I posted Presidential Material May 6, 2016 on Donald Trump and Congressman Paul Ryan's facebook, but Iím not able to find it any more.


The post was in support of Donald Trump.


Presidential Material

By Bruce Wayne Henion


Posted on various facebook sites within the GOP (May 7 & 9, 2016).


I wrote this article while in the SCI Unit, Veterans Hospital, La, Jolla, Hospital, after a two week enrollment under going two urological surgeries. By August, 2016 I will have a third operation reaming out my prostate. There were editing mistakes in the first article. When I got home I corrected the mistakes at 5:25P Ė PCT, May 7 & 8, 2016. I was pretty tried when I initially wrote the article.


Iíve been classified a disabled veteran for 32-years and a Quadriplegic for 30-years.


Article begins with:


Iíd like to congratulate Mr. Trump for becoming the GOP Nominee for President of the Republic of the United States of America, not the Socialist Republic of America like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders would like.


Iíve supported Mr. Trump from day one and will support Mr. Trump continually. For Paul Ryan to say he canít support you right now as the Majority Leader of Congress is quite frankly appalling.


Paul Ryanís attitude illustrates the division of the Republic Party and leaders in the party themselves are diving the Republic party by their own actions by not supporting their GOP Nominee.


I realize Congressman Paul Ryan and Senator McCain, who I have enduring respect for, feel your either not qualified to be President or lying to the American People.


Senator Ted Cruse and Mitt Romney both very boldly exclaim Mr. Trump is not telling the truth.


These sentiments and statements are not very respectful, and when Mr. Trump counter punched Senator Cruz he doubled down saying Mr. Trump is making chumps out of the American People.


ďThose that say disrespectful things about Mr. Trump must live in a fantasy world if they donít think he should defend himself.Ē - Edited.


When President Obama was running for President in 2008 against Senator McCain, he was ruthless to not only McCain but Hillary Clinton.


President Obama learned that folks only pay attention to Sound Bites. He also knows that if he allows enough time from any statement he made that was not truthful, he can easily turn the conversation away from any false statement.


The way in which the IRS handled approval of non profits whose name refereed to Tea Party and other patriotic associations initially was appalling to Obama but as time passed, less interest to correct this breach of confidence between the government and American People became a reality, with Obama dismissing any wrong doing by the IRS through several statements.


The Affordable Care Act ďObama CareĒ statements he made exclaiming that insurance would be cheaper; you can keep your own doctor; forcing states to come onboard, failed web sites, private information not secure and not one Democrat read the ACA, with the Majority Speaker of Congress, exclaiming we must pass the bill even though know one new what it actually addressed I thought was just insane.


Weíve seen executive order after another in order for Obama to change the ACA, which is congress job and still, its crippling affect on the economy is not admitted to by Obama or his fellow Democrats.


The way in which they determine unemployment numbers as a percentage of the unemployed does not reflect one out of every house hold is not able to find a job.


Coal Miners are loosing their jobs because of Obamaís Cap and Trade penalties and or EPA regulations designed to bankrupt Coal Companies. Yet Hillary Clinton made several statements she tried to walk back relating to closing Coal Mines and soon after she met with a Coal Miner, at one of her rallies, she said she didnít care if that guy votes for me or not.


She expresses America owes Coal Miners, while 100,000 died in the early 19 Century, working to provide cheap electricity, she exclaims we must help Coal Miners now, but first they all must loose their jobs as Coal Mines and Coal Plants must close.


Syngas Plants from production of coal, scrubbers or mediation efforts not even exploited.


Yet Hillary Clinton said Coal Plants are going bankrupt as if to say the industry wasnít profitable with no mention of regulations or cap and trade policies of the EPA, the cause.


ď1,400 Carrier workers laid off as plant in Indianapolis, Indiana moves to Mexico, resulting in mass lay offs; 180 Abbot Pharmaceutical employees loosing their jobs to IT Tech workers from India and Disney World in Florida employees loosing their jobs to foreign workers, presently suing their employer, Disney World.Ē - Edited.


Abbot Pharmaceutical requiring their American Employees to train the new work force is simply amazing.


Sen. Durbin calls Abbott Labs' IT layoffs 'harsh and insensitiveí


ďAbbott Labs, a global healthcare company, is laying off about 180 IT employees after signing an agreement with Wipro, a major India-based IT services firm, to take over some IT services. The employees were told about the planned cuts on Feb. 22; their last day will be April 22.


The workers are expecting to train their replacements, possibly workers on H-1B and other temporary visas.

Abbott is based in Illinois, which is also the home of U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, a Democrat who has been a longtime advocate for H-1B reforms and a co-sponsor of legislation with another visa reformer, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa).Ē


1,400 Carrier workers laid off as plant in Indianapolis, Indiana moves to Mexico; Announcement Caught on Video


Posted: Feb 12, 2016 10:48 AM PST <em class="wnDate">Friday, February 12, 2016 1:48 PM EST</em>Updated:


ďCNN MONEY) Workers at the Carrier manufacturing plant in Indianapolis were caught on video booing and jeering after being told that the plant would be relocated to Monterey, Mexico.


YouTube video showed Chris Nelson, the company's president, delivering the news on Wednesday. The plant employs roughly 1,400 people.


Nelson said it was "strictly a business decision" that was made in order to "stay competitive and protect the business for the long term."


Carrier is owned by United Technologies (UTX) and has long been a major player in the air conditioning business. The company's founder, Willis Carrier, invented the modern air conditioner.


The move to Mexico must still be discussed with the local union, according to a statement released Wednesday.


This will begin in 2017. It will take place over three years and should be completed by 2019.


In the statement, Nelson said Carrier understands that the decision will greatly impact "employees, their families and the community" and will work to ease the transition.


About 300 Carrier employees will stay in Indianapolis as the company's residential production team will still be headquartered there. Carrier's engineering group will also stay in Indianapolis.


After the move, some employees may be eligible for limited-time benefits such as the Employee Scholar Program. It covers employees' college tuition, books and fees for up to four years.Ē


Disney turns heads with foreign worker program


Beth Kassab Contact Reporter


ďHira said he made a Freedom of Information Act request for the wages of the employees of the outsourcing firm used by Disney. The median was about $62,000.


But he says he spoke to a laid-off Disney employee who was making about $100,000.

"H-1B guest workers are cheaper than American workers and don't have much bargaining power, and any company would be foolish not to take advantage of this highly lucrative business model that has been inadvertently created by Congress and multiple presidential administrations," writes Hira, who recently published a book on outsourcing and also teaches at Howard University.


There had been plenty of other cases of companies laying off workers ó and in even higher numbers than the 250 Disney let go.


A power company in southern California. Watch maker Fossil in Texas. Harley Davidson.


But there's something about a 40ish man at the happiest place on Earth losing his six-figure salary to a 20-something from India who will do the job for a lot less that is particularly jarring.


The whole image disrupts the idea that Disney is one of the nation's most muscular job creators. The company is the largest employer in Central Florida with 74,000 people.

And CEO Bob Iger serves on President Obama's Export Council, which is focused on expanding job opportunities for Americans.


Disney says it has created nearly 30,000 jobs in the U.S. during the past decade.

While the company cut 250 jobs and outsourced those duties to a contractor, it notes that its internal IT department will grow by 70 positions and that it's currently recruiting for about 100 roles.


Disney also says it requires its contractors to follow visa laws when filling positions.

But there are too many loopholes in the law.


And some lawmakers want to raise the current cap on H-1B visas from 85,000 to as much as 195,000.


Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, a conservative Republican, is working with Democrats like Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota to allow even more H-1B visas each year.


Florida's other senator, Bill Nelson, is calling for an investigation into the program in the wake of the Times' story.


Sen. Chuck Grassley, a Republican from Iowa, and Sen. Dick Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois, have joined forces in the past to attempt to stiffen rules for the visa program.

bkassab@tribune.com or 407-420-5448.Ē


Three articles above were added.


Iíve only lightly addressed employment disparities brought about because of NAFTA and Emigration laws that allow U. S. Corporations to exchange their work force for foreign workers.


Years ago Caterpillar and Ford moved to Mexico. A prop listing every company that has moved out of America during President Obamaís term of office, would illustrate to the American People the impact on the economy and jobs when companies move out of the U. S.


I realize NAFTA was Bill Clintonís greatest achievement so naturally Hillary Clinton will support NAFTA.


The facts about NAFTA in regards to being a job killer, are real to those who have lost their jobs, yet Bill and Hillary spout NAFTA is the greatest trade deal that has benefited America.


Our President bound and determined to expand NAFTA to countries over seas, will merely result in more companies leaving America.


ďWhen you enter Mexico, anything you bring in over $160.00 in value is taxed 16% and while personal items are not to be taxed, the reality is they tax you for personal property, medical equipment and supplies when you move into Mexico with a full load of personal items and trailer.


When I drove into Mexico May, 7 2016, I was not charged taxes for my wheelchair, shower chair, ramp and supplies.


Anything coming into Mexico that is not personal property, if the value is less then $160.00 is not taxed, yet the value of items are devaluated considerably.Ē - Edited.


Printers and computers new in a box are taxed as well. You must impress upon the agent that youíre items are for personal use, yet often it makes no difference as they will get their tax one way or the other.


Of course Democrats will tell you NAFTA is good for the economy. Well, just who does NAFTA benefit, the American worker or corporations?


Wal-Mart receiving ship loads of products from China so products can sell cheap benefits the consumer to a point, but loosing jobs over seas so these cheap products can be purchased in the long run, is a direct result of lower wages paid to Mexicans and over seas employees of US Corporations that moved out of America, less government regulations, pollutant mediation, no workers compensation for employees, no medical benefits, no free condoms, abortions or pregnancy prevention, no paid sick leave or vacation pay, no pay for pregnancy leave and no minimum wage of $15.00 an hour spouted as necessary for our economy.


If their was an even playing field, a set international regulated wage and employer responsibilities check list U. S. Employers are required to meet, then NAFTA would at least be fair and balanced, but since the cost to American Businesses is so high do to business regulations, its easy to under cut the cost for products made in the U. S. and its done every day.


These issues are factual. Mr. Trump and Bernie Sanders exclaim our international trade deals are destroying jobs and the economy, but President Want to be Hillary Clinton doesnít mention the facts.


High corporate tax is also a job killer and should be adjusted to 19% to 20%.


Iíve spouted various tax relief incentives for corporations and businesses, yet 86,000 regulations were reported created by our government in a short amount of time.


You can over tax and over regulate until businesses close or go bankrupt and or leave the U. S., but how does that help the U. S. economy?


Mr. Trump exclaims he will cancel all Obama Executive Orders that our job and† economy killers, to include Executive Orders that were created in order to circumvent Congress in regards to U. S. Emigration laws and the ACA.


Mr. Trump exclaims he will revisit the Iran Nuclear deal agreed to by our President, and spear headed by Sectary of State Kerry as the agreement is not fair or balanced, nor does it actually prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons one day, a day I believe will be sooner then later, while Russia is making Mig Jet and Missile Delivery Systems, long ranged mind you, deals with Iran.


One Iranian General violated travel restrictions to Russia because Iranian and Russian leaders have no respect for America.


Iran utilizing billions freed up because of the Iran Nuclear Deal, purchasing weapons for their buddies, and enemies of Israel, to include themselves, yet the Iranian Peoples Government wonít even invest in safe zones in Syria for refugees. Instead they fight the rebels that are fighting the Syrian government, with less then affective resources to fight ISIS along side Russia.


Iran has increased its power over Iraq because President Obama bailed out, leaving Iraq to defend itself against radical terrorist, while our CIC allowed ISIS to march across the desert from Syria to begin their advance into Iraq and Afghanistan.


Thousands of U. S. and Coalition forces killed in OIF and OEF, while it is estimated four trillion was wasted as it turns out.


I understand the necessity for Middle Eastern Countries to fight on the ground to recapture their own countries, but when you get involved in country building, trying to change the status quos of a government, forcing democracy on people that donít want liberty and freedoms, you become obligated as a country to support the newly created government, not abandon it.


This is why Mr. Trump exclaims America shouldnít be in involved in the tearing down of governments or the rebuilding, especially when an entire race of people have an extreme ideological view on both politics and religion, whether such views are represented by peaceful folks or extremist.


I once thought removing the leader of the Baptism Party in Iraq was the right thing to do, but it merely destabilized Iraq and now Iran is benefiting as is ISIS, and not because U. S. and Collation Forces failed to liberate Iraq, but because President Obama chose to abandon its new partner President George Bush secured.


Of course he was hung and his statues torn down by his own people he abused and infrastructure in Iraq was invested in by the U. S.


To this day, his name to me represents evil.


There are evil people in the world and when you ignore them, their evil actions grow.


Our CIC decision to send a few hundred advisers to Iraq and limited sorties in relationship to what should be, is quite frankly insane, once you evaluate the enormous blood and treasure that was lost in Iraq, repeating the mistake with Afghanistan, another country President Bush tried to rebuild, while President Obama wants to abandon a partner, our country is still fighting for, with limited troops in the Theater of Operation.


Our former Sectary of State, Hillary Clinton by convincing our CIC to over throw Mohammar Khadafi, destabilized Libya. Col. Qaddafi was ordered by courts to pay billions in restitution for past terrorist acts and in the past defied America. I donít believe he ever paid the full amount of the judgment and he was no threat to America. He himself was slowly recognizing he needed to change his conduct and was reentering the world seen peacefully. I donít recall him attacking the U. S.


If the past however he did, killing two American servicemen and a Turkish civilian. Another 222 people were wounded in the bombing-78 Americans among them. Col. Qaddafi threatened to escalate the violence against Americans, civilian and military, throughout the worldĒ (Ref. 1-America & 72).


ďOn 5 April 1986, two days after a bomb exploded on board a Trans World Airways (TWA) flight en route to Athens, from Rome, killing four American citizens, a bomb exploded in the La Belle Discoteque in West BerlinĒ (Ref. 1-America & 72).


ďRepeated efforts by the United States to persuade the Libyan leader to forsake terrorism as an instrument of policy, including an attempt to persuade other western nations to isolate Libya peacefully failed. Rumors of retaliation by the United States were soon followed by Qaddafi's threat to take all foreigners in Libya hostage, to use them as a shield to protect his military installations. In light of that threat, and of the failure of means to gain peaceful sanctions against Libya, and citing "incontrovertible evidence" of Libyan complicity in the recent terrorist acts, President Reagan directed that attacks on terrorist-related targets in Libya be carried outĒ (Ref. 1-America & 72).


There was a time in our country when America would defend international waters.


ďOn 23 March 1986, while operating off coast of Libya, aircraft from USS Saratoga (CV-60), USS Coral Sea (CV-43) and USS America (CV-66) crossed what Libyan strongman Mohammar Khadafi had called the "Line of Death.


Yet today our government wonít even stop China from making Islands for airports in the East China Sea.


And Iím not suggesting the threat of war, but there are other ways to convince China by introducing economic sanctions, trade deals fairly negotiated and regaining respect that will do the job.


Yet Hillary Clinton exclaims Mr. Trump is loose cannon. If anyone is loose cannon, itís the only Sectary of State in the history of the U. S. of America that didnít now how to handle her own communication using a civilian server.


As a cabinet member of the U. S. Government and in her former position as Sectary of State, she wrote to her own staff and foreign dignitaries regarding confidential subjects, many that have now been deemed Top Secret.


To merely say none of my emails were classified when I sent them out, doesnít reflect the truth of the matter, as she new the sensitivity of every issue and subject she discussed.


For Bill Clinton to call the email issue nothing more then a traffic ticket, a game, a former President, illustrates our former CIC has no clue how to handle sensitive government material.


I once held a Top Secret clearance and typed Top Secret Manuals, OPODERS and the like. I even managed the OPODER during Operation Eagle Claw, writing Top Secret Messages while under radio silence.


It doesnít take a rocket scientist to know your communication is sensitive if youíre the Sectary of State, loose cannon she is, and if mishandling what later became classified Top Secret material by the pounds of paper isnít a crime then tell me why?


The law is pretty clear, even if you accidentally mishandle sensitive material you go to a federal penitentiary.


Sectary of State, Hillary Clinton will also be remembered as the only Sectary of State, I believe in history, that didnít read her Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens hundreds of request for increased consulate security.


Is the State Department and the Executive Branch liable for the Death of four Americans serving in Libya at the U.S. Embassy? Ė 6 October 2012


The American people must hold the State Department and the Executive Branch liable for not securing the work environment of the Libyan Embassy Facility and Safety of its Personnel rather then shifting the blame to a bad movie about Mohamed and or terrorist, the latter everyone knew of, but the U.S. Government did nothing but order the DC9 out of Libya and if you can believe this one, no bullets for the two marines guarding the Embassy.


As an American, in the eyes of Middle Eastern folks, Iím seen as an infidel born from the Great White Satan.


I thought President Obamaís childhood brush against Islam made him a valuable mediatory between Muslims in the Middle East and Americans? Yet there burning our flag with Obamaís and Bidenís head on a two dogs at the bottom of the flag and chanting there were 1 billion four hundred million Obama Osama bin Ladenís in reference to Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden whom President Obama ordered captured or killed, whom was buried at sea.


Releasing the movie of the Killing of Bin Laden I donít think will result in much fan fair and after the Obama Administration made a big deal out of some video that had Mohamed illustrated as a bad fellow I guess, supposedly causing riots all over the Middle East, that resulted in the death of four citizens, working for our government in harms way in Libya, with no way out or safe place to work.


The Obamaís Administration even denied access to a DC 9 aircraft for escaping if necessary, fearing for their lives as it has been disclosed in the diary of the U.S. ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens found at the Embassy three days later by a Journalist, abandoned by our government with only two body guards to protect the U.S. ambassador to Libya and a ten-year veteran of the State Department and Sean Smith in Libya on a ďbrief, temporary assignment,Ē U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday. In the end, two former Navy SEALs fought and they were all killed protecting American Citizens, by well armed militants.


Two former Navy SEALs were identified Thursday as the third and fourth victims of the attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya this week that also killed the U.S. ambassador.


U.S. officials and family members identified the men as Glen Doherty, 42, a native of Winchester, Mass., and Tyrone Woods, 41.


The American people must hold the State Department and the Executive Branch liable for not securing the work environment and by not allowing for enough security to protect U.S. Embassy property in a known hot zone in a country, thatís own government has little or no control over militants amongst them, a government limited in scope do to its initial creation and beginning in an unstable region and newly formed government, to the extinct that several to six months of government building in earnest has resulted in at present.


The Embassy was located in an area where militants were and for dayís sill hanged out.


The Libyan people to some degree showed solidarity with America. They even kicked out and disarmed militants not associated to the newly created and forming government of Libby.


Yet our government knew the entire scope of the problems Libya was facing to include the mission of the U.S. in assisting with rebuilding and government building.


Bottom line, security first or as I like to say: ďPeace through Strength.Ē


Yet Sectary of State, Hillary Clinton exclaimed what difference does it really matter, at this pointÖÖÖ.. Well one day those consulate folks rescued will speak out, and then we will see why it matters.


I may have a minority view on these issues, but if the FBI knowingly allows Hillary Clinton to get a pass, a donít go to jail card for violating U. S. clearance laws of the handling of Top Secret material, to include her bringing the material to one of her private dwellings out side the State Department, the FBI Director will have discredited his office and the FBI.


Furthermore, if the FBI believes our former Sectary of State, Hillary Clinton even accidentally broke the clearance of sensitive material handling and waits until after the election, the FBI Director himself could face criminal charges.


I predict that former Sectary of State, Hillary Clinton, will be arrested and charged at one of her rallies, forcing Vice President Joe Biden to run for the Democrat Nominee for President and I think thatís the reason Senator Bernie Sanders wonít quit.


Furthermore, I believe this very subject has been discussed between President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.


Hillary Clinton as a Senator knew that sensitive material must be handled securely and as Sectary of State, she knew very well that when she communicated with heads of states and discussed on going operations of her office in regards to sensitive discussions, such that the FBI wonít release to the public that such communication should be safe guarded.


President Obama also took an oath to keep national and international secrets secret, and for him not to weigh in on his former Sectary of Stateís mishandling of sensitive material is, in itself, a clear message, that he does not know the law regarding sensitive material handling, nor does Bill Clinton to call such actions equal to a traffic ticket and a game.


If anyone went off the reservation, she did. Furthermore, the Clintons non profit foundation donations received from businesses coinciding with trips to several countries where she negotiated various deals, will one day be disclosed by the FBI, as to whether she violated her oath of office.


Iím interested in knowing the character of the next President and whether or not they know the laws of our country.


Its clear to me, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama donít understand the law in regards to the handling of sensitive material.


I further believe President Barrack Obama will pardon Hillary Clinton before he leaves office, if she is convicted while he is still in office, which is unlikely, as attorneys would go to court to defend her.


Hillary Clinton is not Presidential material and possibly the worse Sectary of State our country has ever had.


I remember listening to her interview with a news entity, when she laughed about that girl her client raped she got off.


When Hillary Clinton exclaimed she knew how to handle men when they go off the reservation, she was speaking about her husbandís infidelity and for her to say, if Mr. Trump wants to go back to the nineties play book, then Iím ready for that, laughing as if it was ok for her husband to lie to the American People and cheat on her, makes her out to be even a bigger fool.


I truly believe she knew about her husbandís infidelity, because she wasnít having sex with her husband and he had sexual needs she couldnít satisfy.


If Iím wrong then all Mrs. Clinton has to do is discredit my theory conspiracy by telling the American People she was active sexually with her husband, and regularly performed oral sex, giving her husband personal attention in the Oval Office?


Democrats think their some how exempt from being spoken about poorly when they do disrespectful things, like when they through Grandma over the cliff in her will chair on commercials or when our former President Bill Clinton lied to the American People, when he said I did not have sexual relations with that woman.


Heck of a Sound Bite that caused Larry Flint to publish a full spread pornographic photo display of actors in his magazine known as ďHustlerĒ illustrating Bills actions.


I learned that oral sex is not considered sexual relations by Bill, his wife or the American People.


Iíd be willing to bet the youth of our country know it is sexual activity even if adults donít.


There you have it, the play book of the nineties recreated by an American telling the truth, extremely out spoken to illustrate that lying to the American People is distrustful conduct not becoming of a President, as is having an affair with an interim employee, promising her fame and fortune. If you choose to believe Iím wrong or being disrespectful to good old Bill and Hillary Clinton, by rehashing the past that has never been put to rest by the players involved, then let me express one more thing:

Before I do however, know that I respect the office of the President, just not Bill Clinton and not because he received oral sez, but because he improperly had oral sex with a woman that worked for him and then lied about it.


There was a plane ride that went bad for four folks, whom were Hillary and Bill Clinton, Billy Graham and a little boy.


The pilots exclaimed the plane was going to crash do to engine failure and that he would ride it out and try to land the Cesena twin engine plane, since there were only three parachutes in the plane and a decision had to be made quickly as to who would jump out of the plane.


Bill spoke up and said Iím the former President of the U. S. and Iím important, so he grabbed a parachute and along with Hillary, who immediately said Iím one day going to be President, so my life is just as important as youíre life Bill, together they jumped out without either one of them clinging on to the little boy.


After Billy Graham witnessed Bill and Hillaryís conduct he said to the little boy, GOD has been good to me, so Iím going to place the last parachute on you son, but donít forget to pull this cord in five seconds after you jump, just close your eyes and concentrate.


The little boy said Sir, Mr. Graham, donít worry, that dumb lady grabbed my back pack.


Now, that joke was meaningful wasnít it? You can believe it was a roast on both Bill and Hillaryís conduct and judgment.


When Bill and Hillary attack Mr. Trump, exclaiming he is not Presidential material or when Senator Ted Cruz, who I once respected greatly, exclaims Mr. Trump is a liar and heís making chumps out of the American People, believe me this, for Mr. Trump to defend himself by merely saying lying Ted, is very mild compared to the attacks President Obama made against his opponents or the things Ted said about Trump.


You add to the discussion the despicable comments said about Mrs. Trump from a supporter of either Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz, comments I wonít repeat, comments that Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz never exclaimed were just wrong, disrespectful and despicable, maybe you can understand why Mr. Trump may had mentioned Ted Cruzes wife in a manner that up set Ted.


When Mr. Trump praised Senator Ted Cruz, saying he was one touch competitor and that he has a bright future after he dropped out, that in it self illustrates Mr. Trump is Presidential material and he is quickly attempting to unite rather then divide the GOP.


ďSenator Ted Cruzís decision to drop out regained my respect for him to a point, totally dependant upon his actions as Mr. Trump goes forward,Ē - Edited.


Ted Cruz would be a great Sectary of State and Paul Ryan has been offered a working relationship with a Trump Administration, a President who will give the power back to congress, illustrated by Trumps decision to cancel in affective and unconstitutional executive orders by President Obama, created with out congresses consent, day one in office as President.


Trump will do his best to build a wall and cause illegal aliens to go back to their countries by working with congress, in acting laws relating to employers employing illegal aliens, that come with tough penalties and he will work with Mexicans and other illegal aliens who can be petitioned by their employers, like my Mexican Care Manger and Personal Care Attendant, who lives in Mexico, that cares for me in my QUIAD condition, along with three other Mexicans. My Mexican Care Manger and Personal Care Attendant visits the SCI Unit at the La Jolla, VA Hospital, every other day and helps the nurses with me, helping me endure the emotions leading up to urological related operations, two down and one to go, several months from now.


While I myself, must often stay in America as not to be an illegal alien every month or two.


Mr. Trump will have some hurdles to jump regarding the fence on Indian Tribal lands and or mountainous regions that drug dealers use to bring in drugs to America.


Arizona Ranchers will be happy to finally have their land not used as the portal for illegal alien migration.


Senator McCain says 39% of Arizonaís populations are Mexican Americans who wonít vote for Trump, folks that he must believe want open boarders and amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens, folks that donít need a job Guess.


I wasnít happy when Trump counter punched McCain as a POW, saying he liked (winners - Edited), but McCain made some disrespectful remarks about Trump and still canít say anything nice about Trump.


I supported Mitt Romney but he is just plain wrong about Trump.


Under a Trump Administration, the military and veterans hospitals will be funded beyond their present budget so breakfast meals will become more nutritious, and veterans can receive health care.


Mr. Trump gave up multi million dollar businesses like the Apprentice and Miss Universe so he could do what, do a worse job as President then Obama.


Please, surely my fellow Americans canít be that naÔve?


Mr. Trump will quickly allow the military to do their job, very affectively eliminating ISIS and creating refugee safe zones in the Middle East and properly venting those that want to migrate into the U. S. coming from Syria.


Every thing Tea Party and GOP and independent voters who want their country back petitioned for will come true, yet the GOP leaders donít believe he will get the Mexican American vote and thereby loose to whom, a criminal, a socialist or Joe Biden?


African Americans voting for democrats are feared to be the reality by GOP leaders and the democrats are banking on it.


Well, I think the silent majority is a lot smarter then GOP Leaders give them credit for.


Iím betting on the American People, folks that donít burn the American Flag and support the free enterprise system, yet the Tax Code and Taxes must be addressed, as does government waste, EPA regulations strangling the economy with minimum growth, a smaller government that doesnít need propped up by the Federal Reserve Banks buying up mortgages and Treasury Bills in order to keep Obamaís government afloat, all these things Trump proposes to do.


Iím hoping Trump will evaluate the Federal Renewable Reserve Depository and U. S. Workers Guest Program Iíve offered. The GOP Leaders wonít.


Yet GOP Leaders exclaim Mr. Trump is not conservative enough. Well those of us who support Trump know he will unite the American People, if only democrats and GOP Leaders work with him.


Iím pretty tried now, as Iíve been writing this letter since 2:00pm at the SCI Unit lounge, and itís now 1:00am.


If it wasnít for the love of my family members and my Mexican Care Manger and PCA and my desire to finish publishing completed work of authorship of 55 800 page books on the history of U. S. Aircraft Carriers, I think I would just give up.


32 years as a disabled veteran and 30 years as a QUAD have taken its course on my health and Iím tried.


My incentive for life itself weakening, you donít know how much I want to see America Great again, the land of my ancestors dating back to 1652 on both my Grandpa and Grandmaís ancestors, Civil War participants fighting for the Union by the hundreds in which many died.


My ancestor guarded Abe after he was shot by Booth and earlier in history; Henion Farmers fed George Washington troops during the fight for Independence of 1776.


General Henion was the ninth army corps commander in Japan when I served in the navy.


At the end of the Civil War, Henions for the most part became conscious objectors to war.


Am I wrong to want America united, folks standing up for liberty and freedom or is America destine to become a Socialist Republic?


Before Mr. Trump stood up for America I was of the belief my country was lost to socialist and communist.


Its difficult to run against a party that gives so much for free, promising so much at the expense of working Americans, increasing taxes in order to be voted into office and the remarks Obama made ďif you have a business you didnít build that,Ē suggested to me American businesses over regulated are on the verge of becoming extinct.


A progressive movement over taking our Republic and not able to stop a movement that will allow socialism and communist ideological political ideas to grow, because no one can slow down governments growth and strangling regulations on our lives and economy all point to a lost country.


Folks don't know the emotional strength one gets when folks share things about their lives with others like Marine Jim has done for many years. Jim sharing, has made me endure through all my trials. I would have never shared so much had my plight not been so terrible.


My nurse says I need to go to bed now, my energy now gone at 1:45am. Tomorrow Iíll go to PT and post this article before I leave for Mexico on my U. S. Aircraft Carrier Deployment Portal found through http://www.uscarrierhistory.com (Investment proposal submitted to the Shark Tank billionaires).


God Bless Donald Trump and the Republic of the United States of America.


Bruce Wayne Henion



After I got home from the Veterans Hospital, I rewrote everything that follows:


Releasing 86,000 illegal alien Mexicans from U. S. Federal Jails or Detention Centers, into the U. S. in the past several years is clear evidence that there are a lot of robbers, kidnapers and murders from Mexico entering the U. S. and my story I believe, relating to Mexico corruption is evidence Mr. Trump is correct in is assertions that the Mexican Government doesnít play fair with U S. Citizens.


I think my Care Manger and Personal Care Attendant is the kind of Mexican Mr. Donald Trump wants in America and my story about Marion County Oregon illustrates what happens when you allow the government to create too many regulations that limit your freedom.


My story begins with how I began visiting Mexico.


I first began visiting Ba Ja, Mexico in December of 1997 when I met an American, Steve Fantz.


Jerry Butts flew up from California to visit his cousin that was a friend of my living next door, Jeff Hill in 1996. His brother, Brian Butts and his wife, Tina Butts were helping me with my care, along with others, and had mentioned to Jerry he should meet me. Brian and his wife, Tina, wanted to do something else and once Jerry met me, he relieved Brian and Tina, caring for me with a couple others, that came to my house on shifts.


Jerry lived with me until we went to visit his Uncle who lived in La Habra, Ca. We lived their six months at which time I became friends with Jerryís Uncle and Sister. Jerryís Uncle had a rental where folks were living, that ended up helping Jerry care for me once we moved in.


In November of 1996, I met Steve Fantz, Jerryís Uncle, Glen Farberís friend. Steve convinced me to go to Mexico and told me he would help care for me with Jerry if I came down.


In December 1996, Jerry and I went to La Mission, Ba Ja, Mexico where I rented the last Beach House closest to the public beach. We lived there six months and then Steve Fantz who had been helping Jerry care for me with another guy John Hays, took over and Jerry left. I rented a resort type house and now had a place to return too once I left. We left for Oregon in June 1997, and stayed a year in Jefferson, Oregon, and then Steve went back to Mexico at which time I hired Rodney Larson and others to care for me.


John Hays flew up to Oregon in October 1998 and drove me to La Mission, Mexico and he was going to care for me once we arrived, returning in November 1998, but once we arrived his apartment where his wife lived, he quit after I went into Autonomic Dysreflexia, as I had went 48 hours without a bowel program. It scared him I guess, during which time he was bringing hot water to me from his apartment. Before he quit, he went up stairs and contacted Las Salina Ranch Manger Jose Heberto Gutierrez Castro, and he dug out my stool and saved my life. I had sent for John before, but it didnít work out well. I should of never given him a second chance, but I did, because I wanted to go to Mexico.


Jose drove me to Steve Fantz and his Mexican wifeís Ranch, Marisol, where I stayed a few weeks until Steve Fantz and Steve Hensley could take me home, returning to Jefferson in November 1998, Rodney Larson came back to me and Steve Fantz bought a Datsan pickup from my cousin, Mike Tilley and went home and Rodney replaced Steve Fanrz and Steve Hensley stayed.


I flew Jose up from Mexico and Rodney and Jose took me back to the house I rented, where Rodney Larson cared for me with Cristobel and his wife for a few months.


I moved 250 miles further south for four months with Rodney and Cristobel and his wife for a few months and in May 1999, moved back to my La Mission area rental house close to La Salina Puerto and Marina.


Jose took me to Salem, Oregon after I picked up my mail order bride from the Philippines in San Diego, California, leaving Cristobal and Rodney behind for a couple of weeks, so I could take her to my Sisters house where she stayed for 90-days, visiting with her cousins in Salem, my mom and sisters, to see if she wanted to marry me. She decided to marry me, so Jose took me back to my momís house in July 1999, where we got married and then I returned to Mexico with Jose. My new wife Rowena and my sister Lynda followed a month later, but by October 1999, I had moved to a house at Las Salina Ranch and in January 2000, moved back to Oregon with Jose and Howard Menken. Howard Menken, a school friend took over my care with others and Jose went back to Mexico.


I flew Jose up from Mexico in late 2001 to help me with my trucking business, but by mid 2002 my trucking business was on its way out, as was my marriage, so Jose went back to Mexico.


Jose came back to Jefferson, Oregon to take me back to La Salina Ranch with David Sedore and Shannon, the daughter of the owner of Plantation Inn in Jefferson, Oregon, who would care for me along with two Mexican friends in November 2002, Danny Mirabel and Noe Hernandez Sarmiento.


David and Shannon left for Oregon separately and at different times in early 2003 once my Mexican friends took over my care.


On Shannonís way home she was suppose to take my 2002 F150 4by4 Ford to Joseís house in Tijuana, but she got lost and stopped to ask for directions from four Mexicans at a phone booth, standing around in Tijuana. She got out of the pickup and left the keys in the pickup, with the door open and the pick up was ripped off. David had driven me in my Motor Home that was gutted out and Jose drove my other Motor Home pulling my pickup and Shannon drove my van. David flew home and Shannon took a train home I think.


Jose wasnít caring for me during these early years, but always helped me drive vehicles back and forth from Jefferson, Oregon to La Mission, Mexico.


I lived many different places and Jose and I visited Oregon often during which time he would care for me a few weeks to a couple months at a time, always returning me back to my Mexican Employees, the same employees helping care for me right now.


I always visited Oregon often through the years as not to become an illegal alien with Jose while living in Mexico, so we must have made twenty trips from 2000 to 2005.


In July 2005, Jose became my Care Manger and Personal Care Attendant (PCA) and I moved into his beach house in La Mission where he supervised Danny, Noe and two brother I knew since they were kids now in jail, caring for me.


I made a deal with Jose that I would pay all the construction cost of his beach house to finish it after he had built it that includes 12í feet rock fences two feet thick around the property, huge lower and up stairs patios and balusters, drive ways, windows, texture and cement plaster, plumbing, kitchens and bathrooms essentials, wiring, cement water tanks, ramp from the ground to the second floor, nearly 50í once finished some 8í wide, tile, paint, etc., for as long as he stayed with me.


In August 2006 my father and his friend took me home for kidney stone operations. As a result of the second operating I contacted merca. Six months to get that out of my blood, during which time my long life friends Rose Priest and Jeff Hill took care of me, but when I first got home, a guy my uncle found me took care of me a couple of months, before Rose and Jeff moved into my house to take over my care and as well another guy my mom had found for me.


Jose worked for a Motel chain as their electrician during the time I was in Oregon and in February 2008 came to Oregon to pick me up and along with my cousin, Mike Tilley, drove me back to La Mission, Mexico to Joseís beach house. Mike drove me in my Wonder Bread Van and Jose drove my 2005 F150 4by4 and trailer.


In August 2008 the Mexican Government confiscated my pickup from Jose and I never got it back.


I wrote the following letters concerning the theft of my pickup.


Dear Presidente Felipe Calderůn†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 30 August 2012


As an American, Disabled Veteran and writer living abroad with my friend whom cares for me in his house at Ejido Ursulo Galvan, Iím pleased to be in Mexico but at present Iím waiting to here from your governmentís agency that is reviewing corrupt actions taken by Mexico Government Custom Agents fired years past.


Itís been four years since the Federal Attorney in Tijuana filed a petition in behalf of my employee who was driving my pickup into Mexico when a Custom Agent at the importation office confiscated it.


My employee was insured to drive my pickup, with his name on my insurance policy, he had a letter of permission to drive my pickup in order to pay importation fees on one refrigerator, washer and dryer in the back of the pickup and he had an Oregonís driverís license at the time.


Furthermore, two Mexican/Americans who have a Reality Office in La Mission were with my friend at the time representing me and my pickup and there to pay importation fees on the appliances in the back of my pickup for personal use.


Mexican laws do not allow me to represent myself in behalf of my pickup, so my friend had to file a case with a Federal Attorney, who by the way was fined for driving a U.S. vehicle into Mexico even though to U.S./Mexican Citizens were representing me and my pickupís interest.


When I go to San Diego, California to visit the La Jolla Veterans Hospital, my friend must take me in his pickup because my second vehicle I brought to Mexico with me, a wonder bread van equipped with ramps for my wheelchair as Iím a C-5/C-6 QUAD of 26-years, is sometimes allowed into Mexico and sometimes not, totally dependant on whose on duty, so I no longer cross the van into San Diego, California.


The fact is, not all government employees respect the disabled and accessibility of city side walk ramps, and automatic door openers in government buildings as well as commercial businesses are mostly non existent.


My van is privately registered and is not used for commercial purposes but that doesnít make much difference to your custom agents, or at least most of them since my van as the appearance of a commercial vehicle, i.e., wonder bread van. I prefer the van because itís all aluminum, great for big dogs like I have and it doesnít rust living three hundred feet from the ocean.


Iím at a loss to why the Federal Attorney, who filed a petition for my friend for both of us, has not received an answer to a petition now three years old.


Iím not so alarmed with all the bad publicity the current drug war has brought to main stream media in regards to U.S. Citizens either visiting of residing in Mexico, as Iím secure where I live and rarely go any where other then San Diego, California.


Not having my pickup or able to buy another pickup these last three years has prevented me from returning home to my primary residence on my grandmothers farm, 96 years of age whom lives in one of 6 homes on her farm, my father in his home whom care takes mine.


My home is Jefferson, Oregon and Iím unable to return home until my pickup issue is resolved, so after renewing my tourist visa again soon, it will be necessary to file for an RM 3 in order to not become an illegal alien 7 months for now, arriving Mexico February 2008.


Iím reminded of the song Lodi by Credence Clear Water Revival, ĎStuck in Lodi, Iíll be walking if I go now,Ē as my van does not have a strong enough motor to travel 1,200 miles and if I loose my pickup Iíll be forced to buy another one in order to go home one day.


On the internet Iím known as the Energy Quest National Energy Efficient Development Inc. Founder (EQNEEDF) and Batman47. In the past I wrote educational books on renewable energy technologies.


Ba Ja along the main road going south and Tecate travailing to San Felipe is perfect for wind generation.


With the recent Casino fire in Monterrey, my problem with my pickup being confiscated seems of little importance, yet I am prevented in going home on annual visits and often for a year or two at a time. I was watching the news and I heard your statement encouraging those in the Judicial Departments of Monterrey, chiefly Prosecutors do their job with do diligence, which is all that Iím seeking, rather then waiting for a resolution with no time table disclosed for when the case will be reviewed by the Justice Department.


If only someone could review the case, No. 33167902015633. Iím confident my pickup would be returned, or at least be told how better I could have been represented as a disabled U.S. Citizen, unable to be in my pickup when it crossed into Mexico as the driver, a Mexican Citizen, employed by a U.S. Citizen, declared appliances with two Mexican/U.S. Citizens, wealthily people with impeachable reputations, both writing statements to the events that took place during the confiscation of my truck, individuals in their seventies whom at the time of the incident were there with my pickup and friend, ready, able and willing to drive my pick up to me.


Amazingly, the Custom Agent allowed my three friends to go get another pickup in order to take home the appliances that importation fees were allocated for by my U.S./Mexican friends through my friend, Jose Heberto Gutierrez Castro, my friend, employee and driver of my pickup.


It would be safer to travel in Mexico in my pickup rather then my wonder bread van.


Five months ago, I left Ensenada at around eighth oíclock at night and headed to La Mission on the old highway. After driving ten km or so, before the military check point, an officer of the law in a police car, but not from Ensenada or a federal police pulled us over, jumped out of his car with his machine gun and ordered my driver to open the back door. My friend responded quickly and opened the back door. When the Police Officer saw I was in a wheelchair he lowered his weapon and left. My wonder bread van fits a certain profile of vehicles cable no doubt of transporting bread I guess.


Iím not a wealthily American, living on social security, veterans disability benefits and a annual settlement for Attendant Care Services, transportation reimbursement allowance to and from doctors, full health insurance and loving friends caring for me.


Iíve known my friends who care for me since 1997 and my visit to Mexico was not suppose to be as long as it has been, but do to my pickup being confiscated Iíve been forced to stay longer.


I have many friends in La Mission, who I have known since 1997, whom all have families, giving me a helping hand until I can go home, so I just work on my books, hoping for a miracle and or future revenue from my books once published.


I will be publishing 25 or more books by years end on the history of U.S. Aircraft Carriers, a project that has consumed nearly 9 years of my life. Living in Mexico in an ocean front community has made that possible and Iím thankful for having had the opportunity to live with my friend in his third home over a period of seven years, residing in various others homes in La Mission since 1997 in between periods of a year or two in Oregon, along with routine visits during periods of time I stayed in Oregon to Mexico and vice versa, up tell I lost my 2005 F 150 XLT 4by4 in early 2009, arriving Ba Ja in early February 2009.


Any assistants would be very much appreciated or at least, help me understand why I canít represent my self in regards to my pickup.



Bruce Wayne Henion, Bwhenion@hotmail.com




Voting this year is so important to me, I will drive 12 hundred miles once I buy another pickup. Right now Iím pleasantly stuck in Mexico until I can afford to buy another pickup in November to go home or have someone install a raised roof on a van.


Itís been four yeas now and still the Mexican Government has my F150 XLT 4by4 Ford pickup, that there INS Agent stole from my employee.


The driver was a Mexican National with a Passport/U.S. Visa and at the time he had an Oregonís Drivers License, Insured to drive and a letter of employment from me with two Americans at the boarder with my pickup entering Tijuana with appliances to import.


The President of Mexico fired 1500 Federal employees, to include the one whom stole my pickup as well I think and to this day I have been denied a court hearing with a pending resolution.


My friend and driver and present employee at the time of the theft of my pickup is a Contractor and Owner of Imperial Construction and Transportation of Sand, Gravel and Rock and Backhoe services. Other businesses and qualifications include in capital letters in Spanish, often the routine way to communicate between Mexicans:




My friend put his life on hold and has been taking care of me since my pickup was taken from me.


My friend constructed several homes for clients to include the construction of a third home Iím living in at present next to the ocean before he put his life on hold; as well as operated and restored his 2200 Massey Ferguson Backhoe and 1998 Ford 6 yard dump truck, working for clients building roads, foundations, clearing land, delivering dirt, sand, rock and gravel.


If the government of Mexico can delay a court hearing nearing four years for a Mexican Citizen and justice in the form of a court trial avoided by the government to not only me, but a court hearing for my friend who stands to loose 20,000.00 dollars and me, my pickup I owe on from a loan I was forced to default, them where is justice in Mexico, forcing a QUAD to buy another vehicle to go home one day


There is little I can do but just bend over and bear a good spanking for bringing a new truck into Mexico.


By 30 August 2012, I realized I would never get my pickup back and my insurance wouldnít pay for the theft so Iím still out a huge debt as it was financed. In addition, Jose must pay the government $30,000 for which Iím in for half. The Mexican IRS wonít take payments of even $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 a year and Jose refuses to pay this extortion as he did nothing illegal. That agent took my truck from three folks representing me. There is nothing we can do about it and when weíve sold enough books one day we will pay them.


Iíve been spending $65,000.00 annually in Mexico, employing four to five employeesí part and full time, plus investing in Jose and his wifeís beach house, nearly finished from 2005 to 2006 and 2008 to 2014. During these years Jose had Oregon DMV license issued to him for ten years that had expired by the time he left Mexico with me.


My Grandmother passed away on my birthday in 2014; she was 96, so I went home and stayed until December 2015, having convinced two friends to move into my house and a third American living in his fifth wheel to help care for me as I require 24-hour care. One of these friends was David Sedore who began caring for me in 1985 when I broke my neck.


I initially wrote this letter at the Veterans Hospital, La Jolla, California, SCI Unit.


My father and step mother had shown up a few days after my second operation and the last day and next morning of my stay, I was expecting them to return.


My father and step mother will be here tomorrow, I wrote, to take me to my Mexican Personal Care Attendant (PCA) and Care Mangers beach house, as they had went to my PCA and Care Mangers house in Tijuana the previous day, after spending time in Motels in La Jolla for several days prior to arriving to bring my pickup to me and take me to the beach house.


I canít return home to Oregon because Marion County Code Enforcement Officer forced my father to evict my two American friends that were waiting for me, including David Sedore from my house on our family farm in Jefferson, Oregon that is paid for, as my house has a hardship clause and going to the Veteran Hospital doesnít qualify to allow my friends to be there without me, even though they were part of my care team.


When my father showed up he was pretty sad I wasnít going to be able to go back home.


The Marion County Code Enforcement Officer had written my father two letters telling my father to compile to residential codes, even though the farm has grass seed and tomatoes growing on 27 acres, to include chickens and hay storage in an old gutted out mobile home, while one is attached to my fathers shop and one behind my home serving as fences from the dust from harvesting grass seed and used for storage.


My fathers brother inherited 23 acres and four houses and he was sent a letter from the Marion County Code Enforcement Office, stating he would be fined $500.00 a day if he didnít move off his farm, renters vehicles that were not registered and licensed, as well anything that they considered solid product, waste or an eye sore (In my Uncles case they were just vehicles), so when My father received his first letter he asked her what codes she was going by.


The second letter Marion County Code Enforcement Office sent my father refereed to residential codes. The Marion County Code Enforcement Officer had given my father a two week extension to clear out my house, my U. S. friends, assisting me with my 24-hour care, three Mobile Homes utilized as aforementioned and Flat Bed Trailers, and steal beams all with thousands of dollars of value, in good condition, tires, etc.


My father also has construction platforms that attach to his tractor so he can repair roofs on his buildings and paint as part of maintenance. Also the Marion County Code Enforcement Officer told me when I was there; entering my fatherís property and my house without permission even though, no tress passing signs were posted, with no warrant, this Officer and other officers walked into my bedroom while I was sleeping in the morning, laying in my bed. As she looked through the window, she saw a pickup bed made of plastic full of scrap steel we use to make things or repair stuff.


The Marion County Code Enforcement Officer told me that the pick up plastic bed, full of steel had two be removed as well as all PVC pipe under two of the mobile home trailers, lumber with tarps atop, planting buckets, basically anything that was viewed by this Code Enforcement Officer as an eye sore, to include aforementioned still beams, cement mixer, propane tank, fencing material made out of steel and a trailer and motor home visitors were staying in for the summer helping me watch the farm until my father returned from Texas.


By the time my father got home, I had cleaned up the farm as the Code Enforcement Officer ordered me to do, except move three Mobile Homes that have been there between 10 to 16 years, flat bed trailers and other aforementioned items of value.


There were also two Trans Ams that this Code Enforcement Officer said had to be in a building, a school bus used for storage and a farm truck because they were not registered or licensed had to be moved off the property, because they were not plated and tagged to operate on Marion County roads.


My father fears the worse and canít afford $500.00 a day fines, so he kicked out my friends that would have helped care for me when I returned home from the VA Hospital.


My third operation will be some time in August I found out May 6, 2016, yet my father came to the VA a week before to see me and tell me the bad news.


Thatís why he helped me get to my Care Mangers and Personal Care Attendants beach house where my father is at present.


In my view our Civil Rights and the Disabilities Act have been violated by Marion County, Oregon.


Americans are loosing their freedoms do to over reaching their authority.


My Mexican Care Manger and PCA, wants me to obtain him a work visa rather then let him visit using his tourist visa, making it necessary to hire three Americans to help with my care, while my PCA Manger/PCA and I was in Oregon (May 2014 to December 2015) and in conjunction with three others, my care was provided for, with help from my father, until he left for a four month visit to Texas, Florida, North Carolina and Louisiana, visiting his wifeís family and my sister Lisa, from June† to December 2015.


Since I was ill when my father left, he made sure folks would watch the west side of the farm from their Motor home and a trailer my father provided them until he returned.


There are a lot of thiefís in our area and I being bed rest most the time, I needed help watching the farm.


My niece and her husband watched my father and step mothers house and my employees helped Jose with me and grow tomatoes, keeping an eye out on the east side of the farm.


David Sedore helped me grow and protect my pot crops and cared for me with others.


David Sanches was the night security guy living in his fifth wheel with his wife and two kids and were only there during the summer until my father would return, but I ask them to leave and they went home before my father arrived, removing their fifth wheel.


Child services agent came on the party twice to talk to David Sanches, but he wasnít there when they came. The agent always came in their car and with two Marion County Officers in separate cars.


Before my father returned I had asked the folks watching the west side the farm to leave and they went back home.


After these folks helping me watch the farm left, someone dumped a huge pile of trash out back of the north side of the farm and I had to haul the trash to the dump.


Once my father came home from his vacation, I took off, arriving the emergency room of the La Jolla, Ca. VA on December 5, 2015 and was dropped off by my Care Manager/PCA who had obtained an Oregon Drivers License for three months using his I-94 Visa and six month travel permit and along with two friends who drove my Motor home with personal stuff in it to San Diego, Ca., I was able to enter the SCI Unit where I stayed until December 21, 2016.


After I was released from the SCI Unit, we went to the storage lot and picked up my Motor home and trailer hooked up to my pickup, entering Mexico on the 21st of December.


I had to pay taxes on my personal property and they wouldnít let me take my trailer into Mťxico because they donít honor DMV Trip Permits from Oregon, so I returned the trailer to the storage lot and it took me until April to get a vin number from the California Highway Patrol, so I could obtain a permit license plate from the California DMV; the same kind of plates my father has on his flatbed trailers on the Oregon, Farm.


After my father arrived the SCI Unit, he told me he was also ordered to remove his flat bed trailers from the farm, because they are an eye sore to this Code Enforcement Officer, even though their registered and plated, makes no sense to my father or I.


I have a registered and plated 26,000 lb, 1979 Chevy, 350, 22 feet flat bed farm truck that works but the Code Enforcement Officer said all non licensed vehicles and trucks had to go, so I had my sister Judyís husband at the time, drive it to my sisterís house in Lebanon, up in the mountains where she lives, half full of stuff I threw away the next day, after my father returned from his vacation.


My father got up set with me for throwing away steel fence post, steel beams and extra tractor and implement spare parts, so he removed it from my farm truck.


I told my father to bring it back to our farm, next to other farms in Jefferson, Oregon.


Jefferson, Oregon is slowly moving toward our and neighbors farms, but rezoning residential in our area has never happened.


At the time, my farm was registered and licensed:


Thank you for submitting your filing and processing fee. Your filing has been submitted for processing. Initial processing will begin within one business day.

Order Number:




Registry Number:



Business Name:



Filing Type:

Assumed Business Name (ABN)

When your entity is finished with the filing process, you will receive an acknowledgment email.

Your credit card statement will read "OR Sec/State CorpDiv"

Email questions to


or call 503-986-2589



13500 SW PACIFIC HWY STE 58-548



(503) 690-0115

Ken Collins


U. S Aquaculture requires only that tomatoes be weighed and you must have a certified scale, a fee of close to forty dollars to have an Ag agent come out to check out youíre scales. I bought a $500.00 scale but because 6,000 of our 10,000 tomatoes plants froze, we gave them away to family members so, I never certified the scales as we never sold the bunch of them during harvest time.


Weight - 503-986-4670 Ė 39.00


Tomatoes and Grass Seed grown on our farm in 2015 (Grass seed is grown by another farmer).


If you sell potted plants you must obtain a Nursery License, but we never sold potted plants and since the Code Enforcement Officer told me to get rid of the buckets and potted plant buckets, I loaded them up in my farm truck as well, to be thrown away at the dump. My father removed them when he got home and told me that our family farm is a farm and Marion County didnít have the right to make me in his absence, remove farming stuff.


I was fearing $500.00 a day fines for not compiling, so I allowed the Code Enforcement Officer to intimidate me so I told my father, and I spent two weeks cleaning up the farm, moving everything under the Mobile home storage areas into my Medical Marijuana fenced area after my 8 lb crop was harvested and sold to a Medical Dispensary in Mt. Hood.


Plant and Nursery - 503-986-4644 Ė 139.00


My father is heading back home now that Iím settled in, and told me he was really sorry he was forced to clear out my house, making it impossible to return home, but since my third surgery has been postponed until August to give me enough time to heal from three 1 cm kidney stones removal, going through my back, two in the kidneys and one in the tube between the right kidney and bladder, time to heal. My second surgery was a removal of a bump on my penis. My prostate was so big it was closing off my urethra, so I must keep a Foley Catheter in so I donít stroke out, having a record of 5 near close heart attacks, do to my enlarged prostate, so after 4 emergency room visits in an ambulance from my house in a year and a half and one December 5, en route to Mexico, still I thought bicycling, range of motion on my legs, standing twice a day, involving 4 hours of exercise and standing every day, hot showers and dumping rubbing alcohol on my balls would work continually so I could wear condoms, but a week before my second VA SCI Unit visit, three weeks ago, I begin to stroke out with a blood pressure nearing 200 and my Care Manger and Personal Care Attendant immediately Cathed me.


The first Urologist that saw my chart notes from my primary Physician recommended I go to the Veterans Hospital, so I went to Portland, but they told me I had to go to the Seattle, Washington SCI Unit.


The second Urology visit was to a Oregon Health and Sciences University, Portland, Oregon Urologist and he told me after soundings on my bladder, I go into AD before I begin to stroke, when my bladder feels up to 80ccs and that my Spectrum removal in 1987 at the Corvallis Hospital and Urural Stent implanted in 1998 at OHSU had failed, recommending a Subic Pubic in order to urinate.


The last Urologist I met in Oregon before I left for California said he needed an MRI to verify whether my prostate was enlarged, but he thought it is was. I waited nearly two weeks for my Workers Compensation Insurance Company to authorize payment, but since it wasnít approved in time, I split for California rather then the Seattle, Washington SCI Unit because my Care Manger and PCA I-94 visa and permit was only goof for six months in Oregon.


The VA says my problem was kidney stones and enlarged prostate and that I go into Autonomic Dysreflexia at 150 ccs.


When the Code Enforcement Officer walked into my home when my door was open, with out permission, I was pretty ill and incoherent.


Iím feeling better now, or at least good enough to fight Marion County in court as I feel they violated my rights and my fatherís rights.


Before my Care Manger and PCA will return to Oregon, he wants me to obtain him a Working Visa to continue caring for me with others he watches over, so Iíll have to get my FM3.


He wants to finish his degree as well, having at present degrees in Political Accounting, Journeyman Electrician, Ac and Heating, Refrigeration (Electric/Propane refurbishing) and Electronics. Heís also a contractor, having built his 5,000 s.f. two story beach house, built several homes at Ls Salina, Puerto, and Marina, owns several houses and properties all paid for with his wife who mangeís the funding of two Tijuana Universities in Mexico and has several businesses that he operates part time with the exception of his Pet Crematory Business his wife, he and his partner operate.




R.F.C. GUCH640829R411 - C.U.R.P. - GUCH640829HCHTSVC9




He owns a dump truck and backhoe, but doesnít have the time to operate them as he is working on his beach house trying to finish it, going to school and helping me with my medical equipment when my electric chair breaks down or needs modified.


He is also my Vice President of Energy Quest and U. S. Aircraft Carrier Deployment History.


My Mexican Care Manger and PCA has worked for me full time since August 2005, his employment originating in Mexico as I was in Mexico from February 2008 until my Grandma passed away. Having met my Mexican friend in 1998, when I had my trucking business in 2001 and 2002, Jose helped me rescue drivers who blew up engines, drive lines, clutches and tires driving on curbs. Two drivers not able to deliver loads on time finally made me quit, so I sold one semi truck and gave another to my Mexican friend, now my Care Manger and PCA. He imported it into Mexico after he paid to have it delivered, then sold it to someone in Mexico.


My father and step mother, my mother and step father and my sisters so up set, my father 79 and my step mother close to the same age, bought a car in Sacramento from our cousin who canít drive anymore, in order to see me after my surgery, having taken a train from Albany, Oregon to Sacramento.


Bruce Wayne Henion



Energy Quest & U. S. Aircraft Carrier Deployment History, former Energy Quest National Energy Efficient Development Inc. (Oregon Registry Assumed Business Name (ABN). 109829598).

Bruce Wayne Henion of 3339 Jefferson Scio Drive SE, Jefferson, Oregon, 97352; and Jose Heberto Gutierrez Castro clear present address of 3339 Jefferson Scio Drive SE, Jefferson, Oregon, 97352 or Circuito Del Arbol, Fobiste No. 5, No. 63, Mesa Otay, BA JA Tijuana 22510


Energy Quest and U. S. Navy Books Index






















Presidential Material posted on various facebook sites within the GOP and Donald Trumps facebook on May 6, 2016