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For me, it’s about choosing a President that wants to make America Great Again.


A President that could manage any group of experts and professionals and scientist, could easily manage the group of folks I have fictionalized to do a good job or at least I could easily manage my picks for the executive branch.


It’s going to take knowing what kind of administration a President will have in advance to make it easier to vote for any candidate other then Trump, because he knows how to assemble together folks and there best is all he will accept from them.


What would be your pick? What are the candidates picks? Do they even know this early?


I know who I could manage and who I would want to advise me as President, yet Trumps choices would be different then mine, but must be competent.


Trump with confidence like I have, and knowledge beyond even mine in areas of business, housing developments, high rise buildings and golf course development, the author of the “Art of the Deal,” knows how to make money.


Our country must create wealth in order to fund trillions in liabilities American workers must pay for presently or America will default. The problem however is that were headed to bankruptcy unless tax payers are burdened more, but with less income in your pocket how will you live or buy a home, vehicle, boat or pay for your kids schooling as they ready themselves for college?


Trump is learning the ins and outs of the Republican Party, shocking the establishment.


PCD’s, manufactured steel homes, renewable energy technologies, environment, energy, mediation of pollutants, brown water ponds and drip lines, sewage treatment plant developments, enerwaste technologies, FRRD, tax systems, U. S. Aircraft Carrier Deployment History, naval logistics, naval history, Armed Forces and Middle Eastern Politics I’m well versed.


If I had two aircraft carrier task forces in conjunction with all services participation, a dozen submarines and B-52’s, every military asset of Iran would be destroyed in less then 8-months.


Iran's destruction however militarily, is no longer a viable issue unless they obtain a nuclear weapon which will be developed in secrecy like North Korea continues to do.


The fact is, the U. S. is the now the biggest sponsor of terror activities in the world, partnering with Iran.


So, since Iran is now our buddies, can American citizens invest in Iran?


Do you want Americans with great knowledge of our military to share their insight with Iranian generals?


Once I thought sharing U. S. Aircraft Carrier deployment history would serve as a deterrent to other countries to fear the navy’s capabilities, but these days our aircraft carriers operate state side, overhaul, maintenance or en route for said same to include single carrier 8-month operations, rather then six months with two carrier task forces, one relieving the other so as to maintain a carrier task force on sight during war.


While America is still at war, during OEF, a contingent of some ten thousand Armed Forces personnel in a land locked theater of operation, America had no aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf or North Arabian Sea for two months.


Army defines Operation Freedom's Sentinel award criteria
By Jim Tice, Staff writer 9:47 a.m. EDT April 5, 2015

Since 2001, Operation Enduring Freedom has been the umbrella term for GWOT campaigns in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, such as OEF-Afghanistan, OEF-Philippines and OEF-Horn of Africa.

Follow-on operations to OEF include Inherent Resolve, the campaign against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorist organization, and Freedom's Sentinel, the U.S. mission in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

The six approved operations of the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal are:

• Enduring Freedom, Sept. 11, 2001 – to be determined.

• Iraqi Freedom, March 19, 2003-Aug. 31, 2010.

• Nomad Shadow, Nov. 5, 2007 – to be determined.

• New Dawn, Sept.1, 2010-Dec. 31, 2011.

• Inherent Resolve, June 15, 2014 – to be determined

• Freedom's Sentinel, Jan. 1, 2015 – to be determined.
http://www.armytimes.com/story/military/careers/army/2015/04/05/army-defines-ope ration-freedoms-sentinel-award-criteria/25240383


“In January 2015, Charles de Gaulle began being prepared for exercises in the Indian Ocean. In late February, the carrier and its battle group entered the Persian Gulf to participate in Opération Chammal against Islamic State militants in Iraq.[44] France was the first country to join the American-led intervention and has 15 fighters, a patrol aircraft, and refueling aircraft based on land in neighboring countries. The addition of Charles de Gaulle added up to another 30 aircraft to France's commitment to operations.[45][46] The carrier battle group arrived in the Persian Gulf on 15 February 2015 and began launching airstrikes on 22 February; this occurred seven weeks after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, as France vowed to be more responsive to jihadist terrorism. Sailing off the north coast of Bahrain, the carrier's 12 Rafale and 9 Super Étendard fighters could reach targets in half the time it would take French fighters based in the United Arab Emirates.[47] Charles de Gaulle left the Persian Gulf in late-April 2015 after launching strike and surveillance missions against IS targets to participate in exercises with the Indian military; the carrier launched 10-15 sorties per day during its two-month deployment.



U.S. won't have aircraft carrier in Persian Gulf for at least 2 months

By Barbara Starr, CNN Pentagon Correspondent

Updated 7:46 AM ET, Thu August 6, 2015


Washington (CNN) - “The U.S. Navy was not able to keep an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf for much of the fall season, according to a Navy official. The official said that's because the Navy has to schedule needed maintenance after years of extended deployments and because of reduced spending due to mandatory budget cuts.


Official: Iran warship points weapon at U.S. helicopter


While there have been so-called "carrier gaps" in the Persian Gulf before, this one will leave the Navy without the presence of a high-profile aircraft carrier just as a proposed nuclear deal with Iran is at center stage. It also comes as Iranian naval forces have conducted low-level harassment of U.S. and other shipping in the region. U.S. military officials insisted that there would be no impact on U.S. operations in the gulf because the Air Force can briefly send additional, land-based aircraft to the region if needed. Airstrikes against ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria are also largely undertaken by the Air Force. The Navy accounts for only about 20% of the ISIS strike missions. The Pentagon has a formal military requirement to keep at least one carrier in the gulf region at all times, so U.S. Central Command had to approve the decision to have a gap, according to a defense official. The current carrier in the gulf region, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, is scheduled to leave sometime in October. The replacement carrier, the USS Harry S. Truman, is not scheduled to arrive until sometime in the winter. "Overextending the Navy in 2010 to 2013 caused our need to recover maintenance and readiness that caused this gap," a Navy official told CNN. "The increased frequency and extension of carrier strike group deployments increased wear on the force, which led to increased maintenance and repair requirements and lengthened maintenance availability periods. That recovery time is now upon us." http://www.cnn.com/2015/08/05/politics/no-aircraft-carrier-persian-gulf-iran/index.html


Carrier Roosevelt arrives Monday

Fresh from ISIS fight, “Big Stick” is new flattop for San Diego

By Jeanette Steele | 7:02 p.m. Nov. 19, 2015


USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) made its first-ever trip to San Diego on Monday,  transferring here after a 29-year career on the East Coast, concluding an eight-month deployment of epic dimension. deployed to the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations supporting Operation Inherent Resolve, strike operations in Iraq and Syria as directed, Maritime Security Operations and theater security cooperation efforts in the region. Six months -- including a hellaciously hot summer – were spent conducting air strikes against Islamic State fighters in Syria and North Iraq. Some weeks the heat index on the flight deck was above 150 degrees. The ship’s captain called the conditions “at the very edge of human performance.” Navy aircraft delivered more than 1,000 munitions on terrorist targets – more ordnance than any other carrier group so far in the airstrike campaign. “Our pilots were going up every day, flying anywhere from eight to 16 missions in country,” he said, during a Thursday phone interview from the ship. The worst conditions were in the kitchen, or “galleys.” That’s because the carrier uses outside air to ventilate those spaces, Clapperton said. Temperatures got up to 120 degrees. After sailors started reporting heat-stress injuries in July, Navy brass had to shorten shifts to give people a break in the even hotter months of August and September. Since the Paris attacks that killed 129, the United States has continued its bombing campaign. It also began assisting French warplanes with targeting data. One scholar of Roosevelt-the-president said the Navy carrier’s involvement in the anti-terrorism effort is something from the “Rough Rider’s” play book. The Roosevelt’s arrival in San Diego is part of a massive three-carrier swap that involves 9,000 sailors and two other flattops. The carrier Ronald Reagan left town in August to take up residence in Japan. But, first, the George Washington left Asia and came to San Diego, where the two carriers swapped crews. The San Diego-based crew is now sailing the GW around South America toward Virginia, where the carrier will begin a four-year overhaul of its nuclear core. Those San Diego sailors will fly home in December and January to take over jobs on the Roosevelt. Because about 1,300 San Diego sailors will serve on three carriers in the space of a year, this group has been dubbed the Three Presidents Crew. About half of the Roosevelt’s 3,000 crew members will transfer to San Diego. The other half will fly home to Virginia to take up residence on the GW. These naval musical chairs will save the Navy $41 million as thousands of sailors won’t have to relocate with their ships. After more than eight months at sea, Roosevelt’s captain, Clapperton, “Their faces just light up.” http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/2015/nov/19/roosevelt-arrives-sandiego


“On 5 November 2015, France announced Charles de Gaulle would return to the area to conduct operations[49] and the ship departed from its base in Toulon, southern France, on 18 November.[50] Although originally planned to redeploy to the Persian Gulf, the carrier and its strike group was re-routed to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea off the Syrian coastline, much closer to targets within Syria. Sources claim Charles de Gaulle has a larger than normal air wing of 26 fighters (above the official limit of 24) consisting of 18 Rafales and 8 Super Étendards; the carrier has approximately 31-34 aircraft total.[51] The carrier began operations on 23 November 2015, 10 days after the ISIL terrorist attacks in Paris.[52]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_aircraft_carrier_Charles_de_Gaulle_(R91)




Moderate or Conservative or get along? With the House republicans divided to a major degree that affects the number of votes a house majority speaker can rally for a bill that would go to the senate directly affects the congress as a whole, as republicans are the majority in the house. It’s all about the purse and who has control over it. Yet bills that fund the government are not budgets but measures these days, so Obama wants everything congress approved paid for, no exceptions, so until congress can pass a bill the Senate will allow Obama to review and one that he won’t veto, while he has veto staying power because the senate doesn’t have enough votes to over turn his veto if ever he had to use this power, congress becomes dysfunctional because they can’t force the President to do anything. The senate buffers everything sent from the house while most bills never make it to the floor, so when the President finally receives a bill to review and sign or veto, he always signs them because only those he approves of make it to him do to filler busters and number of senators needed to over turn a Presidential veto. Since the senate doesn’t have enough senators to over ride a Presidential Veto, the senate doesn’t care to send a bill to Obama he announces he will veto, so in this way Obama doesn’t get blamed for shutting the government down, since he doesn’t have to use his veto power on a bill he never got. The house is rendered silent, helpless and irrelevant by our President.


In addition, the House Republicans have 40 or so members who are very conservative while the rest are more moderate, so the house speaker can’t raise enough votes to go against the democrats unless these folks give their vote to the speaker. So the republicans in the house have the majority of seats but have no power over the house in regards to passing bills that never make it to the President anyway.


So Trump will be faced with a house republican party that has no power to make laws, un less they unite, there bills wouldn’t be snuffed at the senate because the senate majority leader would send them to the President if everyone knows that Trump will encourage bills delivered to him, and not to just veto but for him to actually read, then make changes, compromise, move forward, that’s a Trump I perceive wheather it be re negotiating the Iran nuclear deal, an almost impossible tax by January 2017, to include this Russia, Iran and Syria backed regime with Iraq. Extremely delicate maneuvering of military forces in Iraq and Syria through this future coalition of rogue alliances in order to protect Christians, moderate Muslims, Arabs and Jews becoming caught up in a civil war and ISIS killing them.


Israel and America are also in the sites of radical fanatics’ bearing the flag of Islam.


2016 Presidential Republicans Candidates



President of the Republic of the United States Of America




Vice President of the Republic of the United States Of America



Ben Carson


Ted Cruz





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Rudy Giuliani

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan











2016 Presidential Independent Candidate


Paul Allen Sudduth II for President of The United States



Trump exclaims “We need competent people.” Well, these folks are competent, as would be anyone Trump chooses, provided they can follow his direction. These folks may not be able to follow a Trump Presidency, but if they could, boy, what a government we would have. Yet Bill O'Reilly could manage them all if they followed his goals like Obama’s folks do. I know I could.


Who does your list consist of? The FBI Director is a ten year commitment. I believe I’ve made my point that Trump will be able to assemble enough professionals to do the job of managing the government, but unless they can all follow the leader, you end up with the DOD in front of gay rights parades, being political rather then concentrating on how to curb sexual violence in the armed forces.


I remember when the Department of Health and Human Services solicited money for the ACA “Obama Care.”


The next President will either encourage his folks working for him to be political or not.


Trump is the man because I know he would answer every question presented here with and improve on them.


Trump would hire smart people. Trump doesn’t lie and goes on the offense in hopes you will be polite. It’s deeper then being the outsider of a party, as resentments remains and attempts to discredit you will be on going.


Trump has chosen a path of swift retaliation just like Obama did, but also, sweet and kind remarks to those that are nice to him. I don’t like bullies and nether does Trump. Be nice, play nice and I’ll ne nice. Other wise I’m going to respond positively factually with negative over tone, meant to stir the pot, leading to your eventual down fall, by always being correct in over tones, but aggressive, so play nice, and lets debate, lets talk. Treat Trump fair like you treat other republic party presidential candidates or he like I would, will come after you in defense of our character. However, when Trump has been wrong, he graciously spoke nicely of his opponents face by saying you’re beautiful.


Trump doesn’t need to be President. He had many chances to run in the past as Foxes fox in the whole guy, always with an answer, mostly always correct to boot. How Trump delivers the truth like he did about Bush being President during 911 is something every one already knew, so its not news, but its under tone suggests a Trump President would not have attacks like 911, opening the door on how he would change current policies or declare which Bush policies or congressional pre 911 policies resulted in failures to detect and stop at a parameter these planes from entering New York air space un detected. Polices that can guarantee no attacks under a Trump Presidency must be forth coming, other wise Trump was expressing under tones even I can’t figure out, but they sure got Jeb a running. Trump proved it takes Jeb to defend his brother, yet George the younger, a great man, needs no one to defend him if Trump’s under tone remarks are meant to address feelings that George could have done more. So what is it, how much more could Bush have done? I guess I could address this subject as well, but it would take reviewing past legislative laws, level of departments funding and activity involvement in theater of operations for ATF, DEA and Secret Service Agents, executive branch control, while the FBI and CIA activities would have to be reviewed as well.


The intelligence of the U. S. failed to locate three of these rats that over stayed there visas and the rest were in the country legally, while the air force failed to secure the aerial parameters of Washington, D.C., air lines lost location and control of their planes, FBI and INS failed in back ground checks.


Trump says they most likely never would have been issued visas had he been President.


I believe the 911 reports to be revealing and I’d like to know which Saudis funded those murderous rats. What would that make the financers? And why didn’t George release the secret pages and or Obama?


For an honest President, I’ll accept some offensive moves to win over your opponent, as the last two elections of Obama was not very nice at all, but Bush is an honorable man, loved by us veterans whom he loves and his resolve to fight terrorism I wish Obama had as a nation policy, not throwing away gains in both Iraq and Afghanistan, resulting in chaos in the Middle East, Libya and Yemen.


Failure of U. S. Leadership – Syria refugees to arrive in America & ISIS


Folks by the ten’s of thousands do to arrive in America, mostly muslins who believe in Shari law. Who’s going to take care of them? Which businesses will offer jobs? Or do they take foreign visitors from Mexico’s jobs, who entered America illegally or those that have over stayed their visas 6 month authorization? Where are all these Syrians going to live?


If they live together in one community, they will make segregation a thing of the past and make laws favorable to their Shari Law beliefs. Separating folks, scattering them throughout America might give the kids of these folks a chance to assimilate into the cultural of the U. S.


That would make it difficult for Trump to round them up, although you would think the government would keep record of house holds with guest, yet using the judicial system the time it would take and the cost to evict 11 million folks would be more then the judicial system could handle or our country could afford. Attorneys however would become wealthier.


Planned Community Districts must be created to accommodate folks to say the least, while a President that is engaged would already have refugee camps built, and defended in Syria and Iraq in order to avoid Syrian migration granting asylum.


These folks will be supported by the government and mostly non English speaking people that are not only strangers to U. S. cultural and life style, but mostly reject it. To most Middle Eastern peoples, America is the “Great White Satan.” I heard from one congressman that Syrian migration is healthily for America and that Syrian Muslims will be beneficial to our nation. All, with the exception of Syrian Christians, mostly Muslims from Syria, are in different to our people and constitution, yet will receive benefits and become citizens with no knowledge of America’s political arena, history or laws.


The 2016 Presidential election is about the armed forces capability based on its manning and level of engagements involved in world wide theaters of operations, defending our country, its allies and engagements of good will demonstrated through visual acts of presence the US Navy use to display. A week military or indecisive President could neither build nor defend refugee camps in Iraq or Syria, and that is exactly the present situation with our CIC.


As a nation, showing force when necessary and following through with red lines is important and to do nothing shows a sign of weakness as in the case of Syria’s Presidents use of chemical weapons on its own people.


Also, in action creates vacuums in political resolve, causing other countries to decide their response to a crisis. President Putin made a decision that will now affect the way the U. S. conducts its police engagement against ISIS with 60 coalition nations supposedly conquering ISIS.


Not having a clear strategy in fighting ISIS and or terrorist organizations or placing service members in jeopardy with orders not to shoot offensively is not an affective plan.


A President should treat Christians and Jews equally up against Muslims who get the attention of our present CIC more so.


America is merely a silent giant which our President chooses not to lead abroad.


Now ISIS will face Iran and Russia in Syria, but first the President of Syria must be propped up just like America did the Shaw of Iran, except the Shaw never murdered his people through chemical air borne gases, but he was brutal, torturous and murderous, killing many who tried to over top his regime and we gave him F-4’s to rule.


So, with Russia supporting Syria’s government to secure its boarder and naval base is sensible, yet he was forced to pick sides, because U. S. leadership was not forth coming enough, not effective enough, not severe enough, not committed enough, not leading in a way that would solve the ISIS infestation, like grass hoppers to Obama.


Enough time went by, things began to worsen for the Syrian Government, and President Putin responded to protect his naval port and 60 year or so relationship. The Syrian’s Presidents father had his civil war as well, large death tolls as well, so to Putin, like his predecessor, acted to support President Assad and the interest of Russia.


Some things can not be taken back, like stopping any effort to support rebels against Assad, regardless if your first effort was in competent unless do to not knowing how to get the job done, reluctance to do the job spills over into not finishing the job.


It’s time to create more refugee camps in the Middle East and a Trump administration will return dislocated Syrians to the Middle East that are being forced to the U. S., and Russian sponsored camps at first spearheaded by both Russia and the U. S., defended by United Nation Forces along side Russian and Iranian troops, as the U. S. has no intention to engage any further support activities of Syrian rebel’s who have proven to be ineffective as it was revealed that a 500 million dollar rebel assist forward movement attempt, failed, training maybe 50, 5 still alive, maybe others captured, tortured and murdered.


Not much for our buck. But now, the verifiable knowledge, that the rebels we were helping may be just as bad as Assad makes it clear, when there are no troops on the ground, you get zero effective recruitment and loss of treasure. Poorly supported troops in the field, well, that’s no way to fight a war and it exposes more then you’re flank, so you get killed eventually.


That means our CIC threw those lives away, just like Kennedy did during the Bay of Pigs during the Cuban up rising.


Anyway, these guys are dead are they not?


You can’t fight a war from the golf course and because our CIC never acted quickly against the JV, their now the varsity, although France may ratchet up operations against ISIS. I heard Obama will help France now and has delivered munitions to Syrian rebels, beginning a Korea/Vietnam type war.


The next President will have to deal with the extinction of Sunies, Christians and Jewish folks in the Middle East, mostly being killed by ISIS or ran out, because of Obama’s limited actions in the Middle East, in particular, the with draw from Iraq, a Presidents decision, scheduled with draw of troops in Afghanistan when Generals are asking for a substantial force left in theater of operations land locked between Russia and Pakistan and a failed strategy to stop ISIS’s advances.


Russians President Putin gave Obama plenty of time to full fill his red line, three ship task force to force the Syrian President out of power, so Putin negotiated a chemical weapons package that finds the Syrian government using gas on its people before and after so reports state.


Then The President of Syria’s government needed Russia’s help to stay in power, so the thunder was brought in by Putin because of a leadership vacuum in American Leadership, as the Syrian civil war and ISIS, directly affected Russia’s naval base in Syria, its borders from refugees less an issue, but most importantly, ISIS taking power in Syria would be devastating. Yet Russia’s war against ISIS advertised at the beginning actually targeted rebels once funded by the U. S. to no significant extent that were fighting the Syrian Government.


To merely replace a President in hopes tribes will get along is naive or to suggest elections during a civil war will be affective is nuts.


A political resolution declaring nation states by region, with governance over the states backed up with jets and troops on the ground, submarines and ships, tanks and missiles to keep the peace in Syria will eventually become reality.


If only the next President of America can entertain policies that keep Syrians in their home, now preempted by refugees badly in need of camps constructed and nation states by region and or territory.


Polices that keep America out of the Syrian conflict should be explored, rather then continue an ineffective strategy by sending 50 Special Forces Personnel to assist who?


Ineffective in any large significant way to help the rebels, as they must hide from Russian attacks if they give direct assistance to Syrian rebels, is sufficient enough to illustrate the ineffectiveness of our CIC’s policies relating to Iraq and Syria, so the only way to stay out of the civil war is to divide the country of Syria and Iraq, but together with Russia, now in control of Syria, establishes a peaceful approach that accomplishes independence for opposing views that has resulted in civil war.


Obama wants nothing to do with Iraq, so I recon Iran will rule Iraq through back door means.


One President unifying the Syria people in two years or ten years is not possible. Sunni Islam (/ ˈ s uː n i / or / ˈ s ʊ n i /) is a denomination of Islam which holds that the Islamic prophet Muhammad's first Caliph was his father-in-law Abu Bakr and are under siege. Blood shed, whole scale murder and using WMD illustrate the severe differences resulting in civil war among the Syrian populous at large.


Regional territories declared independent nation states with Russia and coalition forces defending refugee camps on the Turkey boarder, with the Kurds the first nation state is a more balanced approach.


Commerce made possible through the governing CEO, Russia, not America. America had its opportunity and our CIC chose a different path and continues a path that now prevents America from inter acting much in Syria.


In fact, our CIC has tied the hands on future Presidents ability to be very affective deterring Iran from doing anything in regards to terrorist activities or WMD.


I know Senator Ted Cruz will tear up the Iran nuclear agreement if he is elected President. I like Cruz, but such action is not possible unless Iran can be caught many, many times cheating up to what will be a secret nuclear engagement that finds Iran with WMD before Obama or Clinton if elected can destroy their missile program Obama is paying for.


With Iran partnering with Russia, the world partnering with Iran, ISIS will be defeated or controlled in areas and the Persian Empire will expand to the door step of Israel.


Heck, Israel will not even be able to use their nukes to protect them, so their messiah will have to rescue them.


It’s time to stop persecuting Christians and Israelites, realizing the great differences in religions like Islam, Christianity and Judaism in a more gentle fashion.


Islam must be converted by Muslims into a peace full ideology before I will view Islam as a religion. Murderous acts in the name of Mohamed will have to be denounced in a more direct killing mode rather then 11 million running, which in itself illustrates that the Christians/Jewish and majority of Arabs and Muslims are peaceful, yet their ideology allows for the actions of warriors triumphing there founders beliefs brought about through murderous acts against the infidels since early times.


Until the nature of the beast is tamed or children are re educated to the extent that illustrates Mohamed’s beginning is not to be continued as the Muslim faith is now well established throughout the world, forcible of course, so the tactics of forced education like the catholic Church engaged in are no longer warranted in any perspective (not that such tactics by any ideology/religion were ever appropriate), unless it’s the goal of Muslim leaders to continue the status quoi that rich middle eastern Muslims invest in, resulting in today’s conflicts with moderate and fascist middle eastern people in particular, yet African nations are experiencing similar ISIS activity of terrorism.


Libya abandoned by those who attacked it, sponsored by Sectary of State Clinton.


Clinton will not be President because she is not competent.


It will take a President type to become a religious ambassador for the U. S. for international affairs so Christians are not jailed, and backed up by the President. You know that red line position. Like, kidnap, torture or kill an American Christian, moderate Muslim or Jewish person(s) and if you represent groups like ISIS, you will be bombed. Rather bold, rash, but affective if you do enough air strikes at the beginning of an up rising but since that wasn’t done, ISIS is deeply imbedded in the areas it controls, yet the vast areas are themselves a burden to defend if a large assault would begin, very swiftly reducing the size of territory ISIS presently controls within a month of bombing and city invasions.


Surrounding cities with 44’ containers full of sand on skids pushed by huge bull dozers, with troops behind advancing would give some strength to advancing forces regaining cities. To merely advance in force would decrease ISIS strengths and power.


It’s time to recognize the cries of Christians in the Middle East and Africa being murdered and folks forced to live in refugee camps. In an effort to be fair and balanced, all tribal loyalties must be declared, all religious preferences and then equally migrate by number based on religion or tribe, while U. S. sponsors of foreign nationals may go to the front of the line.


Yet, everyone that is migrating from Syria to the U. S., could one day be returned to their home under the right leadership in the White House because a President that was involved, not retreating, would build and defend refugee camps until the threat goes away. Usually a President of a super power would have done this by now and long past extinguished ISIS while in the desert heading to Iraq, while engaging the President of Syria forcibly long ago as well.


So now, any President that steps in will be forced to get along with Iran, work with Russia, while Russian controls Syrian air space, attacking rebels in conjunction with Iranian Forces together defending the President of Syria, and hopefully ISIS to.


Iranian’s top General killed by ISIS who negotiated with Russia for ICBM’s was a surprising event. This guy killed hundreds of Americans.


Iraq now in the hands of Iran, soon I’m thinking U. S. advisers will be with drawn or at least they should be now, with Iraq now partnering with Iran and Russia, yet our CIC sends 50 Special Forces personnel to the Iraq and Syrian theater of Russia’s operations, where it is now impossible to establish no fly zones under U. S. control.


A total with draw of forces from Afghanistan was anticipated until our CIC decided to leave ten thousand in theater, an under manned force, as is 50 Special Forces personnel, while generals exclaim they need a larger force, decisions that will re shape the Middle East.


As the threat is growing, the U. S. will be forced to revisit major military operations in this region once the enemy consumes Afghanistan again, chopping heads off in the soccer field, and do you remember when women couldn’t go to school or drive a car or work?


Yet I don’t think our enemy of OEF is even our enemy right now, were just receiving in bound bunkered in.


The next President’s hands will be tied in regards to Iran’s advancement in Iraq and Syria and will find them selves partnering within Iran and Russia but not the Syrian President, while making Iran walk the line if you are a Trump, denying nuclear weapons from Iran and unless they break the agreement, in fifteen years they got nukes anyway. I guess you can hope they cheat, and then you can blow up their nuclear plants, go to war for a few months after you destroy every military asset or let them have the bomb early, but decide before ICBM’s are installed won’t you?


“We must make are country rich again, We must make America Great Again.”


Declare China a currency cheater thereby adjusting trade policies.


Stop borrowing money from China to help out Big Bird, a millionaire hundreds of times over (Public Broadcasting, as this net work creates its own wealth).




I hope I’m not a chump for supporting Trump. We need to create wealth for our country.


If Trump can do that while democrats only want to spend, I’ll have to be satisfied and except some policies of Trump that’s difficult to understand like his INS policy regarding illegal aliens in America.


We must however decide whether were going to have a country or not. If America is now just a gate way for folks throughout the world to enter without constraint or legal processing, then just open the boarder so Americans can quickly see the end result rather then allow the destruction of America slowly.


 2016 Presidential candidates, elections and issues facing America, France, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Middle East, Africa and the world

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2016 Presidential candidates, elections and issues facing America, France, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Middle East, Africa and the world

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