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Letter sent to Ron Paul, Majority Speaker of the House, former Governor Sarin Palin

and Herman Cain

Energy and the Environment

Radioactive Waste & Sludge's.

Macro Economics

Short-Term Energy Outlook

The President has divided the country


Dear Presidente Felipe Calderůnís†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 30 August 2001


As an American, Disabled Veteran and writer living abroad with my friend whom cares for me in his house at Ejido Ursulo Galvan, Iím pleased to be in Mexico but at present Iím waiting to here from your governmentís agency that is reviewing corrupt actions taken by Mexico Government Custom Agents fired years past.



EQNEEDF views on Politics, Environment, Energy, Health, National, and Foreign Affairs


Letter sent to Ron Paul, Majority Speaker of the House, former Governor Sarin Palin and Herman Cain


Dear Congressman, Governor and Presidential Candidate

I would ask of you to be fair and balanced toward solving issues affecting the Republic of the U.S. of America and consider the importance of Energy, Environment and building a U.S. Work Guest Program.

Most of my life, due to my disability, I was forced to adapt, and I decided 24-years ago to study our environment, natural resources, renewable energy technologies, trucking (owned small trucking business) and many other boring subjects for most people, yet some of us must stay informed so we can support effective legislation.

There seems to be two competing camps. One side believes that others should do for the less fortunate and the other side who believes that each person is responsible for there own lives. It seems all too often that we forget that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The only real pollutants are laws that stifle creativity. When entrepreneurs are allowed to invent better ways, in time these innovations find a way of incorporating themselves into general acceptable use. We must take a balanced stand on the difficult issues confronting America, staying open-minded; not succumbing to self imposed deception.

Communicating ideas often originates diversification between those seeking the betterment of their society and community. The challenge to communicate ideas opens an individual up to criticism of those ideas presented for public debate.

Many current issues on land development, energy and the environment will upon final outcome shape our communities of tomorrow and improve cities of today.

I prefer a Republic over progressive policies hiding behind social and communist ideas using democracy as there tool.

ďFew offer impelling illustrations that open windows to the reader to see the exciting application for todayís struggles,Ē Lloyd J. Ogilvie.

With recent years of recession, high unemployment, uncertainty in the amount of taxes or employer health cost for there employees, job creation is the last thing employers want to do. I donít think raising taxes on the top two percent of those with vast wealth will jump start the economy either, nor do I believe another economic stimulus will work on permanent bases.

Unfortunately, Americans only unite in a common effort when there's a national crisis such as a natural disaster or world War. World wide reliance on oil, international indifferences in both ideology and politics will eventually cause prices at the pump to reach $4.00 to $5.00 a gallon in the United States

I heard NASAís last shuttle flight recently launched from Florida, will result in the loss of ten thousand jobs.

President Obamaís budget was objected to by the Senate without a single vote but the need for a trillion and a half dollars is most likely real and it will soon be decided by politicians whether increasing the national deficit borrowing limit is necessary, something former President Ronald Regan ask congress to do regularly during a time that the national debt was much lower.

In my view raising the debt limit will happen, but should only increase when a concrete national deficit reduction plan over the next 25 years is introduced and accepted by both the House and Senate.

So whatís the problem, make a plan. At the minimum politicians should conclude without a deficit reduction plan, no congressional pensions for current politicians once a politician retires or is not reelected will be paid.

A constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget would be nice.

Furthermore, next year the federal government presently ran by President Obama and his Zars, economic advisers that donít stick around long and the EPA to mention only the key players, an additional trillion or more will be needed to run the federal government, 40 cents on the dollar borrowed at present and unless either Republican and or Democrat Politicians come up with a solution by August dead line, the U.S. will default on portions of its debt, although the Treasury is mandated by the 14th Amendment to make payments on like treasury bond interest or payment in full for a U.S. Treasury Bond now at 3 percent.

Now National Park personnel might be laid off I guess as a start, yet defaulting on U.S. debt I donít think will happen nor should it, but if it did, I suspect government agencies would be in court, that is to say, the executive branch of the government, President Obamaís administration in other words, would most likely authorize the Treasury Department to borrow the funds necessary to allocate funds to cover debt obligations of the U.S. whether the debt ceiling was raised by congress.

I donít think anyone really knows the out come of a default on U.S. debt, but our nations credit rating would be decreased, foreign countries would not want to buy U.S. currency and or treasury bonds, leading to increased borrowing, increasing the national debt further to the point that the U.S. could be forced to file bankruptcy.

The federal budget deficit of 3 trillion for 2011 and most likely 2012, in conjunction with the national debt which grew from over 8 trillion in 2008 to its present 14 trillion plus in 2011, must be addressed and everyone knows it. With no clear plan addressed to the American People at present to decrease the national deficit I think makes investors of all ranks and file, including myself, believe our economic future as a super power is now in question as to what the U.S. can afford to fund world wide, while U.S. domestic interest will be hard pressed to find funding at the national level.

While I may not have a solution to every problem humanity is presented with, I can see reform in both regulatory and government policy must occur, in order to avoid further borrowing at 3 percent interest pass 3 trillion needed for the federal government as told by President Osamaís budget for the remaining two years of Osamaís administration, escalating budget deficits by further borrowing as Obamaís policy continue and Obama Care is enacted in its full blessed version from law makers that havenít a clue to its affect on the U.S. market, the American people, health care benefits lost to those presently receiving employer funded health care and increased costs.

Grease and now Italy in financial terminal, Europeís and the U.S. currency in trouble of being deflated further, the middle east blazing with Israeli surrounded by those that want there land, holy places and would prefer the death of all Israelites, sea going pirates free to travel the high seas secure in there sanctuary of Somali, Iran most likely developing a nuclear missile, recently testing a delivery systems traveling a distance of 12 hundred miles, drug violence in Mexico where I am presently living finishing my books on U.S. Aircraft Carrier Deployment History from 1922 to present, resulting in 42,000 deaths thus far and many other concerns both domestically and internationally leaves me with a false since of security and a bleak view of the future.

As I see it, our government should spend less, give less to Pakistan once the troops come home from Afghanistan, reducing military aid in the billons at present for Pakistanís military and government gradually, get the Libby job done and get out of that civil war, address entitlements both in the Medicare System and Social Security Administration relating to age entrance into the program for those 50 or younger and increased withholdings for everyone I guess, as the surplus days are long gone and Social Security revenue isnít what it could have been, had politicians not drained her volts to two trillion dollars. If President Obama wants to increase taxes on those setting on 2 trillion let him campaign for it and conclude that for the next two years the economy would be better served if no new taxes were levied on the American People and the federal government should create less tax code regulations and loop wholes that allow high end earners away out of paying taxes.

A health care plan that only covers 30 million Americans, further gutting Medicare and increases out of pocket money for health care expenses for guess who, low income earners for big employers who have decided to no longer provide health care benefits to there employees, a mandatory expense to all Americans up held by federal judges to some extinct that will require Americans to buy health insurance coverage, a cost of $300.00 to $400.00 a month per person or family should be repelled. Of course there is a tax deduction available to help off set health care premiums and rules established to see if youíre eligible to enter the public ran health care system.

Thank goodness I have workers compensation medical coverage and the Veterans Hospital on my team, so in a sense I have government ran health care and I can tell you the emergency room of a VA Hospital is full all the time, worst case first, with waiting periods as long as 6 to 8 hours.

How NAFTA is fair I will never understand, as U.S. employers pay much higher wages and County, State and Federal taxes, to include workers compensation and health care benefits, unemployment insurance and social security and Medicare with holdings for benefits, makes it impossible to ever produce a product in America cheaper then Mexico with the exception of advanced technologies in communication or paper I guess, all though some pulp plants in America in years pass were forced closed by environmentalist.

Of course NAFTA is supposed to be balanced and fair. Yesterday I had to pay 180.00 to bring my pedal-n-place bicycle into Mexico and Iím a disabled C-5/C-6 QUAD and as well, a disabled U.S. Veteran.

Another issue relating to how retirement withholdings from individualís wages are to be invested in the market without employees consent as to where the money should be invested, has merely resulted in the loss of billions of retirement savings for millions of U.S. Citizens and it still goes on. Allow people to have more input in where there retirement funds are invested.

Assuming our government borrows three trillion; our national deficit would most likely sky rocket to 17 trillion, 500 billon by 2012 years end, with either President Obama or a person that can convince the American people of a better way then whatís coming out of Washington, D.C. these days by the federal government at the helm.

Building more naval ships would create more jobs as well. The naval reservists could operate research ships, receiving underway training at the same time revenue was generated.

I think our government will be forced to either dismantle or replace long range nuclear missiles one day in the U.S. silos and B-52 Bombers will one day be retired, saving billions. Of course there replacement will be sought after, yet outer space lazes or electromagnet weapons would make nuclear weapons obsolete, although once a nuclear weapon is detonated in a large populated city, there very existence would become appalling to the survivors of such a denotation.

Drop a nuclear bomb from a plane or launch one into the active volcanoes of the world and I donít think the out come would be very good.

Energy and the Environment

Americans are not united in a common cause to fight the energy crisis as if it were equivalent to a national war.

Our future depends upon us making the right decisions, not the politically correct one, and then we must act, exploiting natural resources for energy production in an environmentally responsible fashion.

I respect former President Bush and President Obama for there resolve to fight terror but an energy plan that is not balanced will never provide the frame work for a fair and balanced policy toward exploitation of renewable energy technologies or fossil fuels and or lack of a more friendly energy policy toward oil exploitation under President Obamaís administration of all things, a belief that cap and trade will work, unless its government control you want with the EPA as the watchful bull dog, is no way to advance economy growth or create jobs.

The cost of cap and trade will reflect higher energy bills to consumers, businesses and corporations, as well as government energy costs for electricity and while 50 percent of energy from coal continues to provide electrical power for the U.S., the government receiving a tax from a dirty fossil fuel supplier whom generates electricity under cap and trade would have to compete for the license to produce dirty energy, with losers and winners. Further government control of utilities I recon is Obamaís goal, by deciding who will provide the dirty source of fuel to supply the U.S. energy, accompanied with increased and seemingly impossible regulations affecting manufactures and factories producing products using toxin chemicals to the environment and coal strip mining of entire mountains that affect the water shed, while nuclear waste disposal or the lack of, land fills in canons or above rather then incinerating garbage for electricity is mostly over looked by the EPA.

Major environmental issues as a result of mother nature and pollutants:

Acid Rain
Arsenic in the water.
Global or Ocean Warming dependant upon your point, although in my view view, geological occurrences can change the earthís temperature to include solar flairs that could cause upper atmosphere electromagnetic storms.
Volcano eruptions in Greenland, Hawaii, Philipines and Indonesia in particular and the Pacif Ring of Fire regions in general.
Earth Quakes and or Tunisians.
Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) in Water.

Emissions and Byproducts Are Produced from Burning Petroleum Products
Petroleum products give off the following emissions when they are burned as fuel:

ē Carbon dioxide (CO2)
ē Carbon monoxide (CO)
ē Sulfur dioxide (SO2)
ē Nitrogen oxides (NOX) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
ē Particulate matter (PM)
ē Lead and various air toxics such as benzene, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and 1,3-butadiene may be emitted when some types of petroleum are burned
Nearly all of these byproducts have negative impacts on the environment and human health:
ē Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and a source of global warming.1
ē SO2 causes acid rain, which is harmful to plants and to animals that live in water, and it worsens or causes respiratory illnesses and heart diseases, particularly in children and the elderly.
ē NOX and VOCs contribute to ground-level ozone, which irritates and damages the lungs.
ē PM results in hazy conditions in cites and scenic areas, and, along with ozone, contributes to asthma and chronic bronchitis, especially in children and the elderly. Very small, or ďfine PMĒ is also thought to cause emphysema and lung cancer.
ē Lead can have severe health impacts, especially for children, and air toxics are known or probable carcinogens.

Radioactive Waste & Sludge's.

ďOn April 8, 2002, Nevada objected to the President's recommendation. On May 8, 2002, the House approved the Yucca Mountain site 306-117. On July 9, 2002, the Senate approved the Yucca Mountain site by voice vote following a procedural "motion to proceed" vote on 60-39. This approval, which became known as the Yucca Mountain Development Act, was signed into law by the President on July 23, 2002 (Public Law 107-200). With the completion of this decision in 2002, the repository is at least 12 years behind schedule, no site has been selected for an interim storage facility and the federal government has defaulted on a long-standing obligation to begin moving used fuel for the nationís nuclear plants by January 1998.Ē

Where will we store other countries Nuclear Waste while we build our own depository? Likely Nuclear Arsenals under the Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty (Moscow Treaty)

While it seems President Obama supports renewable energy technologies, replacing at least one nuclear plant with PV Arays and or other sound alternate technologies like wind mill farms, solar systems and ocean wave electrical generator plants as not happened.

Well I hope funds were allocated for this project
DOE Offers Nearly $8.5 Billion for Solar Projects - June 30, 2011

In the past three weeks, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu has announced the offer of more than $8.5 billion in conditional commitments to provide loan guarantees to support nine solar projectsóincluding concentrating solar power (CSP) projects, a utility-scale photovoltaics (PV) project, three thin-film PV projects, a massive rooftop solar project, and two innovative manufacturing plants. Together, these projects will create more than 6,670 jobs, expanding America's clean energy economy.

New electronic gadgets consumers use that interact the internet like i-pod, lap tops, etc. will thirst for electricity at the servers end, so the escalating need for vast amounts of electricity isnít for new home development or shopping malls in my view, although Chinaís project in Idaho will create a need for more electricity.

Replacing existing nuclear reactors with new reactors on a schedule has yet to be announced or whether the U.S. Armed Forces plans to either dissemble or up date nuclear missiles in the U.S. silos.

As a country utilizing a large portion of the worldís fossil fuels for energy, the U.S. must address a balanced energy policy. Nuclear Waste disposal still far off, yet the fire in New Mexico sounded the alarm, with 55 gallon barrels of nuclear waste above ground in the 36 square mile top secret complex.

To rely on development of renewable energy technologies in the short term to stimulate the economy is not advisable, yet updating nuclear facilities continually, and finally determining where to store nuclear waste besides above ground in 55 gallon barrels is seen as a necessary activity for environmental safety of the eco systems and habit for human and animals, fish, birds, reptiles and insects.

We could utilize area 51 for PV Arays and other solar/boiler technologies to include our deserts provided we make a light foot print while some areas are off limits. Indian lands can also be used, generating a source of revenue.

The full potential of rivers could be better utilized digging waterways that flow off the river into private lands and back into the river turning water wheels to generate electricity for farmerís pumps. Screens could be placed at both ends preventing fish from entering and the dam across the Columbia River with fish ladders could be changed to under ground tunnels around the dam. There is a creek run off near the dam if I remember right.

Expecting renewable energy technologies to in a sudden leap provide the U.S. its thrust for energy in a matter of two years is an over reach as is 6 years I think, yet in 2000, I felt there was a chance that by 2010 renewable energy technologies could have provided the U.S. 20 percent of its energy, yet investment into green technologies in the scale needed to make a real difference to replace fossil fuels never happened under past Presidents

President Obamaís belief that the government's investment in renewable energy technologies should increase in hopes the energy needs of the U.S. would be provided by more renewable energy technologies. While Iím not apposed to government grants or direct investment in research in areas of renewable energy technologies, offering money to any business that can invent a battery that will increase electric charge and supply power for length of periods longer then present technology should be exchanged for investment in research working directly with businesses pioneering in these areas.

Supply and demand markets dictate the success of any particular device or product and I do not believe that American's should be forced to pay taxes for research and development resulting in developing and implementing energy efficient devices/products. However, tax incentives that affect only those willing to invest in any particular energy related technology has proven beneficial to both the consumer and the economy.

It is obvious that our present resources of power are polluting our planet and will eventually dwindle to the extinct that prohibits exploitation. New renewable technologies will eventually encourage industries to adapt and retrofit industrial complexes and factories. Current methodology of exploration of natural resources will ultimately change as more and more industries and consumers accept and embrace new technologies providing a clean source of energy. Revolutionary energy vehicle delivery systems and processes of environmentally friendly extraction of minerals will undoubtedly enhance the way in which we co-exist with the environment.

President Obama believes the American spirit will pave the way for change and regulations discouraging continued use of fossil fuels I guess is suppose to force a transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy technologies, targeting coal in particular.

We have seen large wind turbine electrical generator farms constructed throughout the U.S., with several planned at present, as environmentalist issues dwindle against the high price of oil.

Recognizing both oil and coal are a dirty fossil fuel is enough to seek alternative renewable energy technologies to provide electricity and or clean coal technologies as
Well as syn-gas.

In order to have wind mill farms where the wind is often you must expect the loss of birds and the loss of eagles that may die flying through the blades while there turning has been a sad consequence of having an alternate source of renewable energy in areas there were eagles that were killed. Of course the mountain, valley or parries would loose there virgin splendor across the horizon with a wind mill electrical generator farm. Many environmentalists donít like a natural gas well head in grasslands and or parries, yet the U.S. government has killed 100,000ís of parry dogs in years past.

While electricity can also be generated by solar, wind, hydro and geothermal energy sources (these resources supply a much smaller amount of energy than nuclear power and can't supplant our other energy sources, they are an important supplement we should fully utilize.)

Electricity can be used to convert water into hydrogen, which is then reacted with carbon dioxide to form methanol.

By a simple reaction between coal and steam, a gas mixture called syn-gas (synthesis gas) is formed. The components of this mixture are carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which through an additional chemical reaction are converted to methanol.Ē

Today, methanol is produced in the U.S. for mostly nonfuel usage. There are eighteen U.S. methanol production plants, with a total annual capacity of over 2.6 billion gallons. Today most of the methanol in the U.S. is produced from natural gas. Shifting to methanol as our major transportation fuel requires greatly upping production. The biggest potential source of methanol in the U.S. is coal. (Oil can also be used to produce methanol, but this would defeat the purpose!) We've come a long way since the days when coal usage was synonymous with terrible pollution. These days plants using coal are among the cleanest power sources in the U.S. And plants using coal to produce methanol are the cleanest by far. By a simple reaction between coal and steam, a gas mixture called syn-gas (synthesis gas) is formed. The components of this mixture are carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which through an additional chemical reaction are converted to methanol.

For the past 25 years, DOE/NETL has been co-funding large-scale demonstrations of clean coal technologies to hasten their adoption into the commercial marketplace. Federal Government financial support is needed to help reduce the risks inherent in these first-of-a-kind projects.

Large-scale clean coal demonstrations projects have been implemented via four distinct DOE programs. The first large-scale demonstration program began in 1986. Thirty-three projects were completed under this program entitled, Clean Coal Technology Demonstration Program (CCTDP). The second program, Power Plant Improvement Initiative (PPII) resulted in four completed projects. All projects for these two programs are now finished. The Industrial Carbon Capture and Sequestration (ICCS): Area 1 and Clean Coal Power Initiative (CCPI) programs include four completed projects and 10 active projects. DOE/NETL funding commitment for these programs has exceeded $3.4 billion and the industrial partners have committed an additional $11.3 billion; representing over 75 percent of the overall project funding.

These Major Demonstrations are a key part of an integrated research, development and demonstration (RD&D) program that contribute to DOE's strategic theme of "http://www.netl.doe.gov/technologies/coalpower/cctc/index.html#

Promoting America's energy security through reliable, clean, and affordable energy."

While the U.S. has much less natural gas than coal, a methanol production plant utilizing natural gas can be built a bit (perhaps a year) quicker than an equivalent plant using coal. It makes sense to take advantage of this resource as well. Natural gas can be reformed, or else, by partial oxidation, converted, to syn-gas which is later made into methanol.

The equipment required for coal extraction takes years to build and multi millions of dollars. A typical rig can cost as high as 40 million dollars. Monster rigs with computerized accuracy and efficiency have replaced the crawlers of yesterday. Monster rigs that are powered by high volts of electricity operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With more reliance on coal only a decade away, renewable energy technologies must have government support and investment by our government, private and corporate sectors, utilizing coal in the production of methanol.

Biomass can be converted to syn-gas by a process called partial oxidation, and later converted to methanol. Biomass is organic material, such as urban wood wastes, primary mill residues, forest residues, agricultural residues, and dedicated energy crops (e.g. sugar cane and sugar beets,) that can be made into fuel. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates 2.45 billion metric tons a year of biomass are available for U.S. fuel production. One ton can be converted to 186 gallons (721 liters) of methanol.

Yet the policy of the U.S. Forest Service is to just let forest burn due to lack of clear cutting in order to reduce large fires. The loss of timber means nothing I guess.

Coal is a combustible black or brownish-black sedimentary rock composed mostly of carbon and hydrocarbons. It is the most abundant fossil fuel produced in the United States. Coal takes millions of years to create. The energy in coal comes from the energy stored by plants that lived hundreds of millions of years ago, when the earth was partly covered with swampy forests. For millions of years, a layer of dead plants at the bottom of the swamps was covered by layers of water and dirt, trapping the energy of the dead plants. The heat and pressure from the top layers helped the plant remains turn into what we today call coal.

As a solid black rock coal is also a mass of atoms. Most of the atoms are carbon. A few are hydrogen. And there are some others, like sulfur and nitrogen, mixed in. Chemists can take this mass of atoms, break it apart, and make new substances ó like gas! Heat coal hot enough inside a big metal vessel, blast it with steam (the water), and it breaks apart. The carbon atoms join with oxygen that is in the air (or pure oxygen can be injected into the vessel). The hydrogen atoms join with each other. The result is a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen ó a gas.

Wholes drilled miles deep in the earth order to operate a generator once steam is collected from a second hole from water pumped into the first whole mixing with volcano lava deep in the earth could even be explored to replace the use of coal.

I support the protection of our environment, species, forest and natural resources. I believe we must manage our natural resources not plunder them. Watching our nationís forest burn in Arizona and New Mexico reminds me of past wilderness fires, when we could have prevented millions of acres from burning from proper forest management by thinning and harvesting trees, troubles me greatly. California in recent years removed diseased and dead trees from forest and rural areas, reducing fuel for fires in residential areas.

Technologies that will clean up our environment and renewable energy technologies that will not only replace, but provide the energy our nation demands for growth, if were to shelf further investment in nuclear or coal technologies which presently provide a major portion of the U.S. energy needs, must be increased, releasing the United States from escalating prices of a barrel of oil in the oil markets effecting our economy.

Hydrogen is the third most abundant element on the earth's surface, where it is found primarily in water (H≤O) and organic compounds. It is generally produced from hydrocarbons or water; and when burned as a fuel, or converted to electricity, it joins with oxygen to again form water, yet the government hasnít invested heavily in research as of yet.

In my view we must be balanced and not drilling for oil now in selected areas will increase the cost of a barrel of oil as other countries compete for oil for there gasoline and manufacturing industries.

Senator George Allen of Virginia eloquently summoned up Americaís Quest and thirst for energy in a letter to me in 2001:

ďWe must act to ensure that we have access to clean, reliable and affordable energy for electricity, enterprise, homes and transportation. Over fifty-five percent of oil in the United States is imported from foreign countries, costing the United States more than $55.1 billion a year in higher than necessary energy expenditures. This excessive dependence on foreign oil is caused by several factors, but most importantly, because domestic production has decreased drastically in recent years. Since 1992, 36 U. S. refineries have been shut down and a new one has not been built in a quarter of a century. Domestic oil production has fallen 17% since 1992, while from 1990 to 1999 the number of domestic oil wells has dropped nearly nine percent. In 1990, each oil well was producing an average of 2.26 barrels of oil every day, but by 1999, the average per well was only 2.03 barrels per day. In 1999, 14,768 gas and oil wells were abandoned or plugged. Additionally, we face a similar problem with oil transportation infrastructure, as no new, more efficient pipelines have been built. The result is that the United Statesí dependence on foreign oil has grown from 35% during the oil embargo of the early 1970ís, to 56% today, and is expected to climb to 65% by 2020.

I believe a responsible, balanced energy strategy for the United States should be based upon two fundamental principles:

1) Better utilization of the abundant energy resources we already possess in the United States and

2) Full development of new energy sources for future consumption.

To that end, there are several ways in which the United States can break this dependence on foreign oil, including the increase of domestic oil production, expanded use of alternative fuels and new technologies, market incentives for conservation, as well as the modernization and construction of new power plants providing consumers, businesses and manufactures electricity. As Governor, we recruited solar photovoltaic panel manufactures to Virginia. Thus, I am doubly interested in promoting solar energy as part of the mix of ways to meet our energy needs. I am committed to working for common sense solutions based upon sound science and best available technologies so that all Americans have affordable and reliable access to the energy that fuels our nation. And most importantly, this can be achieved with innovations and advancements in technology while better protecting our environment.Ē

OPEC Countries can and often affect the cost of a barrel of oil and daily production quotas.

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) was founded in Baghdad, Iraq, with the signing of an agreement in September 1960 by five countries namely Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. They were to become the Founder Members of the Organization.

These countries were later joined by Qatar (1961), Indonesia (1962), Socialist Peopleís Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (1962), the United Arab Emirates (1967), Algeria (1969), Nigeria (1971), Ecuador (1973), Gabon (1975) and Angola (2007).
From December 1992 until October 2007, Ecuador suspended its membership. Gabon terminated its membership in 1995. Indonesia suspended its membership effective January 2009.

Currently, the Organization has a total of 12 Member Countries.

"Nearly 66% of the petroleum consumed in the United States is burned for transportation. In 2000, about 60 percent of the crude oil supply was imported from other countries. The pollution resulting from burning vehicle fuels contributes to the greenhouse effect, acid rain, and smog. Vehicles powered by solar and other renewable energy resources are possible alternatives to conventional vehicles powered by internal combustion engines and fossil fuels."

Why not eliminate all the different blends of gasoline, if States and the EPA will agree. The different blends of gasoline for different areas and or regions of the U.S. increase the cost of gasoline and increase domestic oil production by drilling in areas presently off limits.

I read the clunker program in many cases didnít achieve the gasoline savings anticipated as customers swapped for a newer versions of what they traded in, yet older cars were crushed and the still went to China and not wrecking yards for parts, nor did it save the auto industry from itself, government had to do that along with financial giants like Fannie Mae and AIGl. I was happy to see Ford go it alone and pleased auto companies are repaying off loans with interest. Financial institutions on the other hand have not repaid all the billions injected back and one in particular is loosing money still.

Macro Economics

Most people have forgotten that we nationalized the GSE's last year. Yet the cost of that nationalization is only growing larger and more expensive.

(CNNMoney.com) -- Fannie Mae, the troubled mortgage finance company, reported a first-quarter loss of $23.2 billion on Friday.

The mortgage giant also reported that it submitted a request for $19 billion from the Treasury Department to cover its losses. That followed a request earlier this year for $15.2 billion to cover 2008 losses.

It also said Treasury has doubled its support level to the company to $200 billion, as President Obama had authorized.

A hundred billion here, a hundred billion there. Pretty soon we are talking about real money.

Going forward, the mortgage giant said that it fully expects to ask for more financial support from the federal government.

"Due to current trends in the housing and financial markets, we expect to have a net worth deficit in future periods, and therefore will be required to obtain additional funding from the Treasury," said the company, in its quarterly report.
Fannie Mae said it imposed a moratorium on foreclosures for most of the quarter. But that failed to stop foreclosures from increasing, compared to the prior quarter. The company said it acquired 25,374 single-family homes through foreclosure in the first quarter of 2009, compared to 20,998 in the fourth quarter, 2008.

"I think Fannie Mae is largely used as probably the single largest tool of the government right now to try and reverse the losses in the mortgage market," said David Ursani, analyst for Wall Street Strategies. "As a result of that, a lot of those losses are funneling through [Fannie Mae.]"

Ursani said it's difficult to tell when Fannie Mae's situation will improve, given its unusual status as a government-supported entity, and the dismal state of the mortgage market.

"Fannie Mae, right now, is pretty much part of the government," he said. "I can't really see it becoming independent from the government anytime soon."

And there you have it. The GSE's are the government's tool to propping up an unsustainable housing bubble, thus its losses will continue to increase as long as the housing bubble deflates.

But it doesn't end there. If you thought losing $23 Billion in a single quarter was bad, look at what the results should have been at its GSE competitor Freddie Mac.
Freddie Mac has received a favorable ruling from the Securities and Exchange Commission that will allow it to avoid what the company had feared might be a $30 billion charge against earnings, John Koskinen, acting chief executive officer, said in an interview.

Fannie Mae seeks $8.5 billion more in federal aid

Fannie Mae reports $8.69 billion loss for Q1, asks for additional $8.5 billion in aid
Daniel Wagner, AP Business Writer, On Friday May 6, 2011, 6:05 pm EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Fannie Mae asked the government Friday for an additional $8.5 billion in aid after declining home prices caused more defaults on loans guaranteed by the mortgage giant.

The company said it lost $8.7 billion in the first three months of the year. Those losses led Fannie to request more than three times the federal aid it sought in the previous quarter. The total cost of rescuing the government-controlled mortgage buyer is nearing $100 billion -- the most expensive bailout of a single company.

Combined with the bailout of sibling company Freddie Mac, the government expects their rescue to cost taxpayers about $259 billion. That money will cover the mortgage giants' losses on soured loans made in the midst of the housing bubble.

Home prices declined on average 1.8 percent across the country during the January-March quarter, Fannie Mae said. That led to more foreclosures and to homeowners abandoning houses that were worth less than they owed on their mortgages.

"We expect our credit-related losses to remain elevated in 2011 as we continue to be negatively impacted by the prolonged decline in home prices," President and CEO Michael Williams said in a statement.

The losses incurred in the first three months of the year are related to loans that were extended before 2009, Fannie Mae said. The company expects to make money on home loans that it acquired since January 2010.

The companies nearly toppled because of losses on risky mortgages that they purchased between 2005 and 2008. They tightened their lending standards after those loans started to go bad.
http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Fannie-Mae-seeks-85-billion-apf-2258765476.html?x= 0&sec=topStories&pos=6&asset=&ccode

Trade Deficit for May 2011 - $50.2 Billion

The May 2011 U.S. trade deficit increased $6.6 billion to $50.2 billion. This is a 15.13% monthly increase in the trade deficit. In January the trade deficit increased 18.5% and the trade deficit wasn't this big since October 2008. Exports decreased $1 billion from last month. China imports, not seasonally adjusted, increased 15.6% in May, with a trade deficit of $24.96 billion. Oil imports were the highest on record with a petroleum end use trade deficit of -$30.45 billion for May, which increased 16.5%. All of this is with another -5.9% monthly drop in Japan imports, not seasonally

The federal government says that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has currently released approximately 504,000 to 798,000 barrels of oil into the Gulf based on forty one days of leaking: about 2-4 percent of the United States' one day consumption.

In 2007, Petroleum made up 42% to 45% of the total U. S. energy consumption

The United States imports 25% of the total fossil fuel consumed in our economy (half of the necessary petroleum consumed) and 25% of the total fossil fuel consumed throughout the world on an annual basses. The U. S. population is 4.7% of the world's population. Approximately 260 billion dollars annually is spent on Fossil fuel costs with 65 billion dollars allocated to foreign fossil fuel suppliers. Population of the United States is projected to double to more than one-half billion within the next 60 years (USBC 19921). Due to increased energy requirements for the growth of the U. S. and rapidly dwindling oil supply, by 2010 coal was expected to constitute as much as 40% of total energy use (DOE 1991a).

The U. S. Petroleum imports are projected to increase to 100% within 10 to 15 years (DOE 1991a), with the U. S. demand greater each year. Ethanol, methanol and hydrogen liquid fuels must substitute fossil fuels (oil), accompanied with more efficient engines and carburetors. Electric cars powered by batteries and photovoltaics. Renewable energy technologies require land. As of 2007, renewable energy technologies provided 8% of the U. S. energy resources and today about 10 percent. Exploitation of renewable energy resources must increase annually throughout the world as fossil fuel energy supplies dwindle.

25% of the total fossil fuel consumed throughout the world on an annual basses is rather significant especially when you realize that the U.S. today consumes barrels per day with proven reserves at

Short-Term Energy Outlook

World crude oil prices initially fell following the June 23 announcement by the International Energy Agency (IEA) that its member countries would release up to 60 million barrels from strategic reserves but then rose above the pre-announcement levels in late June and early July. Attributing observed price changes since June 23 to the IEA announcement is difficult because other drivers, including changing expectations of world economic and crude oil consumption growth, uncertainty over oil supply disruptions, estimates of Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) spare production capacity, and other physical and financial factors are continually affecting oil prices. Although the IEA release will provide some additional supply, EIA expects oil markets to tighten through 2012. Given projected world oil demand growth and slowing growth in supply from countries that are not members of OPEC, the projected U.S. average refiner acquisition cost of crude oil rises from $102 per barrel in 2011 to $108 per barrel in 2012, about $1 per barrel below last month's Outlook.

The regular-grade gasoline monthly average retail price fell from $3.91 per gallon in May to $3.68 per gallon in June, reflecting the decline in crude oil prices from their April peak and a recovery from unexpected refinery outages and Mississippi River flooding. EIA expects regular-grade gasoline prices will average $3.62 per gallon and $3.51 per gallon over the third and fourth quarters of 2011, respectively.

Natural gas working inventories ended June 2011 at 2.5 trillion cubic feet (Tcf), about 8 percent, or 214 billion cubic feet (Bcf), below the 2010 end-of-June level. EIA expects that working gas inventories will build strongly during the summer and approach record-high levels in the second half of 2011. The projected Henry Hub natural gas spot price averages $4.27 per million British thermal units (MMBtu) in 2011, $0.12 per MMBtu lower than the 2010 average. EIA expects the natural gas market to begin tightening in 2012, with the Henry Hub spot price increasing to an average of $4.54 per MMBtu.

U.S. Liquid Fuels Consumption. Total consumption of liquid fuels in 2010 grew by 380 thousand bbl/d, or 2.0 percent, the fastest rate of growth since 2004 (U.S. Liquid Fuels Consumption Growth Chart). Distillate fuel oil accounted for over 40 percent of that increase, growing by 4.5 percent.

In contrast to 2010, projected total U.S. liquid fuels consumption in 2011 grows by just 30 thousand bbl/d (0.2 percent), down sharply from the 150 thousand bbl/d projected in the previous Outlook. At the beginning of this year, domestic liquid fuels markets remained strong. In the first quarter, total consumption increased by 270 thousand bbl/d (1.4 percent) over the same period last year, led by distillate fuel oil (160 thousand bbl/d) and liquefied petroleum gas (70 thousand bbl/d), despite a fall in motor gasoline consumption (50 thousand bbl/d). Available data for the second quarter, however, point to a broad-based decline in liquids consumption brought about by moderation in economic growth and high prices, with total consumption and motor gasoline consumption down by 200 thousand bbl/d (1.0 percent) and 210 thousand bbl/d (2.3 percent) respectively relative to the year-ago quarter. Distillate fuel oil consumption, having grown strongly in the first quarter, remained flat in the second quarter. Forecast total liquids consumption in the third quarter are 60 thousand bbl/d (0.3 percent) below their level in the year-ago quarter, but by the fourth quarter liquid fuels are projected to resume their growth, increasing by 110 thousand bbl/d (0.6 percent) over the same period last year.

In 2012, total liquid fuels consumption is forecast to increase by 140 thousand bbl/d (0.7 percent) to 19.3 million bbl/d with motor gasoline consumption rising by 60 thousand bbl/d (0.7 percent) and distillate fuel consumption increasing by 70 thousand bbl/d (1.7 percent) as manufacturing activity continues to register strong growth.

Innovators are presently exploring new ways in which natural gas can be better utilized could use increased research investment. One process under development in 2007 involved processing the combustion gases produced by natural gas combustion. The heat generated through such a process has greater efficiency in heating objects that utilize propane or natural gas as a household fuel.

In the end, adaptation of new technologies, more rewarding methods of exploiting our natural resources and fair and balanced environmental protection will always result in a cleaner healthier existence.

Renewable energy technologies provide a sustainable foundation for businesses, industry, residential communities and homeowners, provided a balanced approach is introduced in regards to government regulations as compared to fossil fuel regulations to include subsidies that could be limited rather then expanded, and or done away with, a savings of 5 billion presently allocated to ethanol producers and billions more to the oil industry.

Tax credits for home owners and businesses that install renewable energy technologies I believe is necessary but not all can afford to convert there roofs into solar energy without loans from private sources or banks. I support Federal Investment Tax Credits and Incentives for the purchase of Energy Efficient Homes/Buildings, Energy Efficient Devices and Products, Renewable Energy Technologies and construction of Power Plants supported by renewable energy technologies.

Subsidies given to the ethanol and oil industry and tax loop wholes allowing large corporations to pay zero taxes during any given year is quite frankly, an old and decaying method for encouraging job growth or investment in manufacture, or the oil industry to explore and exploit more oil domestically, while it was thought by politicians and producers of ethanol that subsidies were needed in order to off set exploitation cost of producing ethanol in order to compete with the oil industries.

The federal governments polices and regulations prevent exploitation in many areas of the U.S., like Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as off shore drilling being restricted due to environmental concerns relating to eco systems in general by the federal government.

Ocean Wave technologies over looked for the most part by politicians but utilized in Ba Ja Mexico.

We must continue to educate and communicate consumers and corporate America. We must evaluate entire communities, businesses, manufacturer buildings and industrial complexes, making recommendations and introducing those devices/products that will provide energy reduction and realistic savings in a period of ten years or less.

Solar Salt ponds, wind generation, solar technologies, forest over growth or incineration of municipal waste, producing electricity and eliminating land fills, Photovoltaics, Solar Thermal Electric Power Plants, Energy Efficient Engines and Carburetors, Hydropower, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies, Hybrid Technologies, Electric Cars, Solar Panels, Geothermal Heat Pumps, Solar Hot Water Heaters, Geothermal Energy, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) and many other renewable energy technologies and energy efficient devices/products should be exploited to their full potential, including Electromagnetic linear induction in order to build a better more environmentally sound tomorrow.

Renewbl.com is a website dedicated to following the latest news and developments in the renewable energy industry. Content is updated on a daily basis, and touches on technical, technological and economic sides of the renewable energy industry.
http://www.renewbl.com/2010/03/19/nrels-open-pv-database-tracks-installations-ac ross-the-u-s.html

Have the government invest heavily into research and development of renewable energy technologies and through the innovative spirit of Americans, new energy efficient products and devices will be created and in the wake America will become greener.

For years the oil industry was and still is subsidized by the U.S. Government,
suggesting all subsidies should cease, to include farming.

Some tax exemptions make since however.

Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption: NH RSA 72:61-72 permits cities and towns to offer exemptions from local property taxes for certain renewable energy installations. These include solar systems (thermal and photovoltaic), wind turbines, and central wood-fired heating systems. Woodstoves and fireplaces are not included. The goal of the exemption is to create a tax neutral policy within a municipality that neither increases an individual's property tax, nor decreases the municipality's property tax revenues. By implementing it as a tax neutral policy, homeowners do not have a disincentive of higher property taxes for installing a renewable energy system, and since there is no net reduction in municipal tax revenues, other taxpayers in a municipality are not affected.

Hydrogen liquid fuels will eventually substitute a percentage of fossil fuels (oil). Electric automobiles powered by batteries or Photovoltaic, hybrid technologies that combine both the use of batteries charged by electricity and fuel, energy efficient engines and carburetors, will one day provide energy reduction and consumer savings. Electric cars powered by batteries are only providing a limited amount of consumer's energy savings, as most Americans are not provided the necessary information about these cars at retail auto sales. Automobile retailers are anxious to sale their stock pile of automobiles and are not offering conversion solutions as part of the financing package. If you don't offer an alternative, consumers buy automobiles that are easily financed with deals advertised by the automobile industry. Automobiles powered by Hybrid technologies presently available have proven energy savings but only a few are purchasing automobiles equipped with hybrid technologies. Automobile manufacturers are presently designing automobiles with hybrid technologies, making available a new breed of automobile beginning in earnest in 2004 and electric automobile technologies in the private sector will enhance a promising industry and if vehicles are not offered at lower cost then gasoline vehicles then hybrid technologies will compete with other vehicles offering limited savings to the consumer, especially if States enact miles driven on our highways rather then increasing taxes at the pump when gasoline is purchased by a consumer in order to off set less taxes received from those getting 40 miles to the gallon. Without private investment, automobile manufactures will dominant this industry and the competitive edge a few entrepreneurs presently have will be lost.

Photovoltaic and hybrid technologies that combine both the use of batteries charged by electricity and fuel, energy efficient engines and carburetors, passive solar home designs, environmental issues, world wide efforts by many with one goal in mind, an energy efficient self reliant tomorrow and those that provide services, knowledge of renewable energy technologies/environmental issues and energy efficient devices and products to anyone whom desires a self sufficient and self reliant sustainable future are on the world wide net, and still we have not seen a revolution take hold in regards to said same.

Alternative fuels harvested from American farmers crops, such as ethanol in relationship to federal government subsidies as well as subsidies for oil companies should be discontinued.

Ba Ja, Mexico has vast areas suitable for wind mill electrical generator farms but merely run electrical wires through the valleys and hills off large towers from primary sources providing vast areas of population.

Ship housed wind mill electrical generator farms rather then off shore wind mill farms could be addressed, all though ocean wave electrical plants should be installed along the west coast. The government could ask the Navy to donate a few ships for such and as well and a few navy ships could earn some revenue as research ships from the private sectors of ocean exploration and exploitation. Iíd like to see NOA and NASA join up to find diamonds on the ocean bottom and gold in the 50 million acres of wilderness regions before the federal government begins liquidating properties.

Some people call oil black tea or gold, yet most of the oil in the U.S. is being stored away for a rainy day I guess, although there are concerns to using some fossil fuels, that is, the environment for which streams, rivers, lakes, oceans and seas are a part of, that have eco systems easily damaged from oil spills, to include the economic issues involved when there is a large oil spill, as was and currently is the case of the Gulf of Mexico and years before, the Valdez Harbor in Alaska to mention only two major oil spills that affected eco systems and habitat. Coal also creates Acid Rain in the upper atmosphere from smoke as a result of burring coal. Recently Yellow Stone River found itself full of oil from a rusted out pipe, spilling thousands of gallons that may have traveled 25 miles or further.


Recovery? What Recovery? Or: Obamanomics 101


The President has divided the country


I supported President Obama at the beginning until he began ruling rather then governing.

The President has divided the country.

Atop that the U.S. is broke with trillion dollar annual deficits.

Like Jim says, where are the jobs?

The EPA will fly over animal farms but wonít suggest how to clean up animal waste.

Did you know you can distill waste but instead the government regulates the use of ethanol which is better then other additives I would agree, but to regulate a percentage of ethanol in the fuel and then fine oil companies if they donít use ethanol to the quantities regulated when farmers canít supply enough ethanol tells me someoneís head is in a hole.

And thatís just one or two EPA examples.

Now, members on this form learned how to or maybe just know how to be respectful of each others indifference's, so we get along and learn from each other, reading and witnessing for ourselves the direction President Obama is taking the country.

You may like the direction America is headed. I donít, but if you think you can be like Bob Beckel who I really, really respect and like, a member of the Five, then educate me, he does.

These letters address my point of views. Are you willing to communicate in away different then those presently bull .... the American People or do you want a government to take care of your every need, like some women who want the tax payers to pay for there birth control or condoms, abortions. etc.

In my view, if the government wants to get involved in this part of females life at the cost of the tax payers then my gosh, will the females of the U.S. have sex with tax payers on demand in some government building in order that the male tax payer receive benefit from those services provided women.

I don't think its right to ask the tax payer to pay for this kind of benefit to women.

I say keep your legs closed if your a single women in order to prevent having babies or not, but don't ask others to pay for your sexual encounter.

So, I'm loaded for bear and would be more then happy to release 32 years of learning on ya, but to what end.

Once a person has made up there minds its pretty hard to change a persons mind.

Facts these days seem of little importance up against emotions.

Well, step up to the plate, educate me.

Tell me why President Obama won't push Congress to provide Purple Hearts for the victims of the Fort Hood Shooting?




UPDATE on deported illegal aliens from La Mission to Hondrus. Noaís daughter went to America a week after she arrived and Noa got his passport and Mexican Work Visa and came back to Mexico. Simply amazing. Noa doesnít know where his daughter is but they talk to each other on the phone. She reentered America through Arizona and had sponsors and a job cleaning motel rooms waiting for her upon arrival.




Recently one of my employeeís living in a small community near by was faced with a problem that got him deported to Honduras two months ago along with fourteen others.


Transported in a bus city to city, state to state and country to country, jail to jail is how Mexico deals with ilegal aliens from the south.


My employee found out his daughter now 19 along with 14 others were headed to Savanna Georgia and had sponsors that were paid for by Americans were helping them once they made it to Mexicalli, Mexico from Honduras, the group of them traveling as hoboís on cargo trains, a trip that took two weeks, jumped on a bus for there final destination to Tijuana where coyotes were waiting for them. A week ago or so I read that a hurricane wiped out the trains in the bordering country of Honduras and Mexico with un told deaths most likely reported or not, but man what a close call fifteen people had.


There very lives at stake travailing as Hoboís is the reality of many.


To this day I canít figure out why my friend and employee of 12-years whom I thought was legal in Mexico, decided to rescue fourteen countrymen and six women, but he did.


He even brought them to his house and erected pole structures using tarps and ropes, digging four foot square wholes as a sunken dwelling for these people. The population of the community is less then 500 if that many and his home is in open site of everyone.


He used a car with a California license plate with expired tags, his car he always drives to work having gained permission from the local police chief to commute to work with.


He had to pay cops en route in Primo Tapia Baja California, Mexico in order to cross there zone I guess in order to drive to a bus stop at an area known as Rosarito and Tijuana junction to pick up his daughter, her friend and her friends Ant, both teachers offered a job doing what I know not.


Along with these three women, there were tree other women and eighth men all traveling together promised work in the good old USA.


How do you stop Americans from funding this kind of activity?


Anyway, he loaded up fourteen illegal aliens and headed to his house, a thirty mile trip I guess. En route he pulled over before the inspection station, an army post searching cars going north. My friend and all the guys walked through the army post going south without incident.


The women with my for employee and long time friendís friend was driving through Primo Tapia when they were pulled over and my friend had to come up with 3,000 pesos to give to the cops in order to pass through there zone with the un documented women from Honduras.


My friend once he made it home with his country men, brought his daughter and two women to my house to introduce her to me, a reunion for him, as he traveled like a Hobo 17 years ago in order to get to La Mission, Baja, Ca. Mexico. His girl friend who his Mexico child is from visited and I was able to talk to my friend on her cell phone. As it turned out, he sold a lot in Honduras for thousands of dollars, will attempt to get his passport and return legally, anyway that is his plan.


The reason Iím sharing this story is to illustrate out Mexico deals with illegal aliens.


Of course here in America Americans embrace illegal aliens as unfortunate and in need of both our compassion and help.


I say build a Workers Guest Program, but the dummies in congress donít have a clue as to how to get the job done. No one can keep a secret in Washington anyway, so my way probably wouldnít work anyway unless those working with me can keep secrets safe until the bill was ready to be submitted to the House of representatives with six months of submission of ideas, concerns and desires from our elected officials, appointed officials by our elected officials from every level of government from city to county to state to the federal government and the public at large. The remaining six months would be spent on reviewing tens of thousands or more letters and an questionnaire that would be presented on a web site where people are guaranteed entrance into a Workers Guest Program, allowing everyone to answers a thousand questions for lack of knowing the total number of questions themselves requested from anyone who will post one in conjunction with think tank individuals working with me, whom together with me would post the questionnaire on an federal government web site housing the necessary forums to be filled out by the illegal aliens.


The fastest way to stop calling illegal aliens, illegal aliens, is to build a Workers Guest Program.


So what is congress waiting for?


Dear Presidente Felipe Calderůnís                                                                  30 August 2012


As an American, Disabled Veteran and writer living abroad with my friend whom cares for me in his house at Ejido Ursulo Galvan, Iím pleased to be in Mexico but at present Iím waiting to here from your governmentís agency that is reviewing corrupt actions taken by Mexico Government Custom Agents fired years past.


Itís been four years since the Federal Attorney in Tijuana filed a petition in behalf of my employee who was driving my pickup into Mexico when a Custom Agent at the importation office confiscated it.


My employee was insured to drive my pickup, with his name on my insurance policy, he had a letter of permission to drive my pickup in order to pay importation fees on one refrigerator, washer and dryer in the back of the pickup and he had an Oregonís driverís license at the time.


Furthermore, two Mexican/Americans who have a Reality Office in La Mission were with my friend at the time representing me and my pickup and there to pay importation fees on the appliances in the back of my pickup for personal use.


Mexican laws do not allow me to represent myself in behalf of my pickup, so my friend had to file a case with a Federal Attorney, who by the way was fined for driving a U.S. vehicle into Mexico even though to U.S./Mexican Citizens were representing me and my pickupís interest.


When I go to San Diego, California to visit the La Jolla Veterans Hospital, my friend must take me in his pickup because my second vehicle I brought to Mexico with me, a wonder bread van equipped with ramps for my wheelchair as Iím a C-5/C-6 QUAD of 26-years, is sometimes allowed into Mexico and sometimes not, totally dependant on whose on duty, so I no longer cross the van into San Diego, California.


The fact is, not all government employees respect the disabled and accessibility of city side walk ramps, and automatic door openers in government buildings as well as commercial businesses are mostly non existent.


My van is privately registered and is not used for commercial purposes but that doesnít make much difference to your custom agents, or at least most of them since my van as the appearance of a commercial vehicle, i.e., wonder bread van. I prefer the van because itís all aluminum, great for big dogs like I have and it doesnít rust living three hundred feet from the ocean.


Iím at a loss to why the Federal Attorney, who filed a petition for my friend for both of us, has not received an answer to a petition now three years old.


Iím not so alarmed with all the bad publicity the current drug war has brought to main stream media in regards to U.S. Citizens either visiting of residing in Mexico, as Iím secure where I live and rarely go any where other then San Diego, California.


Not having my pickup or able to buy another pickup these last three years has prevented me from returning home to my primary residence on my grandmothers farm, 96 years of age whom lives in one of 6 homes on her farm, my father in his home whom care takes mine.


My home is Jefferson, Oregon and Iím unable to return home until my pickup issue is resolved, so after renewing my tourist visa again soon, it will be necessary to file for an RM 3 in order to not become an illegal alien 7 months for now, arriving Mexico February 2008.


Iím reminded of the song Lodi by Credence Clear Water Revival, ĎStuck in Lodi, Iíll be walking if I go now,Ē as my van does not have a strong enough motor to travel 1,200 miles and if I loose my pickup Iíll be forced to buy another one in order to go home one day.


My grandfather was a farmer, my father a contractor and my uncle, an Economist and former Economic Financial Manger and Planner of Oregon Department of Transportation. Lloyd Henion introduced concrete highways and Oregon Road Mileage Tax in Oregon, retiring from the State of Oregonís Transportation Department twenty years ago. These days Lloyd is heavy into politics in the Democratic Party, my father retired looking after a small farm, while Iím living in Mexico working on the compilation of U.S. Aircraft Carrier Deployment History by month from 1922 to present.


On the internet Iím known as the Energy Quest National Energy Efficient Development Inc. Founder (EQNEEDF) and Batman47. In the past I wrote educational books on renewable energy technologies.


Ba Ja along the main road going south and Tecate travailing to San Felipe is perfect for wind generation.


With the recent Casino fire in Monterrey, my problem with my pickup being confiscated seems of little importance, yet I am prevented in going home on annual visits and often for a year or two at a time. I was watching the news and I heard your statement encouraging those in the Judicial Departments of Monterrey, chiefly Prosecutors do their job with do diligence, which is all that Iím seeking, rather then waiting for a resolution with no time table disclosed for when the case will be reviewed by the Justice Department.


If only someone could review the case, No. 33167902015633. Iím confident my pickup would be returned, or at least be told how better I could have been represented as a disabled U.S. Citizen, unable to be in my pickup when it crossed into Mexico as the driver, a Mexican Citizen, employed by a U.S. Citizen, declared appliances with two Mexican/U.S. Citizens, wealthily people with impeachable reputations, both writing statements to the events that took place during the confiscation of my truck, individuals in their seventies whom at the time of the incident were there with my pickup and friend, ready, able and willing to drive my pick up to me.


Amazingly, the Custom Agent allowed my three friends to go get another pickup in order to take home the appliances that importation fees were allocated for by my U.S./Mexican friends through my friend, Jose Heberto Gutierrez Castro, my friend, employee and driver of my pickup.


It would be safer to travel in Mexico in my pickup rather then my wonder bread van.


Five months ago, I left Ensenada at around eighth oíclock at night and headed to La Mission on the old highway. After driving ten km or so, before the military check point, an officer of the law in a police car, but not from Ensenada or a federal police pulled us over, jumped out of his car with his machine gun and ordered my driver to open the back door. My friend responded quickly and opened the back door. When the Police Officer saw I was in a wheelchair he lowered his weapon and left. My wonder bread van fits a certain profile of vehicles cable no doubt of transporting bread I guess.


Iím not a wealthily American, living on social security, veterans disability benefits and a annual settlement for Attendant Care Services, transportation reimbursement allowance to and from doctors, full health insurance and loving friends caring for me.


Iíve known my friends who care for me since 1997 and my visit to Mexico was not suppose to be as long as it has been, but do to my pickup being confiscated Iíve been forced to stay longer.


I have many friends in La Misson who I have known since 1997, whom all have families, giving me a helping hand until I can go home, so I just work on my books, hoping for a miracle and or future revenue from my books once published.


I will be publishing 25 or more books by years end on the history of U.S. Aircraft Carriers, a project that has consumed nearly 9 years of my life. Living in Mexico in an ocean front community has made that possible and Iím thankful for having had the opportunity to live with my friend in his third home over a period of seven years, residing in various others homes in La Mission since 1997 in between periods of a year or two in Oregon, along with routine visits during periods of time I stayed in Oregon to Mexico and vice versa, up tell I lost my 2005 F 150 XLT 4by4 in early 2009, arriving Ba Ja in early February 2009.

Any assistants would be very much appreciated or at least, help me understand why I canít represent my self in regards to my pickup.



Bruce Wayne Henion, Bwhenion@hotmail.com




Voting this year is so important to me, I will drive 12 hundred miles once I buy another pickup. Right now Iím pleasantly stuck in Mexico until I can afford to buy another pickup in November to go home or have someone install a raised roof on a van.


Itís been four yeas now and still the Mexican Government has my F150 XLT 4by4 Ford pickup, that there INS Agent stole from my employee.


The driver was a Mexican National with a Passport/U.S. Visa and at the time he had an Oregonís Drivers License, Insured to drive and a letter of employment from me with two Americans at the boarder with my pickup entering Tijuana with appliances to import.


The President of Mexico fired 1500 Federal employees, to include the one whom stole my pickup as well I think and to this day I have been denied a court hearing with a pending resolution.


My friend and driver and present employee at the time of the theft of my pickup is a Contractor and Owner of Imperial Construction and Transportation of Sand, Gravel and Rock and Backhoe services. Other businesses and qualifications include in capital letters in Spanish, often the routine way to communicate between Mexicans:




My friend put his life on hold and has been taking care of me since my pickup was taken from me.

My friend constructed several homes for clients to include the construction of a third home Iím living in at present next to the ocean before he put his life on hold; as well as operated and restored his 2200 Massey Ferguson Backhoe and 1998 Ford 6 yard dump truck, working for clients building roads, foundations, clearing land, delivering dirt, sand, rock and gravel.


If the government of Mexico can delay a court hearing nearing four years for a Mexican Citizen and justice in the form of a court trial avoided by the government to not only me, but a court hearing for my friend who stands to loose 20,000.00 dollars and me, my pickup I owe on from a loan I was forced to default, them where is justice in Mexico, forcing a QUAD to buy another vehicle to go home one day.


There is little I can do but just bend over and bear a good spanking for bringing a new truck into Mexico.


EQNEEDF views on Politics, Environment, Energy, Health, National, and Foreign Affairs 2012