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    Blackmail comes in many forms, but stupidly comes from lack of education and accepting facts. How can you trust a government like Iran to do anything but advance their ideology which is at odds with Christians and Jews?   


    For me, Iím inspired by everything positive but folks, an alarming amount of people in the Middle East in countries like Iran and Syria backing IsraeliĎs enemies (Arab-Israeli Wars (1948-Present), etc., have a dark and negative out look on life, subservient to an ideology and or religion I disagree with.



Ideology or religion


    In my view Mohammad is a false profit which makes his teachings false. Even

Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Thailand and Vietnam) peoples ideology/religion of Theravada Buddhism is about as far from Islam as Christianity is from Hinduism, the belief in reincarnation, that the soul is immortal and takes birth time and time, Islam and Theravada Buddhism.


    Things change over time in every cultural except the Middle East where hate is a part of every day life and children are being educated to hate infidels, conquer or kill them.


    Furthermore, tribal differences throughout the Middle East will never stop since ruthlessness and power forcibly administered is the only means of containing various tribes wanting to rule or just plain tired of there present government.


    With Syria backed by China, Russia and Iran, all the world can do is wait and see and be ready to help those who eventually become the new rulers provided the present government falls or with other countries plan for the worst.


Clinton: Chemical warfare is planned for. Rebels get first anti-air Stingers


    ďHillary Clinton announced in Istanbul Saturday, Aug. 11, that US and Turkish intelligence services and military were to set up a joint working team to plan for ďmany contingencies including the very horrible scenario of the use of chemical weapons.Ē debkafile: Turkey has sent a first batch of anti-air, shoulder-carried Stinger missiles to Syrian rebels in Aleppo. It is feared Bashar Assad may regard this as a game-changer in the war and hit back with chemical attacks on the rebels, Turkey, Israel and JordaĒ (Ref. 1039 Ė DEBKAfile Exclusive Report August 11, 2012, 5:36 PM (GMT+02:00) full article at reference).



    As I write this comment, Syria is reported as most likely willing to use chemical warfare if attacked by their own people. I donít see that happening as long as the Iranian Guard and Russia are backing the Syria government.


    What bothers me is the lack of resolve the present U.S. Obama Administration has toward solving the nuclear energy fuel supply for Iran, yet with Iran believing it has the right to advance there nuclear technologies, sanctions are the only method presently being sought after.


    I donít understand why Senator McCain thinks itís a good idea to arm the rebels fighting against those in power in Syria without knowing who they are, and what they stand for.


    Iím of the mind set to just let the Syrian people hash out there own problems, yet 20,000 dead is an alarming number if this reported figure is accurate, especially if children and women are being killed as a result of government intervention, or for that matter, raped and or murdered by Syrian military personnel.


    The ruthlessness of the Syrian governmentís army and air force toward their own people clearly illustrates that the government of Syriaís supporters, will do anything to stay in power.


    Iran is a danger to the world because its people choose to follow a radical leader, declared a supreme ruler of an ideology that many in the world sees as glorious and peaceful, or at least until all non believers are dead and or everyone believes the same.


    America must strengthen its ties with India. Pakistan is like Iran, a pack of wolves, blood thirsty for power and administration of Shari Law merely keeps governments in the Middle East in the Dark Ages in regards to non existent freedoms, cultural and spiritual indifferences squashed as were seeing in Syria much different than Libya, but the same in regards to the peoples desire to over throw their government.


    When your taught from a child to hate, I guess it would be easier for some to exclaim there ideology as a religion to give them a sense of right in there actions of murdering there people who refuse to be subservient to Shari Law.


    When I pray for Godís Kingdom on this earth, with our Lord Jesus Christ reign for 1,000 years beginning in the millennium, Iím reminded that 90 percent of the worldís population must perish. I sure hope those lucky enough to begin this new world are the best of the best.


    People in Iran and throughout the Middle East want the world to end so their chosen one can return to earth to rule and prove that the Jesus story is false and the Jewish and or Israelites where ever they may be are not Godís chosen people.


    Then thereís the bible story in Revelation relating to the Anti Christ.


    Countless divisions within the Christian theological arena of thoughts of scholars on the bible, (mostly all in different to the old testament laws of the holy days and other beliefs that differ to the point of such diversity among Christians, keeping Christ at the center seems to be consistent since 1776 in America. The majority of the worldís population, who believe something totally different then those in the Western Hampshire, where the Catholic and Protestant religions and divisions thereof thrived, that is, once enough human eating Indians were killed, converted or died off in South America countries with Priests from Spain doing there best to erase paganism from the new world.


    Those not killed were scarred and people were put to death, public beatings, etc., to ensure the peoples obedience, while there history was burned, pottery, drawings, etc., and making the Indians subservient and pagans without distinction of being a human being in the 1400 to 1600ís I guess, was what it took to build a new world for some South America Indians a long time ago.


    These people were degraded human beings. Surprisingly there is a large Christian following of religious traditions from Spain in South America.


    I know I think about my origins and I believe that Iím a descendant of Abraham in the bible, from one of Josephís sons. I was able to trace my ancestry to France in the 1500ís, while in 1642 the first Henion arrived in the new world, the Americas, so Iím reaching to say the least.


    Christianity in the Americas spread from the east to the west, wiping out or converting Indians along the way. The Union Soldiers were forced to deal with Indians in a manner seen today by scholars in some cases unfortunately merciless and brutal, without compassion, unable to see the Indian as anything but pagan until a few bible thumping Generals stepped up to the plate.


    Of course there were others in the east with influence and big bank accounts that saw the Indian and African people as equal human beings in need of conversion, just badly educated I guess, but to wipe them out like they were less then humans over the years was seen as curial and brutal by the Republic of the U.S. of America.


    Historians of course are quickly to point out how brutal and savage some if not many Indians were in the 1600 to 1800ís. The 7th Calvary with General Custer is one example that could have been postponed; anyway if I had been General Custer, I would have positioned myself between the Indians and the arriving army from the east, so the Calvary would have prevented an attack against the foot soldiers, with canyons and wagons in the formation. Instead General Custer chose a position that was not defensible and in my view by virtue of traveling to Indian lands, the Generalís intention was to pick a fight. 


    Looking back,  I wonder if our ancestors would have tried to be less greedy or less expansionist, exploiting the new frontier, if only there was time travel and someone believable went back to convince our for fathers how badly they are about to screw up.


    Mention the Indian casinos and you might get through to them but I doubt it.

    More power to the Indians who are able to benefit from the free enterprise system, but those Indians living in America in the 1600 to 1800ís I donít think would have believed Indians would one day own Casinos. 


    Its unfortunate many Indian tribes are so poor still to this day, many receiving money from the U.S. to this day. I guess Indian tribes donít like sharing there wealth with other tribes to much, so the American tax payers, fewer by the day I might had, flip the bill in accordance with treaties.


    The fact is, civilization took the deeds of the past to bring us where were at now and those deeds were not all noble, some down right under handed as in the past with issues like Slavery, and more earlier times, the Vietnam Police Action, from 1964 to 1973, a War in my view that did not need to be fought, although I understand the mind set of those in power back then because I have been able to review there actions.


    What I donít know, is simply, would I have acted in a way similar without the benefit of reviewing history up against the presence?


     Iím thankful to have not had ancestors who once snacked on humans, or sacrificed people to a false GOD 400 to 500 years ago. Iím pretty sure today generations donít practice paganism. I guess it took killing off die hard pagan trouble makers, converting as many possible and peaceful pagans died off at a young 30 to 40 years of age unless you were one of the few who figured out away to live a peaceful life in the turmoil and evil of those days.


    Over the years there must have been enough incentives to become a Christian or people would have stayed pagan. North Americans beginning a new world faced different obstacles and in every decision made by someone back then can today be argued there was a better way. In some cases itís difficult to decide the right path to take in war, like the Union leadersí decision not to supply troops with certain types of weapons as compared to issuing muskets verses Winchesters in the Civil War.


    I donít want to be wiped out like the Pagans were. To fail to grasp that there are many religions in the world that are threatened from any ideology or religion thatís trying to force others to be subservient to is supreme rulers vision is nothing less then to allow fascism or radicalism within any ideology or religion to either give you a choice of conversion or death in suttee ways at first, then its time to say:


Iím not an Infidel,

I Ďm an American Christian Veteran that GAVE MY ALL,

as part of a team that rocked Iranís World during the Iranian Hostage Crisis in support of Operations Evening Light and Eagle Claw

A Sailors tale of his Tour of duty in the U.S. Navy

(August 1977 to February 1983)


    Throughout the Middle East and Africa, Christians are being killed. Shari law desired by what percentage of muslins to be a universal throughout the world I know not.


    A billion or more who all want Shari Law I guess are bumping up against billions of people with different religions then Islam.




    Let Iran get a nuke and the U.S. will need to keep nukes on our subs more often.

    Countries that have atom, nuke or hydro bombs with either aircraft or missiles as a delivery system are countries presently that either donít rule absolute power, i.e., socialist or communist parties, or are not influenced by Shari law with the exception of Pakistan.


    Amazingly no country has used WMD against another country so far with the exception of Germany in WW I using Mustard Gas, the Republic of the U.S of America during WWII against two cities of Japan and Iraq fighting against Iran in the 80ís when the Iraq Leader used chemical weapons against the Iranians.


    Imagine a country using WMD for offensive purposes or holding the west hostage like I believe will one day happen if the North Korea Leader Kim Jong-il ever succeeds on creating a delivery system for a nuke rocket capable of reaching the U.S., or for that matter, Iran


Obamaís and Carters Administration


    President Carter like President Obama, didnít have the fortitude President Ronald Regan had in dealing with Iran. I find it revealing that Mit Romney by character has a forward looking vision for America that doesnít involve growing the U.S. government bigger. Ron Paul as Vice President provided the American People vote for more Republicans, especially the Senate, once in office on a Romney ticket, a budget from the White House will finally be a balanced approach that doesnít include raising taxes.


    Of course Obama sees it totally different, in that the money in our pockets belong to the government and its up to the government to decide how much we should get by means of creating taxes for everything to include death tax. So even after your dead, if your worth more then a million bucks, 60 percent under Obama will go to his cronies to spend the way they want rather then the way the tax payer wants to spend there bucks.


    By the time you add up property taxes for school, gasoline tax, state and federal tax, unemployment insurance benefits, social security benefits, Medicare, etc., Americans are presently paying more taxes then they can afford, yet Obama says the government needs more money so more government jobs can be created, employing more IRS agents as a first step in order to police OBAMALAMA CARE.


    These days the truth is not always the truth and a lie is not necessarily a lie. Heck, its hard anymore to know whether anything Obama, Eric Holder, Attorney General or Senator Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader to mention only specific individuals, says any more is the truth, bullshit or a lie.


    The smaller U.S. Navy vision for the next ten years sponsored by the Sectary of Defense in behalf of President Obamaís Administration will be forward deploying ships to Vietnam in the future I guess if the Sectary of Defense is telling the truth.


    Since America has been working with communist countries in south East Asia for many years, the Pentagon figures its time to use Vietnam ports for naval ships and countries in south East Asia seem to welcome the U.S. Navy so far.


    Could be future allies of the U.S. military? We may need them to fight Iran and Syria one day.


    I heard from the grapevine that President Obama and his Chicago Ganisters working for him in his campaign have allot in common with Iranís government, as they will also do anything to keep power, to include dividing the American People; Lying to the American People, over reaching the boundaries of the Executive Branch in matters of emigration; not having any ethics while campaigning, introducing ďHope and Change,Ē as a means to be elected and not as a new direction uniting Americans; increased Welfare Recipients, encouraging anyone earning less then $1,100.00 dollars to collect their OBAMA BUCKS, sending out voter related stuff through the welfare agency in a deliberate effort to enhance the Democratic Party by reelecting OBAMLAMA; who not only claimed but believes, ďIf you have a business, You didnít build that,Ē offering a radio message to better explain how the Republicans took his comments out of content in regards to the message that everyone received help from the Federal Government in one way or the other, using roads that the States or Federal Government build with tax payers money, schools or universities, learning from the teacher, Professor (Bill Gates the exception I guess) to the schoolyard bully.


    Mr. President, I listened to your speech and I saw you smile and laugh and youíre words will result in your firing by the American.


    The few Americans that still care about a smaller and leaner government providing security through a strong military while may be less then the whole of all my country men and women, I truly believe there are still enough Americans to give OBAMALAMA the boot.


    And not because the President canít sing a mean Al Green song or that heís not liked as a friendly person, but because OBAMA his ruling and not governing. Heís a bully either originating or allowing others to use Chicago Gangster tactics in many political ads that are being ran against Romney calling the future CIC unqualified to be a President while former President Clinton says Romney is qualified to run for the office of the President.


    Romney being portrayed as a murdered, tax dodger and criminal at best because the government didnít help Romney succeed.


    Hog wash, what the heck is OBAMALAMA trying to feed us, slop. Well a condescending statement that is meaningless unless you listen to the words of the President himself.


    President Obama really believes in social issues and focused allot of his attention on issues of sexual preferences and relationships, exclaiming same sex marriage is now cool.


    Since ruler OBAMALAMA has declared same sex marriage is cool and a right, now those practicing and even those that arenít to some degree, are on a mission to close down businesses that disagree with OBAMALAMAís reasoning that same sex partners are as normal as apple pie, and who knows, maybe humanity has evolved from apes to either heterosexuals to homosexuals, lesbians, etc. in the eyes of some.


    ďFrankly I donít give a Dam,Ē in the words of Clark Cable in ďGone with the Wind.Ē


    What I do care about, is not being exclaimed as a bigot or racist because I choose to believe differently then others. When Americans can no longer speak there minds or believe one way or the other without reprisal from others who have a different view point, then I say tyranny is upon our nation and the President along with the Senate and House of Representatives who Americans have charged to uphold the constitution.


    In a free country you donít make laws prohibiting people from peacefully assembling but you donít allow public property destruction or laws being violated in pursuit of peacefully assembling as is the case on many different occasions during the occupy wall street protest that were often anything but peaceful and down right disrespectful.


    I donít care if I upset someone for believing in our Lord Jesus Christ who set forth laws for anyone called to abide by, nor will I say Iím sorry for not believing same sex marriage is cool, like our President and others fell is.


    I will however be tolerant, friendly and not discriminate against same sex relationships provided Iím allowed to believe differently, yet unless I keep my thoughts to myself, to voice an opinion publicly would mean a persons business can be boycotted and forced out of business just for donating money to Christian associations, groups, organizations or churches one day I guess.


    While it may seem Iím off topic, the fact is, 32 years ago people had issues as well and while the American People have grown in social awareness, the Middle East has not and there is no reason to believe they ever will, to include the people of Afghanistan and Iraq even though the coalition forces have tried to rebuild and enforce these governments often working against Obamaís administration.


    So what does President Obama do, send Pakistan more billions, while the Doctor that helped Americans raid Bin Ladenís house, killing him, languishes in prison for his part in helping the U.S.


    Trusting the U.S. is no loner a good idea in youíre a foreign national seeking to rid your country of terrorist.


    Not buying Middle Eastern crude in the eyes of some if not many in order to reduce the government economic power is a joke, since there are sufficient countries that will buy Middle Eastern oil in the U.S. stops buying crude on the open market that comes from the Middle East, but becoming independent will lesson the reliance on Middle Eastern oil, so why wonít Obama support A ďDrill baby DrillĒ policy?


    The only thing I can figure, is the President believes in Global Warming theories, even though evidence was introduced showing it was a United Nation scheme to gain more power from countries like the U.S. which buy the way has allocated billions to the United Nations so it can distribute funds to poor countries with no accountability to the U.S., as to how and where the money went or will go in an effort to make up for being a super power using a large amount of worldwide resources, polluting faster then say a state in Africa where tribal wars are the norm.


    A penalty for being successful and polluting is now part of the OBAMALAMA policy.

    United Nations Gun control on assault rifles and other arms within the U.S. surely suggest if implemented, Americans will loose more freedoms.


    These daysí freedoms are dwindling rapidly because Americans have allowed Congress to enact to many laws and regulations, to the sum of tens of thousands of new laws a year for one reason or the other.


    Itís unfortunate the American People were conned by a President that thinks his way is the only way, and even sadder that the Democrats are so desperate to hold on to power, there willing to support Obama rather then Clinton, the present Sectary of State which would do a better job then Obama but not as good as job that Mit Romney and Paul Ryan. The Democrats should have supported her four years ago in my opinion.

    Clinton would have beat McCain because Senator McCain lost sight of the ball, resulting in an ineffective campaign.


    Why President Obama has apologized to the world for American Exceptonalism I canít figure out unless itís because when youíre broke, you have to suck up a little to borrow money, so I guess the American People should be thankful that President Obama and his economic advisers, Sectary of Treasure and State, as well as others to possibly include a Zar or two in OBAMALAMAís Administration can suck up so well to China and others willing to buy treasury bonds or flat out loan money to the U.S.


    So think you President Obama for being good at sucking up to the U.S. Bankers worldwide and since you want to grow the government to build the middle class by offering more government jobs, I think youíre going to have to do more sucking up to world powers. Maybe you can get on youíre knees, but heaven forbid someone snap a digital photo of that.


    We would be reading rather strange commentary if such a photo is publicly disclosed.

    I heard from an anonymous source that such a photo exist and Democratic Campaign Funds have been spent to keep them off the internet.


    Mercy, could it be true, does President Obama suck up to U.S. Government Bankers and dignitaries and or does his staff do the same thing to keep the government going on his knees?


    Just saying something doesnít make it true. I remember when Larry Flint publicly stated Farwell had sex with a chicken and he had photos of it. He actually wore an American flag diaper to court.


    The Federal Court rulings found Larry in Jail for a while but he was eventually released after he paid his fine of contempt in U.S. coins rather then currency or a check from a bank, while incident after incident finally resulted in a Supreme Court ruling on free speech against or for a famous person or politician, to include religions leaders and every since its been legal to rant and rave against public officials saying pretty foul things without penalty of appraisal or regards for the truth.


    Iíd say some comments in print and digital format meet the level of rants and raves with no regard for the facts or truth.


    In my view this approach in destroying OBAMALAMAís opponents is and has in the past been President Obamaís magic hat but this time around Obama is up against a man with impeachable character just like my father.


    Years ago at a library I saw an old cartoon showing old Abe Lincoln riding backwards on a donkey out of Washington DC.


    Well, Iíll provide President Obama the donkey if heíll feed the critter.


    Just too much national debt, three years of no balanced budget with trillion dollar annual deficits will not grow the U.S. economy.


    Ron Suskind's new book critically examining President Obama's management of the financial crisis Iíd really like to read, yet his message is concurrent with Obamaís policies as a result of his choices in his economic team.


"Confidence Men"


    ďSuskind suggests that the administration's problems in dealing with the fiscal crisis began with the president's choice of his economic team. He wonders why Mr. Obama turned away from the advisers who had seen him through the campaign (including more progressive thinkers like Mr. Stiglitz, Robert Reich and Austan Goolsbee), and relied instead on two men associated with the deregulatory policies of the past, Mr. Geithner, the Treasury secretary, and Mr. Summers, the chief economic adviser. Both men had served in the Clinton administration (with Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin, who would later join Citigroup as a senior adviser and board member); their actions, Mr. Suskind contends, "had contributed to the very financial disaster they were hired to solveĒ (Ref. 934  - full article at reference).



    In less then three months, President Obama will be fried and even though I have no clue as to whether Mit Romney will make a plea to Congress in behalf of those that died and whom are living, suffering there disabilities as a result of the Forth Hood Shooting, in order that the Purple Heart be issued, but one thing I know in my heart, Mr. Romneyís character wonít allow him not to.


    The Forth Hood incident resulting in the death of many and those wounded and severally disabled to date not receiving the Purple Heart and the lack of President Obamaís involvement in an investigation to find out who is disclosing Top Secret information within the White House, illustrates the CIC knows nothing about the code of military conduct and as the CIC, he is expected to transcend above petite politics and guarantee the American People that our national security should come first above all things, to include welfare recipients, granny and me, because without a strong military, America wonít be able to keep secure the freedoms for which countless Americans and individuals before becoming Americans (like Puerto Ricans when they were drafted to participate in World War I, as part of the Jones Act in 1917, when the U.S. Congress gave U.S. citizenship) to fight, die and as a result of a wound, suffer there injuries the rest of there lives with some sort of dignity, pride and happiness, a very difficult daily task for 100,000ís of wounded service members both physically and mentally from 1776 to today.



    The United States was never formally a member of the Allies but became a self-styled "Associated Power". The United States had a small army, but it drafted four million men and by summer 1918 was sending 10,000 fresh soldiers to France every day.


    Today, Americaís all volunteer service finds itself fighting a much different war and with America winding down Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan you would think fewer soldiers would be killed, yet U.S. Soldiers are being killed in groups every week.


     As I post Patriots names on the internet on the ďMail CallĒ Forum whom have made the highest sacrifice, the loss life in behalf of a greatful nation in behalf of duty for there country since 2005 with Marine JimĎs help, Iím anxious not to ever see any American ever die for any reason in any military engagement against Iran.


    This reason I believe to be completing enough to write this book honoring those who died at Desert One during the Iranian Crisis and express to the President of Iran, you almost lost your air force 32 years ago and surprisingly, even after your Supreme Leader back then purged your Armed Forces (for what I believe was a result of not firing on American planes when there American trained air force had the opportunity to do so, although out number around two to one, the Iranian Pilots could have chosen to die for the Iranian Supreme Leader in killing as many Americans possible), the Iran Air Force in the mid 80ís fighting Iraq mustered together enough pilots to fly 12 to 35 Phantoms and Helicopters.




    ďThe effects of the arms embargo and the shortage of spare parts caused the number of Phantoms which were available for combat steadily to decrease, and at the beginning of 1983, only 12 to 35 Phantoms could be put into the air at any given time. As Iranian capabilities declined, Iraqi capabilities gradually improved. Alter 1982, Iraq managed to improve its training and was able to acquire newer and better arms from French manufacturers, especially the Dassault Breguet Super Etendard and the Mirage F-1. The Iranians found it extremely difficult to keep their Phantom fleet operational all throughout the Iran-Iraq war.


     On June 5, 1984, two Iranian F-4Es were intercepted by two Saudi Arabian F-15C Eagles when they appeared to threaten Saudi oil facilities, and one of the F-4Es was shot down. This was the only time when one McDonnell product shot down anotherĒ (Ref. 1138) http://www.f-4.nl/f4_44.html


    ďThe Iranians found it extremely difficult to keep their Phantom fleet operational all throughout the Iran-Iraq war. The Phantom is a very complex, maintenance-intensive aircraft, requiring 135 man-hours of maintenance in the shop for each hour in the air. The lack of spare parts caused by the arms embargo plus the general lack of adequate numbers of trained maintenance personnel made things even worse. A defecting Iranian colonel claimed that Iran's F-4 force was down to only 20 flyable aircraft by the end of 1986, with no RF-4Es still being operationalĒ (Ref. 1127).



    As early as of 1984, Israeli was helping Iran so from then until today, what caused Iranians to want to kill Israelites and the Jews People?


    Nothing, Iran has hated the Jews for over a thousand years and thatís being historically fair.


    So why did they accept the U.S. and Israeliís help?


    They were at War with Iraq and no other reason. The French of course was supplying aircraft as well and Russia was a major supplier of aircraft, weapons and arms.


    ďIran was only able to keep its F-4s flying by scrounging spare parts and replacements from whatever source it could. Israel secretly delivered Phantom spare parts to Iran, presumably thinking that by doing this it would help to keep Iraq occupied. There were reports that Israel supplied critical spare parts for the Phantom's APQ-120 radar, which made it possible to fire the Sparrow semiactive radar-homing missile. In addition, Iran was able to purchase some arms supplies by buying them on the world market, either legally or illegally. In August 31, 1984, an Iranian F-4 pilot defected with his aircraft to Saudi Arabia, and upon investigation his aircraft was found to have components that came from Israel and several NATO countries.


    ďAlthough Phantom availability remained quite low all throughout the remainder of the Iran-Iraq war, as late as January of 1988, the IRIAF was still able to mount rocket attacks during the tanker war in the GulfĒ (Ref. 1138).





    ďIn my view, the U.S. under Ronald Reganís administration worked with Iran even though Iran had declared War with the U.S. in 1980 after Operation Eagle Claw, originating the sale of arms supplied to IranĒ (Ref. 1068 & 1080):


 August 20, 1985. 96 TOW anti-tank missiles

 September 14, 1985. 408 more TOWs

 November 24, 1985. 18 Hawk anti-aircraft missiles

 February 17, 1986. 500 TOWs

 February 27, 1986. 500 TOWs

 May 24, 1986. 508 TOWs, 240 Hawk spare parts

 August 4, 1986. More Hawk spares

 October 28, 1986. 500 TOWs Iran/contra: The Underlying Facts


The Contras - Part I Ė Ref. 1068


"Iran-Contra Report; Arms, Hostages and Contras: How a Secret Foreign Policy Unraveled" March 16, 1984 - Ref. 1080



    Additional shipments of miscellaneous weapons and parts to Iran during the Iran-Contra Affair from 1985 to 1986, two years before the war ends, the IRIAF improved its air campaign against Iraq.


Iran-Contra Affair


    ďAccording to the Report of the Congressional Committees Investigating the Iran-Contra Affair issued in November 1987, the sale of U.S. arms to Iran through Israel began in the summer of 1985, after receiving the approval of President Reagan. The report shows that Israel's involvement was stimulated by separate overtures in 1985 from Iranian arms merchant Manucher Ghorbanifar and National Security Council (NSC) consultant Michael Ledeen, the latter working for National Security Adviser Robert McFarlane. When Ledeen asked Prime Minister Shimon Peres for assistance, the Israeli leader agreed to sell weapons to Iran at America's behest, providing the sale had high-level U.S. approval.


    Before the Israelis would participate, says the report, they demanded "a clear, express and binding consent by the U.S. Government." McFarlane told the Congressional committee he first received President Reagan's approval in July 1985. In August, Reagan again orally authorized the first sale of weapons to Iran, over the objections of Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger and Secretary of State George Shultz. Because of that deal, Rev. Benjamin Weir, held captive in Lebanon for 16 months, was released.


    When a shipment of HAWK missiles was proposed in November of that year, Israeli Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin again demanded specific U.S. approval. According to McFarlane, the President agreed. By December 1985, the President had decided future sales to the Iranians would come directly from U.S. suppliesĒ (Ref. 1058 - full story at reference or Chapter IX, Appendix II).



    ďA defecting Iranian colonel claimed that Iran's F-4 force was down to only 20 flyable aircraft by the end of 1986, with no RF-4Es still being operational.


    ďIran's national will was decisively engaged by Iraqi missile attacks on Tehran and other large Iranian population centers during the "War of the Cities." The Iranian people were demoralized by repeated Iraqi missile attacks on their cities. As an illustration of this, more than one million people fled Tehran during the second "War of the Cities" in 1988Ē (Ref. 1127).



    ďWhen the war ended in 1988, the IRIAF probably had only a dozen or less Phantoms that were still in good enough condition to fly. Estimates of the number of Phantoms that were operational with the IRIAF vary widely from 1981 to 1989.


    Something would happen that defines all logic but testifies to the old adage, Iíd rather fight with the devil then give up to my enemies. Even though Iraqís under Saddam Hussein waged war against Iran, killing countless people during a war from 22 September 1980 to August 1988, Iraqi pilots, Saddamís Air Force fled to Iran at the onset of the Desert Storm in 1991, while Ēreports suggested that more than 350 advanced aircraft were bought or made operational including, Russian Mig-27s, -29s, -31s, Tu-22M3 Backfires, Russian Su-24s, -25s, -27s, Il-76 transports, and French Mirage F-1s. Iran purchased a number of Mig-29s (Mig-29A and Mig-29UB trainers) from what was then the Soviet Union, and acquired a number of others impounded after fleeing Iraq during Desert Storm. Su-24MKs, SU-25Ks, and a number of Il-76 were acquired in the same way.


    At least 115 combat aircraft flew to Iran from Iraq during Desert Storm, out of the total of 137-149 aircraft flown to Iran or crashed en route, including military transports and commercial airliners. According to an official Iraqi statement, the combat aircraft included 24 Mirage F-1s, 4 Su-20 Fitters, 40 Su-22 Fitters, 24 Su-24 Fencers, seven Su-25 Frogfoots, nine Mig-23 Floggers, and four Mig-29 Fulcrums. Reports that Saddam Hussein ordered 20 Tu-22 bombers to Iran appeared unfounded. The reported orders in 1992 for Mig-27, -31, Su-22, and Tu-22M aircraft were either in error or failed to come to fruition as those aircraft types did not subsequently appear in Iranian inventory. In this period close to $2 billion was reportedly spent on foreign weapons systemsĒ (Ref. 1127).



    ďEstimates of the number of Phantoms that are currently operational with the IRIAF vary widely. Somewhere between 70 and 75 Phantoms were believed to be flying in Iran in the 90ís. Surprisingly, a few F-4Ds actually remain in service, but most of the IRIAF Phantoms are the F-4E version, plus a small-number of RF-4Es. IRIAF Phantoms have been subject to local upgrades--the APQ-120 radar of the F-4E and the APQ-109 radar of the F-4D have been significantly improved in range in both the tracking and search modes, and the IRIAF F-4E now even has a limited look-down, shoot-down capability. Most of the IRIAF Phantoms are now operated in an air-to-ground role or maritime strike capacityĒ (Ref. 1138): http://www.f-4.nl/f4_44.html


    ďIn 1993 it was reported that Russia was to provide Iran with spare parts, armaments, and operating manuals for the Iraqi jets that flew to Iran during the Gulf War. In 1993 it was also reported that China had bought an unknown number of these Mig-29s from Iran, in exchange for Chinese missile technology and a nuclear power station. The two countries had reportedly reached agreement on the exchange in late 1992, with Iran having delivered some of the Mig-29s by the end of 1992Ē (Ref. 1127).



    Iran accepted help from Russia, Syria, France, Israeli and the U.S., as well as other allies Iran had at the time like China, mentioning an incomplete list of countries in this discussion in an attempt to be clear as to my view that the U.S. and Israeli attempted to work with Iran who had declared war on the U.S., a status that is still in effect and look where we are today, hoping Iran wonít obtain nuclear weapons, engulfing a middle east rush for nukes.


    Iran and Iraq, even after years of fighting, were able to reconcile well enough to accept a fly in of hundreds of aircraft and pilots defecting so it would seem at least until the end of the first U.S. lead war against Saddam Hussein when Iraqís forces invaded Kuwait to take over their oil wells and Saddamís desire to rule the Middle East, resulting in Desert Shield and Desert Storm, the Iranians and Iraqís association began anew because the infidels invaded Iraq.


    Today Iraq and Iran are beginning even another renewal of association and with Iran at odds with the world, what happens if Iraq ever becomes an ally with Iraq, something I think the governing powers of the world would appreciate provided Iran wasnít on a course of self destruction.


    We also found out that Iran will trade hostages for weapons and arms from the devils infidels to succeed although the war between Iraq and Iran was a stalemate, fighting tribal ideologies, brother against brother, you know, and the same thing thatís occurring in the Middle East right now?


    I would have included in my statement women but in Iran there nothing but a baby machine, educating children that infidels should be killed and that you should pray to the black rock from outer space during a once and a life time journey to visit the room that Mohammad descended through a hole in the wall to heaven where the black rock is part of the rooms wall not made of wood.


    Iím on a roll, thinks to President Obamaís new policy of lie, cheat or miss direct, giving anyone the tools to shut him down.  Iíve read countless articles and a dozen or more on line books relating to Israelis plight in the Middle East and the lack of initiative the U.S. has in leading the world in foreign affairs.


    Wow, Polandís missile defense ripped out from underneath them, a country that lost thousands of officers during World War II at the hands of the Soviet Union. Thatís a difficult memory as is the memory for Japan and Germany during there defeat during World War II, Germanys defeat during World War I and my gosh, the Civil War of the U.S. or millions killed in Africa and todayís violence in the Middle East.


    Polandís people desire security in a fashion not suitable to OBAMA. Just like Israelis territories are questioned by Obama as being to much square meters to occupy rather then own I guess.


    Japan and the U.S. are now friends and have been for a long time and Germany is looked to as the only country that can bail out failing socialist countries in Europe.


    Iran figures they have the right to exploit Nuclear Energy for peaceful purposes and will continue to do so regardless of how country leaders in the western hemisphere feel.




    Denying gasoline to the Iranians, blockading the Arabian Gulf, Bill OíReillyís choice, may be the only real choice unless Israeli and the U. S. destroy every military asset.


    The choices are limited:


    Attack and destroy every military asset in Iran, something Israeli canít do alone;

    Back Israeli when they attack Iran, initially attacking Iranís nuclear power plants;

    Do nothing and equip U.S. submarines with nukes and warn Iran if they do obtain nuclear fuel for nukes and heaven for bid, if they threaten anyone with the launching of or delivery of a nuke in any form, the U. S. will retaliate in behalf of an any country threatened that is friendly to the U.S. or back Israeli if they attack and finally;


    Blockade the mouth of the Persian Gulf and starve the people of Iran until they elect a peaceful government. This would cause the death of hundreds of thousands of Iranians and I think destroying every military asset would be more merciful and send a message to the world that the U. S. MEANS BUSINESS.


    Iíd be more then happy to type target messages if American service members for got how.


    ATTACK and put Iran back in the dark ages where they choose to be. In other words, destroy Iranís military might or just rely on NUKES sine thatís what Iran wants to do.


    That is, in all do respect to Bill OíReillyís opinion of a blockade, the only real choice unless Israeli and the U. S. destroy every military asset.


    The Arabians want to disprove the Jesus story in order to prove Mohammad is the true prophet I guess.


    I donít worship a meteorite and I wonít work with the devil to succeed like Iran is willing to do, that is, if infields are the children of the devil as proposed by Muslim?


    An invasion into Iran is not necessary, but if the nuclear energy plants are hit, then all military assets must also be destroyed or do nothing and watch Iran one day go after Israeli or try, and end the world by forcing Mohammad back to earth from where ever heís been hanging out with all his wishes being met for longer then anyone has ever lived I guess.


    Iran and Syria might keep in mind there capitol cities in Tehran and Damascus are far enough away from Israeli for Israeli to use a nuke.


    Once Iran has the capability of delivering a nuke to Israeli that doesnít mean they would as the Iranian governments are friends with the Palestinian and Lebanese People who would be directly affected to include the Jordanian People, edging towards democracy", where King Abdullah expressed his intentions of making Jordan a democratic country in 2005, which today is still a Kingdom.


    Its sad that now that the U.S. Nuclear arsenal is old to say the least, as a nation, we may one day need one or two in case Iran or North Korea threatens the west or South Korea or Japan for example.


    Of course Iran may truly desire only peaceful nuclear energy for power plants to provide electricity rather then using oil, or not?

    The future not yet written, but one thing is for sure, unless Israeli stops Iran nuclear expansion that will one day yield enough fuel for a nuke, the U.S. wonít under OBAMA or so it seems.


    Maybe its Israeliís job to protect it self?


    An attack by Israeli against Iran must be precise and totally destroy all military assets or donít attack. Syria would not do nothing so they might need to be attacked as well

    Not attacking might mean one day a nuclear weapon from Israeli may have to be delivered some where one day.


    Wait and see is kind of like hide and seek.


    In my view, the Prime Minister of Israeli is an extremely intelligent politician who could if he wanted to, order sand to be delivered to the boarder zones and occupied territories where people from Lebanon and or Palestinian Arabs try to enter Israeli without a weapon only to be killed.


    Hauling in 1,000ís of truck loads of sand would eventually create a desert waste land between the boarder of Israeli and territories close to the boarder within at least 2,000 feet.


    By now youíre asking why? To save lives and give Israeliís enemies something to do, as they will begin to remove the sand if the sand becomes a hill after hill after hill and enhance boarder security.


    I know, itís a crazy idea. Since Iím committed I might as well continue. Iíd place 40í open containers along the boarder and fill them up with sand and three sheets of inch and half thick steel 8í byí 40í in height and length welded together two to three  containers high serving as fences becoming a foundation for extended look out stations accompanied with tunnels throughout the containers.


    Consider for a moment Israeli surrounded by their enemies whom have the high ground, presently the goal of the Palestinian Arabs, and to my amazement, former President Jimmy Carter and President Obama.


    Itís not a defensible position for Israeli yet President Obama would like to see Israeli take the deal, giving up their security for a temporary peace at best.


    Well Iím indifferent to that kind of thinking when better thinking needs to be front and center.


    Security from what I can see for Israeli are men and women behind weapons, which is the case of every country, but when people begin to for go their own lives by walking into direct live fire, its time to prevent them from being suicidal rather then bean bagging, tear gassing or killing them.



    Its time for the Great Wall of Israeli. Iíve only briefly discussed how to build a foundation that would support water works nozzles 8 feet long plowing down anyone in the no trespass zone many hundreds of feet along the existing boarder of Israeli and her neighbors.


    A 360 degree Phalex weapon system that would automatically pop up when activated within the permanent tower structures once constructed, accessible through the container mazes would be my suggestion.


    A water system and air, air conditioning and a high pressure water and sand fan propelled hurricane wind level blower to include tunnels for vehicles with elevators that would ascend three or more 8 feet tall containers, allowing entrance into West Bank and Gaza and or to go after rocket depots stashed inside Lebanon and Palestine.


    Allot of cement/concrete, sand, containers and steel would keep the nuts at bay.


    Personally, Iíd like to see Israeli go after those rockets by building an extended boarder as a platform for secret invasions and boarder protection.


    In some places along Israeliís boarder existing non disputed land would be converted into a boarder container/cement/steel/sand elevated fence. No more view of your enemies supported by Iran and Syria I guess.


The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in a Nutshell

Divisive History


    ďHistory's legacy created divisive issues between Palestinians and Israelis. Judea, home of the Jews in ancient times, was conquered by the Romans and renamed Palestine. Palestine was later conquered  and inhabited by Arabs for over a thousand years. The Zionist movement arose to restore the Jews to Israel, largely ignoring the existing Arab population. Following the Balfour Declaration in 1917, Palestine was granted to Britain as a League of Nations mandate to build a national home for the Jewish people. The Arabs resented the Jews coming in to take their land. Led by Grand Mufti Hajj Amin El Husseini, they rioted repeatedly and later revolted, creating a history of enmity between Jews and Arabs in Palestine. Britain stopped Jewish immigration to Palestine. Following the Holocaust, in which 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis, pressure on Britain increased to allow  Jewish immigration  to Palestine.   In 1947, the UN partitioned the land into Arab and Jewish states. The Arabs did not accept the partition and war broke out. The Jews won a decisive victory, expanded their state and created several hundred thousand Palestinian refugees. The Arab states refused to recognize Israel or make peace with it. Wars broke out in 1956, 1967, 1973 and 1982, and there were many terror raids and Israeli reprisals. Each side believes different versions of the same history. Each side views the conflict as wholly the fault of the other and expects an apology. Allenby enters Jerusalem, 1917.



Occupation, Land & Settlements


    Israel has occupied the West bank and Gaza Strip   (about 2,200 square miles) since the 1967  6-day war, and has built settlements with a population of about 220,000, mostly in the West Bank. Palestinians demand withdrawal from all of the land conquered in the 1967 and evacuation of the settlements. Israel continued to expand settlements throughout the peace process that began in 1993 and continues to do so today. In the final status negotiations at Camp David and Taba, Israel offered to turn over 97% of the land in the West Bank and all of Gaza, as well as Arab sections of Jerusalem. This offer was turned down by the Palestinians.


Settlement house in West Bank


Palestinian State


    Originally formed to regain all of Palestine for the Palestinian Arabs, the Palestine Liberation Organization signaled that it would accept a two state solution in 1988. The Oslo accords  were supposed to have led to a peaceful resolution of the conflict, but continued Israeli settlement and Palestinian violence and incitement degenerated into open conflict in September 2000.


    Mainstream Palestinians demand a state in the West Bank and Gaza. Right wing Israelis are opposed to creating a state, because, they claim, it would be a base for terror groups. In final status negotiations, the Israeli government agreed to a demilitarized Palestinian state with limited control over its borders and resources - a "state minus." The Palestinians have won a commitment for a state from the UN, and from US President Bush. The Road Map peace plan is intended to result in a Palestinian state. The Oslo Accords and the Road Map are opposed by Palestinian extremist groups like Hamas and by Zionist extremistsĒ (Ref. 1030 - Mideastweb Middle East).


    As long as Iran and Syria back Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Palestine, peace will never be obtainable, leaving security for Israelis people the only issue at hand.


    The following headlines of archived articles from http://www.debka.com illustrate nothing has changed over the years and if anything, since Hamas has brought all 13 Palestinian terrorist groups under one roof for attacks on Israel, they have increased and the Palestinian people pushed forward by Hamas want Israeli out, gone and subservient to MohammadĒ (Ref. 1034): http://www.debka.com


Iran's revenge: Syria and Hizballah join to sink Israeli warships - DEBKAfile Exclusive Report September 3, 2010, 8:40 AM (GMT+02:00). Hamas has brought all 13 Palestinian terrorist groups under one roof for attacks on Israel.


Five Israelis murdered by Palestinians at Itamar were Gaza evacuees - DEBKAfile Special Report March 12, 2011, 9:53 AM (GMT+02:00). Palestinian stabs to death a family of five including a month-old baby at Itamar, West Bank.


The two Fogel family killers apprehended at neighboring Awarta village - DEBKAfile Special Report April 17, 2011, 12:56 PM (GMT+02:00). Two Palestinian teenagers arrested for butchering five members of Fogel family in their beds.


Israel tenses for Gaza strike after deadly Palestinian terror attack - DEBKAfile Special Report August 18, 2011, 7:03 PM (GMT+02:00). Suspense for Israel counter-attack on the Gaza Strip after seven Israelis killed, 33 injured.


Continuous Palestinian blitz after Israel bombs 12 terrorist targets in Gaza - DEBKAfile Special Report August 19, 2011, 9:29 AM (GMT+02:00). Continuous missile barrage follows Israeli air strikes against 12 Gaza targets.


US defuses Egyptian-Israeli crisis: Egypt may post troops in E. Sinai - DEBKAfile Exclusive Report August 21, 2011, 12:53 AM (GMT+02:00). So as not to recall the Egyptian ambassador, Israel agrees to renegotiate Sinai demlitarization.


Israel's military restraint policy is bankrupt - DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis August 29, 2011, 12:30 PM (GMT+02:00). Israel is losing its deterrence against Palestinian terrorists and Iran by restraint policy.


Drive-by rock attacks Ė a new twist on Palestinian highway terror - DEBKAfile Special Report September 25, 2011, 10:56 PM (GMT+02:00). Palestinians now use cars for throwing rocks at Israeli highway vehicles.


Israelis divided over price for Gilad Shalit's freedom - DEBKAfile Special Report October 16, 2011, 10:30 PM (GMT+02:00). Israelis both relieved and filled with dread over the release of 477 high-profile terrorists.


Jihad missile offensive starts second day. What Egyptian ceasefire? - DEBKAfile Special Report October 30, 2011, 7:23 AM (GMT+02:00). Jihad continues missile assault on Israeli towns for second day, ignores Egyptian ceasefire.


Palestinian missiles pound S. Israel for third day. Iron Dome at Rehovot - DEBKAfile Special Report October 31, 2011, 9:34 PM (GMT+02:00). Southern Israel doesn't believe missile round is over and wants action.


Palestinian missiles pound S. Israel for third day. Iron Dome at Rehovot - DEBKAfile Special Report October 31, 2011, 9:34 PM (GMT+02:00). Southern Israel doesn't believe missile round is over and wants action.



Iran flies Palestinian terrorists to Syria for raids into Israel - DEBKAfile Exclusive Report November 20, 2011, 8:01 AM (GMT+02:00). Three Iranian planes will fly trained Palestinian fighters back to Syria at end of its war game.


First Al Qaeda operational cell in Jerusalem area - DEBKAfile Exclusive Report January 3, 2012, 9:19 AM (GMT+02:00). The first al Qaeda cell in Jerusalem ties in with jihadist spread in Lebanon and Gaza.


Gaza escalation leaves at least 8 Israelis injured, 12 Palestinians dead - DEBKAfile  Exclusive Report  March 10, 2012, 8:15 AM (GMT+02:00). Palestinian batter southern Israeli towns in revenge for killing of terrorist chief.


Libyan multiple-rocket launchers and SA-7 anti-air missiles fired from Gaza - DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 10, 2012, 10:47 PM (GMT+02:00). Jihad escalates attacks with the help of Libyan multiple rocket-launchers.


Israel: Jihad Islami will pay dear if Fajr missiles fired. Egypt seek ceasefire -

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 11, 2012, 1:19 PM (GMT+02:00). Palestinian extremists in Gaza are poised between escalation and attrition.


Iranian-Israel battle of wits over Iron Dome will determine Gaza ceasefire -

DEBKAfile Special Report March 11, 2012, 11:07 PM (GMT+02:00). Iron Dome anti-missile system - an unexpected wonder weapon.


Palestinians maintain low-level attacks confident Israel will avoid a showdown -

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 13, 2012, 2:17 PM (GMT+02:00). Egypt claims a patchwork of deals with the various parties has produced a Gaza ceasefire.


Israel ultimatum: Stop the missiles by Saturday night. Hamas leader in Tehran -

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 16, 2012, 1:51 AM (GMT+02:00). Iran is urging Hamas to keep Gaza violence high.


Palestinians renege on security ties with Israel, restore revolving door for terrorists -

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report May 3, 2012, 7:52 PM (GMT+02:00). Mahmoud Abbas is backing away from Palestinian security ties with Israel, developing ties with Hamas




    Leaders and the people of the Middle East donít want peace. War and violence and fear tactics, cold blooded murder and rape are the same tools the Romanís and Chinese War Lords used. One Chinese General gave 500,000 criminals or prisoners the option of either being skinned alive or commit suicide in front of the Generals enemies army in order that they think their apposing army had given up, moving around back of his enemy with his army, the General conquered his enemy.


    Muslims in the Middle East know strength through peace wonít work because the Muslim mentality views strength through power obtained at any cost to include ruthless tactics.


    Until muslins embrace peace and teach there children not to hate us infidels or Jews, nothing will ever change in there cultural all though the internet allows people in every country to see the world around them, to include read how people feel about each other, so when I say, please stop trying to make me subservient to Shari Law or kill me because Iím a Christian, I really mean it.




    In America, businesses get boycotted if the owner dislikes same sex relationships and or marriages, unions, or even political views indifferent to liberals or democratic.

    My grandfather was a life time democratic but he wasnít a liberal.


    Americans who have died for there country get protested by religious nut jobs at the funeral parlor and or grave site, or at least until the Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) stood up.

    In America if you donít like same sex relations but are tolerant, your seen as one of those who accept same sex relationships as itís as normal as heterosexual relationships.

    If you donít support Gay Pride Day, now celebrated in the Armed Forces of the Republic of the United States of America, youíre seen as a bigot or racist.


    In fact, America is more a democracy then a Republic under Obama.


    Four more years, I hope not.


    America is not perfect and as an American whose ancestry originates in the Americas in 1642 from the first Henion fleeing France, Iím frightened for the future of America as a Republic.


    Iran is a Republic that was high jacked 32 years ago by radical thinking folks or at least I donít believe its cool to hang homosexuals, sell your daughters (selective marriage practices when a girl is a child, forcing women into being subservient from childhood), cutting your head off for breaking Shari law like the Taliban did in the soccer arena before Americans arrived in Afghanistan, trying to kill infidels (this really bothers me), waging a war against the U.S. 32 years ago (Americans have deaf ears) and or nuclear energy exploration seeking WMD.


    In my view, pointing nukes at Iran or destroying every military asset is the only viable option if conventional warfare is not engaged. Using nukes against Nuts with nukes, preceded by an air attack I would assume.


    To hope that economic sanctions will cause Iran hard liners to change there mines and stop hating Israel or Americans and those living in the western hemisphere I guess, Christians and antitheist alike, is about the same as hoping muslins will stop believing those of us that live in the western hemisphere are INFELDELS.


    The choices are limited:


    Attack and destroy every military asset in Iran, something Israeli canít do alone;

   Back Israeli when they attack Iran, initially attacking Iranís nuclear power plants;


    Do nothing and equip U.S. submarines with nukes and warn Iran if they do obtain nuclear fuel for nukes and heaven for bid, if they threaten anyone with the launching of or delivery of a nuke in any form, the U. S. will retaliate in behalf of an any country threatened that is friendly to the U.S. and finally;


    Blockade the mouth of the Persian Gulf and starve the people of Iran until they elect a peaceful government. This would cause the death of hundreds of thousands of Iranians and I think destroying every military asset would be more merciful and send a message to the world that the U. S. MEANS BUSINESS.


    Iíd be more then happy to type target messages if American service members for got how.


    ATTACK and put Iran back in the dark ages where they choose to be. In other words, destroy Iranís military might or just rely on NUKES sine thatís what Iran wants to do.

    That is, in all do respect to Bill OíReilly opinion of a blockade, the only real choice unless Israeli and the U. S. destroy every military asset.


    Iran must be stopped or the Middle East will become nuclear?


I donít worship a meteorite


    The Arabians want to disprove the Jesus story in order to prove Mohammad is the true prophet I guess. Iím counting on our Lord Jesus Christ to return which means Iíll be dead long before his return as the King of Kings, Lord of Lords and the right hand of God the Father, the Creator of the universe.


    Godís Plan is in plain site for anyone to read in the holy bible because the work of authorship from those scholars who wrote the word of God was inspired. Well there it is, I believe Christianity is the inspired thoughts and words of God the Father, I AM of the Old Testament which after much review leads me to believe Christ may have been I AM.


    To give up his life for his fatherís creation, mankind, in itself is amazing for a human being, yet Christ gave up his spiritualism and position in heaven to become a human in the womb of a women, a child to man hood only to die for the sins of man kind.


    Christ sacrifice was greater then just being crucified, possibly giving up his heavenly  divine position ruling over the universe subservient to the Creator, GOD the Father whom is one with Jesus Christ, our Savior to us that believe in the Son of God.


    A story, a record of the Israelites which may have been Canaanites from there origin, up against Islam, Buddhism or Hinduism is at the surface just another religion or is it.

    There are people throughout the world that just donít like Christians, Jewish or Israelites world wide. My message is clear, I donít care if someone wants to pray in the rain for 71 virgins once they go to heaven or pray to the Buda or believe itís bad to kill a fly.


    But when someone kills people in the name of Muhammad or Bin Laden, etc., then I say that persons religion if ever it was a religion, has been high jacked and the lack of the majority of Muslims desire to stop there fellow Islam believing brothers and sisters from killing to scare others into being subservient is bull shit.


    The solution to this worldís spiritual awakening is out of the reach of countless evangelists trying there very hardest to save a few. I say save your self and since those supplying Iran and Syria wonít stop supplying there Scientist with anything they need to complete there peaceful nuclear energy plants, a nuclear energy ambition greater then the leaders of the west realize keeps Iranian nuclear scientist working like little beavers.


   Work little beavers, build your plants, collect together enough Plutonium to make a nuke from as many fuel rods as you can install, and soon before the world realizes it, youíll be able to tell the west what?


Analysis: Nuclear fuel test won't hasten Iran bomb: experts


ďIran's latest claim of a breakthrough in its nuclear program seems unlikely to bring it any closer to having atomic bombs soon, but serves rather as another defiant message to the West.


This week's announcement that Iran has successfully made and tested fuel rods for use in nuclear power plants appeared designed to show that sanctions are failing to halt its technical advances and to strengthen its hand in any renewed negotiations with the major powers.


Spent fuel can be reprocessed to make plutonium, potential bomb material, but Western worries about Iran's nuclear program are focused on its enrichment of uranium, which can also provide the core of nuclear weapons if refined much more.


"The (fuel rod) development itself doesn't put them any closer to producing weapons," said Peter Crail of the Arms Control Association, a U.S.-based research and advocacy group. It could be a way of telling Tehran's foes that time is running out if they want to revive an atomic fuel swap deal that collapsed two years ago but is still seen by some experts as offering the best chance to start building badly needed trust.


Diplomats believe Iran has in the past overstated its nuclear progress to gain leverage in its standoff with Western capitals, and the testing of domestically made fuel does not mean the country is about to start using it to run reactorsĒ (Ref. 935 Ė full story at reference). http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/01/04/us-nuclear-iran-fuel-idUSTRE8030ND20120104


    Foreign policies without threat of consequence have no teeth for countries that disrupt the peace and harmony of the world that deserve no quarter.


    I have nothing against anyone seeking their own destiny, when that destiny is not peaceful, power hungry and improper, I will fight against tyranny in anyway I can peacefully but in the end we either as people vote politicians in and out of office, and faced with a President in office ruling over the American People using Chicago Gangster tactics with an hire rod, being his administration of ZARS, believe me when I tell you, President Obama, regardless of his lying liberal supporters help, will not serve another four years in the White House because he does not believe Americans can wipe there nose without a government napkin.


    Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, since you want your country to have nuclear energy, and know one will stop you from obtaining WMD, what you do once your country has obtained them, will determine your countries fate if used in an effort of blackmail.




































EQNEEDF views on Politics, Environment, Energy, Health, National, and Foreign Affairs 2012

OBAMALAMA, Mohammad, Iran, Syria, Israeli, Palestine and Lebanon; a road ahead or not