughly 60% as radioactive as naturally occurring uranium and has a half-life of 4.5 billion years." The United States has in excess of 1.1 billion pounds of DU waste material. Using uranium as a fuel in the types of nuclear reactors common in the United States requires that the uranium be enriched so that the percentage of U235 is increased, typically to 3 to 5%. To enrich uranium, a process called gaseous diffusion was developed by the United States in the 1940s. The gaseous diffusion process creates two products: enriched uranium hexafluoride, and depleted uranium hexafluoride (depleted UF6). The DU decay chain includes hazardous radioactive thorium, radium, radon, the radon "daughters" and lead. The Department of Energy plans to recycle massive quantities of 1,250,000,000 pounds of DU into the commercial marketplace for reuse in consumer goods.† An International Appeal to Ban the Use of Depleted Uranium Weapons is underway.Ē


Renewable power plants utilizing municipal solid waste, producing methanol fuel with anti-pollution devices, scrubbers, filters and controls seems the most likely course to explore.† Emissions can be processed, limiting pollutants and Vitrification International Technologies, Inc. (EnerWaste) have introduced technologies in municipal waste disposal, which decrease atmospheric pollutants, and I believe could provide technologies that will decrease methanol power plant emissions substantially.† Research grants and funding should be allocated to the leaders in municipal waste disposal technologies.


We must recognize the enormous amount of raw materials required as fuel in order produce ethanol and methanol, harmful pollutants and enormous areas of land and raw materials required for large scale Ethanol and Methanol Power Plants.† Environmental damage to our forest and to much corn grown in order to supply the necessary fuel required to replace fossil fuels (Petroleum), would deplete crop lands of the nutrients and require more water then resources presently available to irrigate an additional 250 to 430 million ha of farm land.† One million plus acres that went up in smoke in the northwest last year has left behind burned trees that should be harvested for biomass.


Small methanol plants designed for the dairy, poultry and pig industries is essential and must be designed by those leading the way, introducing technologies for a more friendly and sound environment.† Albany/Corvallis, Oregon municipal landfill site is filling up.† EnerWaste technologies should replace this landfill site.† The following Web sites contain information relating Wastewater treatment facilities worldwide and Oregon environment:


Methanol fuel production in small mom and pop operations on farms has successfully risen as a viable option yet anti-pollutant devices and applications must be introduced. Technologies must guarantee devices eliminating emissions of toxin pollutants into the atmosphere, with immediate reduction of the harmful chemicals.


Renewable energy technologies harnessing renewable energy resources will never be depleted like fossil fuel and raw materials.† In fact, exploration of renewable energy technologies will far advance fossil fuel technologies and provide the United States Economy the energy necessary for continued growth.


I know what an oil rig looks like and I am not without imagination.† Why must environmentalist treats us like were stupid and show us an oil rig in the mountains?† I guess a windmill in the mountains wouldnít be acceptable either?


Why not show the American people the Bhuj Solar Pond and El Paso Salinity Gradient Solar Pond (SGSP) or introduce windmills.† At the minimum inform Americans properly.


Iím an environmentalist or rather a republican conservative.† Iím also a democrat and Iím independent, but Iím practical.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Very Respectfully,



†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† BRUCE WAYNE HENION













"The logical substitute for Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether MTBE in gasoline is ethanol. Ethanol is the Nation's head start in the bio-based economy of the future. Ethanol can provide the environmental benefits of oxygenate. Without the drawbacks and dangers of MTBE. And according to USDA, by 2004 ethanol could successfully replace MTBE in meeting oxygenate demands with negligible effects on gasoline prices and supplies. The major steps in ethanol production include corn production, corn harvest and drying, corn milling, ethanol production and side stream processing.

Both ethanol and MTBE are used in the current Reformulated Fuels Program (RFP). Many fuel providers are choosing to use MTBE in about 85- to 87-percent of the RFG, mainly because of cost and ease of transport reasons.

The statute and subsequently EPA's regulations only specify the oxygen content by weight. They do not specify which oxygenate to use.

Despite the air quality benefits of oxygenate in RFG there is significant concern about contamination of drinking water in many areas of the country including California and Maine.

EPA obviously is very concerned about the widespread detection of MTBE in drinking water. And current levels of MTBE in ground and surface waters are at low levels. The United States Geological Survey has found that the occurrence of MTBE in ground water is strongly related to its use as a fuel additive in that area. Low levels of MTBE were detected in 21-percent of ground water in areas where MTBE is used under the Reformulated Fuels Program as compared to 2-percent detections in areas using conventional gasoline.

In response to concerns associated with the use of oxygenates in gasoline, President Clinton's Administration established the blue ribbon panel. It included leading experts from public health and scientific communities, water utilities, environmental groups, industry and state and local government, to assess issues opposed by the use of oxygenates in gasoline.

Reducing or eliminating MTBE in no way diminishes the continued role for other oxygenates such as ethanol to control mobile source emissions. We recognize that a significant role for renewable fuels is important to our nation's energy supply.

Scientific analysis submitted to congress concludes that a minimum of 0.5 per square inch Reid vapor pressure allowance is a reasonable gasoline volatility offset. This would provide a long term solution that more accurately recognizes the clean air contribution of ethanol while avoiding the increased expense to gasoline producers of a lower volatility based gasoline."

The ethanol blended gasoline has been projected to reduce carbon monoxide emissions by some 700-plus-tons in the Chicago air shed each day. This is the equivalent of over 30 semi loads of carbon monoxide. There is almost three semi loads each day of organic compounds that are not introduced in the Chicago air shed because we currently use ethanol."

Illinois ethanol industry generates is in excess of a billion dollars, provides 800 jobs in ethanol plants, and 4,000 jobs in industry related jobs which produce around 160 million gallons of ethanol and 70 million bushels of grain usage.

Today ethanol also means $20,000 to every 500-acre corn farmer in the U.S.

The National Academy of Science's study on RFG concluded about 20-percent of the ozone or smog produced in non-attainment areas is caused by carbon monoxide. Ethanol cuts carbon monoxide pollution by up to 25-percent. We are at a watershed moment for ethanol. Years of research, building of infrastructure and expanding corn supply, high gas prices and growing public support leave us well positioned to finally make a national commitment to our only domestically produced renewable fuel supply. Expanded ethanol product would give agriculture, which is in the economic doldrums, a much-needed lift, provide jobs in processing and transportation and help us reach our environmental goals responsibly."





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