2016 Presidential candidates, elections and issues facing America, France, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Middle East, Africa and the world

Part I of II

Part II of II


We must make sacrifices if we stand for anything.


This election is about repairing the damage President Barrack Obama has caused by over reaching his executive powers, retreating from the international seen in the Middle East and his ideology that burdens the American People with the actions of past Presidents, wars decided on by congress and his notion the American people are exploiters, rather then conquers or searchers/seekers for a better life, moving forward to the Perry lands and across the rocky mountains to the Pacific.


Americaís greatness questioned by Obama, apologizing to the world for the success of entrepreneursí or opportunity. I read a story about a merchant that killed buffalos for the gold nugget value, by the millions slaughtered. Indians way of life destroyed utilizing buffalos hides and even the stomachs for water containers.


Yet because of capitalism, America has helped the world since WW II more then Russia has or China and today the USA still gives billions away to countries to include now, international cap and trade donations.


Neither China nor Russia will take refugees from Syria.


Restoring faith in government for us all, the new Presidents policies must allow for increasing economic growth for America, less government spending and regulations through the EPA that force coal mines out of business or prevents further coal exploitation and or manufactures to go to other countries without offering a partnership of mediation must be changed. Government should be the mediator between business and the environment, offering assistance to over come pollutant disposal as a result of using energy sources or brown water waste, garbage, heavy metals and chemicals, paint and lead, etc.


Under a socialist government like Bernie Sanders, investment capital will be taxed higher? If an individual earning capital investment revenue is already paying 30 percent or more in personal income tax, there paying 40 to 50 percent by the time everything is added up. Death tax would increase and taxes on everything would increase to pay for free stuff.


So much no longer taught in our schools or higher learning institutions in regards to political systems to the extent that shows a clear difference and betterment for a societies economic machine to be capitalism rather then socialism or communism.


What kind of government do you want?


Some might say that socialism might be cool man, free college dude and no tuition to. More bucks for partying man. Iím in; letís go, to the up coming ďGirls Gone Wild Party.Ē


Its time for the democrat party to declare what kind of party it is.


Democrat, Liberal or Socialist?


This way I will know which party to vote for, but first, declare what you stand for, donít know anymore.


Advancing a democracy or socialism is at stake as is Christian beliefs; worship and public awareness of said same, under attack.


The Democrats running for President










Not running


Not running





Itís about regaining Americas standing in the world or continuing the present course of a nation controlled by Obama handing the foot ball off to Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, while socialism may be the core of the democrat party now?


Democrats think taxes must be raised, take from the rich to accommodate the many. How about just making some money for the country?


The one million student march, resulted in students demanding that the rich should stop hoarding money, and pay students tuition, housing, food, condoms, abortions and prevention devices and medicines to prevent birth and soon cloths and shoes for everyone. There are legitimate reasons for women to have abortions relating to the new bournsí health once born or a womenís health during pregnancy. Yet every reason is declared viable.


Federal waste is every where to include the top office of the Presidency, other wise sending Air force one back to Washington DC from Hawaii to get Obamaís dog would not have happened or our CIC wouldnít use air force one to go golfing or campaigning. Vacationing to Hawaii every year when our country is suffering doesnít look good.


Liquidating public buildings not being used would feed a bunch of Obama Soup dwellers whom know only poverty would be helpful.†


As a direct result of Obamaís EPA policies in regards to endangered species, land usage or seizing private property for various reasons, the EPA may feel justified and lack of pollutant management mediation in regards to environmental concerns relating to industrial manufacturer, Americas economy needs the Fed Chairman to pump 80 billion a month into the economy by purchasing TBís and Mortgages.


Basically creating incentives to do business in America is very necessary, like reducing corporate tax to 16% or business start up five year reduction of tax by 25% for every 2,000 employees with a maximum of 50% for five years .


You want manufacturersí to return from over seas or start up, then you must realize youíre competing against free trade and cheep labor and business costs both for investment, up keep/maintenance and employees, while cost for doing business in America climbs.


Two trillion off shore that could return to America, and if invested in America could be tax free upon return to America if 50% was invested in America, yet I advocate for investing in PCD Projects, PIMTED, DPUDE, RPPIDE (Power plants), etc., could result in a discount of taxes paid out from approved FRRD projects that create wealth for America, provided corporations invest 50% of the capital returning to the market place of Americas free enterprise system.


The next President will either double down on Obamaís policies building a bigger federal government or move the congress to delegate more power to the states in areas of education and health care, education to marriage or religion, rather then the federal government, although, like abortion, the Supreme Court made a ruling same sex marriage is a constitutional right, trumping states rights among the populous.


Without the one percent creating wealth, how could folks work or get free money?


Wait, capitalism sucks right? Well donít worry, unless our market starts growing, and unless the national deficit is paid down, we all will be eating the same soup at Obamaís Soup Kitchens.


Do you want a President that rules by executive order, fiat or close down the house through senate control over the veto in the presidentís favor? I think President Bush made 296 executive orders, while President Obama a little over 200 at the beginning of Trump running for office, yet many of Obamaís executive orders relate to the ACA and INS Policies (Making laws) in direct contrast to congress making the laws.


The liberals got everything thing they wanted:


Supreme Court decision on marriage equality;


Supreme Court up holds taxes presented as fees for the ACA or ďObama Care;Ē


Women in combat and all sexual behaviors can serve;


Religion out of the public view;


No praying in school;


Religious monuments removed from public view;


Employers must pay for their employees condoms, birth prevention medicine and devices to prevent birth, as well as abortions;


DOD head of a gay parade (Carter can believe anyway he wants, but becoming the poster child for homosexuals is not the job of the DOD);


Naked women on the streets of New York collecting cash to show off their breast in public;


Free Health Care and


Marijuana use for both recreation and medical treatment, creating a huge black market because of the lack of common sense laws relating to legal storage broker facilities and failure to regulate the commercial use of excess grown pot, usually 1.5 to 2 pounds a plant when grown outside.


George Washington had 40 acres of Pot growing on his plantation and it took 365 acres to equipment a sailing ship with roap for the navy in 1778. Legalization of marijuana is creating millions for Oregon in its first week of sales I heard, while cities can tax ten percent. Well, a Christie administration would shut that down. I hope the new President will allow states to determine their own fate in regard to choices like recreation/medical marijuana, hemp harvesting for protein, oils or rope, cloths, sails, etc. However, weed grown today for both medical and recreation weed has high THC content while CBD is medically enjoyed.


I made a clown photo as to what Gorge Washington would have encountered in his drying room on his plantation, and what our legislatures are up against. College students Iím thinking, like young people use chatter, a high THC content by product of pot abstracts from pop corn buds and leaves is created from using butane or CO2, is rapidly affecting Americans


Welcome to Recreation and Medical Marijuana

Pot, Oil & Hemp


Governor Chris Christy hasnít announced a policy bridge between the federal government and states that allow pot for either medical and or recreation pot smoking, yet he has said he will obey federal laws and enforce them.


The next President must be socially moderate and physically conservative.


Americas General of liberty, a plantation owner, George Washington and Americas constitutional signers and original founders, ordinary folks, all with their own vices and discipline limits to morality and character, individual conduct, honesty and since of fair play made it possible for our liberty and freedoms. Awareness of the need to protect not only a free society, but the rights of everyone, if only we use the tools of government before us was made available by the constitution and patriots, countless who gave their lives to preserve what so many want not. Liberty must be fought for in order to maintain individual freedoms. Politicians must adhere to the wishes of the majority but the minorityís grievances must be mediated; but not by offering free stuff for voting a party over another.


No President without congress can give free tuition to students, although democrats will tell you everything you want to here to get your vote.


Correction, democrats are no longer the dominant faction of the party as liberals and socialist have take over the party.


I remember when you would get thrown under the bus for calling Obama a socialist.


Muslims treated better then Christians by our President and Israel thrown under the bus by the World, the U. S. its chief sponsor to the Iranian nuclear deal, while a deafening silence at the United Nations when the Prime Minister of Israel spoke about the Iran nuclear deal says it all.


Yet November 9, 2015, Obama and the Prime Minister spoke at the White House, announcing mutual friendship, intelligence and a possible 30 billion military cooperation.


The next President must be sharp, quick to defend America, with a great deal of high energy, while cabinet members or employees of the executive branch must be less political, concreting on their jobs rather then marching at the head of gay rights parades as our DOD did.


Heck, maybe we should have the DOD at the head of every parade from the pumpkin festival, to the hemp festival to the frog jumping festival. Maybe a few mom and pop parades supporting the family might be also a duty of the DOD.


The next President must be tolerant and or non judgmental toward folks that choose same sex marriage or sexual behaviors different then a man and a woman type relationship, but must be strong enough to not be ashamed of not believing that homosexuality is not a moral conduct if such a feeling is even shared by the next President.


The truth from spoken words of our President is essential if a President wants to get anything done in D.C.


Supporting our embassies and consult personnel abroad is essential as they represent the U. S. Of America, as well as being U. S. Citizens living abroad doing a job as employees of America.


Issues that face the next President also include gun control or confiscation of fire arms as suggested by our President, when he refereed to Australia, while Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have the same mind set.


Every time there is a school shooting, rafter then just supplying students with armed security guards, we get, ďback ground checks would have stopped the shooter.Ē Roseburg and the entire state of Oregon have back ground checks.


The next President is either going to be from the republican or democrat party, yet less ideology and more focus on whatís best for the country and American People is required by not putting your party over the country when making policies both domestic and internationally. The best way to guarantee that is to vote for an outsider.


We need a President that can make equitable trade agreements where the U. S. doesnít come out the loser all the time. Free Trade Agreements will have to be revisited. Tariffs instituted when necessary to off set deficits in importation and exportation quotas between, Mexico, China and Japan, to include intellectual secrets protected and not hacked or extorted in order to do business in China.


Stepping up to the plate making China obey international seas and oceans for international navigation access and laws must be put in motion. If China wants to deploy aircraft carrier killer missiles at sea then maybe we can to?


Internet hacking must be addressed as does power plant hacking of the grid.


Defending our allies and NATO Member Nations against invasions and or forced annexation by another country I thought was par for the course, but as it turns out, our allies and NATO Members are on their own, just ask Ukraine and Israelisí people.


Some sort of equitable, fair and inexpensive health care, maybe offered by hospitalís receiving billions to serve the public rather then subsidies that benefit millions at the governmentís expense, while increasing health care costs for those that pay, to pay for those that canít pay must be addressed. What good is health insurance you pay $400.00 a month for, when deductibles are so high for medical care, you must borrow or go with out medical care. I have family members who canít get the ACA to help with medical treatment when it involves many surgeries like Crowns disease or injured backs.


The high cost of the ACA has forced 30 million folks with no health care options as the cost is to high in many cases, but by 2017, the government will feel the ACA cost, as will Americans by the millions, and employees, costing employees big bucks in the billions in order to provide 50 employees or more health care, while there will be both employers reducing their work force and employees paying fines to the IRS rather then pay for health care thatís not affordable.


The next President must work with the congress to introduce folks to democracy that only know socialism, communism or fascism that soon will settle in America from the Middle East, as our President doesnít know how to do that.


A President that will address the difference in economic equality, uniting Americans rather then dividing folks because of political party, wealth, nationality, color, sex or sexual behavior is very necessary as ďThe Black Lives Matter,Ē movement as become an issue that demands solutions.


I don't understand how the CIC can say his policies have worked.


Stop the lies coming from Washington, regain our trust.


Give states a wavier from Obama Care, revamp the ACA to lower costs, make available doctors of choice, and reduce monthly premiums and huge deductibles.


Give States more say in Education.


Drill baby Drill by increasing federal leases on federal land but protect the environment and clean up dirty shell oil during processing.


Approve the Canadian Pipe Line once a eco friendly pipe system can be constructed with a double or triple pipe system for flowing oil itself mediated, filtered, etc. I would think this Canadian shell oil could be used for plastics, asphalt, oil on dirt roads and diesel. PV Ray systems using oil as well, the sun heating up pvc pipes with oil running through stored in huge tanks.


Work with small businesses rather then tell the owners they must submit tons of paper work in order to stay in business and business loans at 6 to 12 percent should be made available. Venture loans donít really exist for example.


Establish a work related welfare system accompanied with training through job creation policies, pursuing an energy driven economy creating a 4 trillion dollar federal budget in order to fund liabilities.


Build training facilities, teaching youth trades and schools and make it easy to go there and while your there, make it educational and fun, completive and fair is necessary un less automation is the goal, rather then employees.


The next President must figure out a way to make employment among welfare recipients appealing, offering job training and employment as manufacturing jobs become available, once corporate tax is lowered and a fair and equitable tax is levied against over seas money returned to America or not, provided 50 percent is invested in FRRD projects, while a corporation may own at the beginning a maximum of 20% ownership at first as stock holders can always sell their stock back to the founding corporation approved by FRRD.


Maintain Americaís military strength, to include a strong navy.


Call a terrorist by their action a terrorist - Exclaim Terrorist for what they are and who they are. Murdering folks by the hundreds in a Paris France theater or in years past, the Twin Towers.


Support Israel publicly and militarily as Iran is now coming at Israel more directly through sponsoring Terrorist groups.


Routinely conduct naval activities with Israel as a deterrent.


Be on Iran like flies in the soup, because if they ever get a nuclear missile, they will use it as collateral to expand their terror net works. Missiles in Poland to counter the Iranian nuclear ambitions. To suggest the missiles in Poland would also be a deterrent to Russiaís advancing monopolies of countries in its control, forcibly invading a former state of the U.S.S.R., might be less a deterrent then anticipated unless our President can enforce red lines.


Fight for the release of Americans jailed for their sexual behaviors or religion in foreign countries.


Support Christians, moderate Muslims and Jewish world wide if you accept America was built on Christian values.


Donít reward other countries that murder homosexuals by partnering with them, regardless if this behavior is offensive to you or not, because next it could be you for an assortment of reasons to include religion or lack of or the wrong one as viewed by the terrorist.


Itís time for competency. Yet to suggest Obama isnít one hundred percent competent in regards to his accomplishments, when he has accomplished what he set out to do would be in correct, yet what he has accomplished in regards to the ACA or INS, Cap and Trade, EPA, Foreign affairs and reducing the strength of the Armed Forces has not made America stronger.


The congress if only given direction from a President that would unite the American People, whom would support developments, that will employee millions, creating projects like canals, stretching from the Mississippi to California and Mexico, mediating flood waters from storms or to much snow or rain fall, tsunamis and earthquakes is desperately needed. A challenge, yes, but the end results would re shape a nation.


A President that would pave the way in advance storm preparedness advisories and house hold, vehicle or boat, live stock or animal removal containers from ships that move into a port a few days before a storm, and in land, trains, businesses with trucks, containers that are dropped off, then picked up the next day, paid by insurance companies from fees paid by clients should be made available.


During storms that are billion dollar monsters, all trucking businesses are called on to deliver and remove containers, etc., to designated safe zones, established out side every coastal town and city that might include consideration of heavy rain fall, flooding or broken dams, and wave surges from tsunamis, etc. would bring water to Areas of the country experiencing drought.


A budget that includes container ships for disaster pre readiness and disaster relief fleet efforts, ship crew out to sea training, loading and un loading training, a fleet of 12 ships, 850í long, operated by the U. S. Coast Guard, coupled with removal options and regulated fees for folks on there insurance policies for disaster pre relief for personal or business removal of anything insured, thereby creating thousands of businesses, resulting in billions saved by insurance companies and government, suggesting a government sponsored program to bridge the gap between business and insurer would be sensible.


And guess what, the governmentís ships will only provide disaster relief efforts before and after a storm, while rescue workers would operate from the ships operated by the coast guard. Ships would have boats of all types, 4by4 rescue vehicles, and portable container style medical operation centers delivered by truck or helicopter to designated areas would protect lives. Even floating medical barge type container operation centers would be useful as would four wheel motorcycles, etc.


Private shipping container or belly cargo shipping companies would contract with insurance companies for their clientís items removal needs. Ships that submerge for boats, welding bracing to the floor would be ideal but not that many around, but the coast guard would operate the disaster pre readiness and disaster relief fleet of ships as a rapid response unit with private shipping companies working with the coast guard, reporting to them for all navigation concerns, course and movement to and ashore, during the period designated as pre disaster relief activities.


Its time to recognize both the coast guard and navy need replacement ships tailored too the global necessities that involve protecting the U. S. from† ISLAMIC RADICALISM, fascism, and or communism. I would have mentioned socialism but it seems a number of Americans want that form of government and even more think communism might be cool.


God only knows, the DOD after Gates, what his abilities are, because know one else does. I hope the next President nominates a serious person that wants to defend our country by denouncing Obamaís cuts to the armed forces, blaming the cuts on 3% sequester growth cuts.


Thatís not right to shoulder the military the burden of the growth growing pain cuts of 3%, but even more crazy is this notion our economy canít grow enough to support a 3 to 20% cut in federal spending, Liquidation of empty federal properties, development areas by FRRD decided upon and over sea money re invested in FRRD Projects becomes a viable solution.


Federal Renewable Reserve Depository (FRRD), Federal Taxes, PCDís and EPA


Foreign Power Plant Corporation Ownership


America must begin earning money. Paying out interest on our debt is killing us, so its time to re think how America creates it's wealth.


Taxation from 90 million workers to feed 220 million folks not working that includes children, elderly and the ill, diseased and physically challenged is not sustainable. Not addressing double digit trillions in liabilities doesnít make the problem go away, but merely enhances the severity of the debt America continually increases.


Tariffs on free trade seems to me, to be a viable solution, especially since politicians are shouting how great free trade is for everyone, although in China, we have a huge trade deficit, owe them a trillion and a half, while Mexico and Japan sends many cars to the United States, free of tariffs Trump says, while our country owes Japan billions as well.


The solution is for America to begin creating wealth by investing in developments that create renewable income, a 40/20/40 mediation/project guarantor, municipal bond solicitor to the general public in counties across America, thereby creating wealth for Americans, and the government by the People, that must pay out entitlements to Americans in poverty, retirement, sickness or disabilities, health care and housing and energy assistance is essential as these entitlements/liabilities are growing.


Medicare nearing default, etc., as a direct result of nearly a trillion confiscated for the ACA, as well as increasing participants.


A President that will up grade, repair or rebuild our nuclear missile sites; build new nuclear power plants and repair and modify the old ones; maintain a strong military and spreading out sequester three percent cuts in projected federal income throughout all departments rather then a larger burden on the armed forces;


reestablish our comments to our allies in the Middle East; work with Russia and now Iran to defeat ISIS, regardless weather the President of Syria stays in power or not, as our present CIC has doubled down on his lead from behind policies regarding Syria and Iraq;


tackle the tax code, creating a wealth generating economy through a system like FRRD;


Donít allow any more veteran deaths as a result of being denied care or treatment;


put together a better plan for health care and


up hold religious rights as if they were just as important as sexual behavior rights.


The aforementioned, truly would go a long way towards restoring Americas former greatness.


When we loose site of who we are, we loose everything. Values, traditions, honoring patriots, self governing rights endowed by GOD and secured by a government, that will maintain rights for all in order to live the American Dream, is the fundamental principles of the former republic now consumed with progressive, socialist and communist ideas.


Polices from Obama in regards to health care, religious rights of employers and INS, Cap and Trade, EPA energy sector policies and eliminating the Houseís effectiveness by creating a path to by pass law makers through a senate majority to protect a Presidential veto, by refusing to send the Houses Bills to the President because there are not enough votes to over ride a veto is crazy and about equal to Senator Harry Reid's actions when he was the Senates majority leader.


Iím of the school of thought that Obama should personally be on the record, so let him veto every bill. Other wise the American dream becomes:

The right for free tuition, free college, free health care, free condoms or abortions, etc., welfare, food stamps, housing vouchers, raises in pay when the economy isnít strong enough to support $15.00 an hour and much more declared by politicians to get your vote in order to stay in power.


The American Dream is to live free with opportunities that allow you to grow while being treated fairly, with equality and justice for all which from time to time must be up held at the cost of life and treasure.


Democrats seem to be the biggest supporters of free stuff from the government and the more folks reliant on government the better it is for democrats. So the door is open if you can make it to America anyway you can.


Why canít a President just govern rather then rule based on personal or party ideology?


Ideas are great but work with the congress, listen to the elected congressmení or women or senatorsí speeches through CSPAN or on the house or senate floor.


We need a strong, forceful personality in regards to the next President, so other nations will respect the resolve of America.


The next President must push forward, exhausting every means to solve or resolve issues and in the end, be successful, restoring Americas Greatness, like Trump exclaims he can do, because he is old school, firm in his beliefs, supportive of women, knowledge of back door politics, while his business enterprises and his accomplishments suggests he can get the job done. He knows how to profit using bankruptcy laws when companies are failing, like Romney does. He knows only two well, that too much debt is a sure way to go bankrupt and unless the next President can change the direction our country is headed, future debt will not be sustainable.


Doesnít any body understand what that means?


I would remind folks how dirty Obama was against those that ran for his coveted job.


President Obama took the respect for a President Iíve always had away, because he rules rather then governors and canít tell the truth, nor can he see the difference between criminal activity and terrorism.


Here is Trump, defending himself without being politically correct, but if you in any way address him negatively, claiming this or that about him in order to discredit him, then he will defend himself and point out flaws in the character or conduct of those attacking him.


Trump is just trumping chumps.


Although Ben Carson is no chump nor is Bush or any other republican presidential candidate, itís a race for the best possible choice, so everything that can be presented about someone running for president comes out.


I heard Trump say 911 happened on Bushís watch. But what he didnít say, is Bush flew Saudis home secretly after wards so as to protect them from whom, Americans, or were they financing those buzzards that attacked the Twin Towers? The fact is that 911 happened on Bushís watch. Planes flown in the area of Washington D.C. and New York did so undetected, air space that is now protected and people died as a result of the FBIís in ability to track these scum or the CIA for not reporting to the FBI their take on these guys. As a result of these actions by low life Fascist Radical Islamic Muslims, Bush and the congress entered two widely un popular wars to set things right, and Bush got the job done, and Obama gave away all the success, that blood and treasure was expended for the Iraqi people.


A Trump President would have had tighter immigration requirements, more verification of desired activities and lodging, school, etc., as well as made sure reports from the FAA when foreign nationals used simulators or flight instruction activities both in the class room and flight. The INS and FBI could have back ground checked the 911 murderous rats more thoroughly, while a Trump policy may have limited visas from Saudi Arabia. The secret 911 papers supposedly expose the financiers of 911, and heaven forbid they be rich Saudiís.

Gangs in the inner cities


Its time to clean out the gangs in the inner cities and declare all life matters to include babies butchered through abortions, which I heard Trump say. This will require the National Guard from states selected if not all to fight gangs but in the process, rights will be trampled on un less first, congress enacts a law that gives authorities the legal right to collect gang bangers, housing them in either state or federal prisons. Making a statement like Trump did regarding gang bangers tells me Trump, un like Obama, intends to clean up the cities of gang bangers, cities like Detroit, bringing back car manufacturers do to tax code adjustments and other incentives Trump would offer is more then Obama will do or as done for Detroit.


Ultimate Domain laws might be necessary to build factories or manufacturers, or hotel expansion in an area that needs jobs, creating thousands of jobs, but not to steal property for a frog, fish or animal by the millions of acres or to reduce large ranches for what ever reason that is invented by the EPA.


Planned Parenthood funding for abortion


I can tell you Benjamin Franklin in Paris, France, having orgies to gather up money from the erotic rich elite for the revolution, Americas independence, would had used the internet to gather money if he could have, but he went where the money was. How sexual the rich of France were, how open sexually they were back then, re invented today among Americans, resulting in many abortion issues and now various human species from classified sexual behaviors other then heterosexuals have surfaced


Itís time for the Supreme Court to weigh in on how babies will be disposed of after abortion since they own the abortion issue, overriding the populous vote many years ago, dividing a nation of people up until today.


Planned Parenthood funding supported by the federal government should be restricted to everything but abortions exclaim republican hardliners, but then profiting on baby parts wouldnít work commercially as itís supposedly against the law, so how would abortions be funded?


Planned Parenthood would have to get donations but without the sales from baby organs and parts, abortion surgeries would be a loosing proposition, so I can see the reason they want government funding so as not to create revenue from selling baby organs and parts.


It seems to me, separating abortion services from Planned Parenthood, but keeping the educational and counseling sections that are necessary, prior to a doctor performing abortions, themselves out sourced with a prescription from a Planned Parenthood doctor, acknowledging all pre education and counseling was given by law, before surgery is performed by a doctor of clients choice from those doctors that perform abortions in the patients community or out side the community in the Planned Parenthood abortion doctor net work, while supporting a patients privacy is reasonable.


Keeping abortions solely as a surgical procedural is no longer possible as baby organs and parts are both useful and profitable if allowed commercially, so we have been witnessed to by a group who discloses back door operations of some clinics in the control of Planned Parenthood of doing the un thinkable, while Planed Parenthood receives 500 million a year from the American People who themselves are divided on spending tax payers money on abortions.


It seems to me that since the abortion issue was decided on by the Supreme Court to be a women's right to choose, its up to the congress, senate and President to over turn this decision made by the Supreme Court regarding a women's right to choose to abort or not and for any reason as it turns out.


Until the Supreme Courts decision is over turned, the governmentís duty is to make sure abortions are performed professionally, by certified abortion doctors and do everything necessary to make sure baby organs and parts are not commercialized, yet mothers and fathers must be informed as to their choice as to whether or not any portion of the aborted fetus is to be cremated or donated to research.


Yet repeated abortions of one woman for a means of preventing pregnancy after the fact suggests that mother is out of control, has no other means to prevent pregnancy or partnering with someone that needs baby parts and organs.


The belief that life begins at conception or when you take a breath of air and your brain becomes active brings with it severe inter actions judicially. Restrictions on late abortions as an attempt to mediate this divide is at present the only way I know of.


If youíre against abortion, then life is at conception, so lots of murders have taken place, yet you have to be a human being in order to be murdered, and the only way to become a human being is to be born. Lifeís definition itself would have to change if life was at conception.


I canít imagine a women being charged for murdering her Fetus after riding a horse, jumping 8 feet, slipping and falling, or doing drugs, etc., yet I remember cases of woman on drugs that lost their babies as a result, loosing their kids, going to jail, rehab, etc. Crank babies I think there called, actually going through withdraws after birth.


There are many reasons a women would abort a fetus. Iíd like to see if the Supreme Court would address the research of baby body organs and body parts disposal or donation limits and disciplines as to whether the government should fund abortion and or regulate disposal or donation guidelines.


How society will be more under standing of the evolution of abortions and Fetus disposal, will be determined by the Supreme Court.


Is it a Fetus with no rights or a human being that a women can be charged with murder from either a deliberate or accident abortion once conception creates a fetus?


If the original decision for a women's right to choose, was that abortion could be used as a method of pregnancy prevention after the fact for any reason, then surely addressing that which is necessary to bridge the divide, mediating the differences between supporters and opponents of abortion is required. I believe abortion as a method of pregnancy prevention after the fact should be re evaluated in a more specific way, and a highly regulated organ and body parts disposal or donation procedures should be explored, and offering mothering expenses paid by the state, but reimbursed by the one adopting a child after birth, plus six months, hospital exams, treatment, etc., is presented as an example.


Offering a young mother welfare and food stamps, a stay home mother receiving a house voucher to have rent paid by the state, a rather bleak look into the future the mother has, facing economic necessities, unable to provide housing and medical services for either youíre self or the fetus soon to be a human being, abortion becomes the only tool left to regain your life among women of youth and adults.


Itís that something you can regulate? Only the Supreme Court can direct society in this matter and the sooner the better, as abortion is an issue that affects society as a whole, and since the Supreme Court owns legalized abortion for any reason, its their duty to set us all straight as to how everyone should understand the evolution of abortion and in particular, can you grow babies for legitimate research by independent medical research cell and disease centers and if yes, then can corporations either advertise to the public a conception compensation fee, provided fetus grows for a contracted length of time before a mother aborts the fetus through authorized abortion clinics.


Iím thinking all coordinated by Planned Parenthood by following the tree of evolution as someone would have to manage this big mess coming at us, since any women secretly can manage to create a fetus and with the right doctor off grid, big bucks could be paid for a fetus.


Whose to say women are not doing this today through out the world, in a world that wittiness kidnappings, little girls sold has sex slaves in places like Thailand and many Americans are strung out on meth, heroin, opium and other substances, and when you need a fix, you will do anything to get one, so would some medical research center want a fetus from a mother on drugs, maybe?


As far fetched as I may be in my assertions, force abortion funding solicitation publicly and see what happens?


First, a non profit has no need to right off its losses if it doesnít pay taxes, but if it must burden the entire abortion costs on its donors shoulders, in the end, money from other services that are provided to help women with breast cancer, x-rays, monograms, cat scans, and or MRIís IĎm hoping wouldnít be adversely affected offering less participants services.


The House can fund anything, so it will take a lot more videos showing baby organs and parts being sold before democrats in congress defund Planned Parenthood.


Should the House defund abortion funding for Planned Parenthood before it puts in place legalization that clarifies languages and disciplines on how those who want a abortion will still be able to get one, their right decided by the Supreme Court, chaos will follow?


How would you continue to fund abortions as to keep abortion activities from going under ground or commercialized if abortion funding is dropped?


By continuing to work with other clinics not affiliated with Planned Parenthood, abortion services will continue.


If itís through 13,000 plus other abortion centers or clinics throughout the U. S., then fund them while you investigate Planned Parenthood, but solve this crisis, as Americans are still divided on the issues of abortion evolution. Give them the money but donít go back in time to the dark ages without proper mediation of abortion funding issues.


Itís sad that Americans aborting babies donít realize the impact this activity has on U. S. populous census nationally among the number of American home grown children, especially among young black womanís babies, the highest nationality of women in any category of American nationalities aborting fetuses/babies, that never became Americans, but replaced with 100,000 Syrian Muslims and a few Christians at the end of the line I guess seems to be a trade off.


I canít know how Trump feels on all these issues but I do know he is against commercialization of baby parts and organs and that he would not defund Planned Parenthood completely but would thoroughly investigate alleged criminal activities of Planned Parenthood and who knows, maybe even come up with a better plan to deliver to the populous there abortion rights.


U. S. Guest Workers Program and Immigration


Build a Guest Workers Program and or comprehensive immigration plan.


Trump will have to re consider his immigration solution and if he worked with me, Iíll deliver a Mexican agreement they will pay to secure the boarder, expanding the boarder fence as well.


A future President must create a Guest Workers Program better then the present migrant worker program for a Mexican work force, resulting in high costs for farmers that must transport their foreign workers to their farm in New York City, and since the congress canít figure an affective INS policy, pay me and Iíll build one for this nation.


Requiring folks to get back ground checks from their embassies in the U. S. or returning to designated Regional Training Facilities along the Mexican and American state boarders is a balance and fair way to interact with a Deportation Force for those willing to enroll in a Workers Guest Program and those that refuse to sign up for a Guest Workers Program , deport them.


Heck, for a million dollars a web site could be built interfacing embassies, INS and Home Land Security.


A future President must build a boarder fence where possible, as migration of animals, fire access or Indian lands would have gates or no fence. That would require federal and Indian cooperation, surveillance and more boarder guards, allowing ICE to do their job more affectively.


A President that will stop catch and release, releasing murders who commit more murders, would go a long way to enforcing boarder security as would changing laws that treat folks from other countries different from Mexico once caught or detained.


Drones and more ICE Guards and or convince Mexico to protect the boarder from the $1.00 to $2.00 an hour they will receive from Mexicans in a Guest Workers Program once an international wage is created in conjunction with a $12.00 an hour minimum wage for all Americans, provided those that receive the minimum wage increase no longer be eligible for welfare services would be essential to the success of the program and security of the boarder.


The value of 1 to 2 dollars an hour x 5 million Mexicans working in a Guest Workers Program = 5 to 10 million an hour x 8 hours = 40 to 80 million a day x 5 days = 200 to 400 million a week x 4 weeks = 800 million to 1.6 billion a month x 12 months = 9.6 billion to 19.2 billion a year. Plenty of money for Mexico to pay for the wall, build Regional Training Facilities along the boarder inside Mexico and have the Mexican Army protects the boarder. How much would the U. S. spend on 10,000 new boarder agents, while this huge cost would be a new liability, pensions, etc. Drones, Surveillance cameras, doing away with release policies of illegal aliens, a fence where possible, incentives to Indian Tribes to protect the boarder on Indian lands and guarded animal migration port wholes would get the job done with say an increase of two thousand boarder guards. The federal government would also receive hourly funds from folks in the program equal to Mexico and other countries participating. Do this and over night you will see a tone of support from everyone and include the dream act parents in the program as its first clients. Other incentives for those who have over stayed their visa can also be created. My web site clearly points out options.


You can raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour when the country has at least 4 percent growth in the GNP. There isnít much I agree with Hillary Clinton, but sheís right about $12.00 an hour minimum wage, yet the economy at present should show growth before the minimum wage is raised, which will require economic policies, tax reform and wealth creation other then tariffs with the exception of China, Mexico and Japan, yet a balance approach must be explored, that might include a $15.00 an hour minimum wage and a Guest Workers Program wage of $16.00 an hour. In addition, the EPA could work for FRRD and will no longer be a cabinet member of the executive branch, now a mediator of pollutants for manufacturers and development discussed, while FRRD would be an independent branch of the government answering to over site congressional committees.


A comprehensive immigration bill and federal enforcement of laws with penalties for employers employing non U. S. residences out side the Guest Workers Program , that itself is designed to help employers find employees and guestís workers to locate employment would have to be enforced.


Beginning with a federally sponsored web site, folks would be able to register, and placed in the Guest Workers Program . Those that are employed would declare their employer while those that are not, would declare a sponsor or find a job or enroll in the Mexican Regional Training Facility and get qualified for a job and employment in America. Those that have over stayed there visa in countries other then Mexico can go to their countries Regional Training Facility, possibly an out sourcing of a countries embassy inside the U. S. on property owned by another country in the U. S., to include said Mexican locations 1,000 miles from any bordering state so as not to create hardships do to transportation problems resulting in non compliances. Each country will flip the bill in order to receive a dollar an hour from foreign nationals, creating billions for Mexico annually from Mexicans in the Guest Workers Program , uniting with America to secure the boarder.


Working with congressional folks of my choosing, together we could easily build a immigration bill even Obama would sign, and in less then 6-months, provided my task force includes 100 Yeomanís with an Admirals staff ordered to be silent with secrecy crucial to successful submission of said same.


Iím a little bit confused why Trump doesnít want to be reasonable in regards to evicting 11 million folks. The diversity that will be created will haunt the Republican Party most likely becoming irrelevant as a party, leaving the liberal socialist democrat party in power forever.


Itís only prudent to do something smooth, fair and balanced when you can.


Doing away with catch and release and emptying federal jails or detention centers, releasing foreign nationals, tens of thousands of criminals into the streets of U. S. cities must stop and when it does, it will be because federal judges have seen every individual, requiring holding centers until released back to there countries or federal prison for their crime of kidnapping and or capital murder, etc. This alone would reduce foreign national crimes, sending a chilly message to want to be foreign national invaders, be ware; you will be returned immediately upon apprehension at the boarder if no drugs or weapons are involved, and or processed for return if you didnít commit any crime if picked up away from the boarder. Pregnant women immediately returned if anchor babies are an issue and then solicit the congress to revise the constitution through an amendment every governor will sign or the majority, something that never happened when the tax code was created by the congress, declaring anchor babies against the law if this be your goal.


Personally, my view reflects those that arrive for the purpose of only having a baby born in America and then return to say China where the child is raised.


Trumps emigration plan for evicting folks that are here illegally I could easily accomplish with out evicting anyone, yet folks would go to their countries embassy in America or Regional Training Facilities in Mexico a long the boarder or places in America purchased by other countries, an extension to an embassy.


If you donít join the Workers Guest Program when youíre suppose too, baby, the law will evict you and a bounty hunter will locate you, but not apprehend you, reporting to ICE for final apprehension location and if necessary, walk away unless you witness a criminal act. Bounty Hunters must be stealth, like a sniper to get paid. Pistol with laser light and plastic bullets would be the authorized weapon and munitions to stop the criminal must be in the bounty hunters vehicle, to be used only if a crime is being committed, witnessed by two bounty hunters. Other wise, keep your glock in the car, be licensed to carry and donít let the target see you bone head. If your so sloppy youíre spotted and your target has a weapon they use against you, then shoot them with a plastic bullet but not the head dummy, unless they use a machine gun. Remember the goal is to spot and report the location not apprehend unless you were granted a special bounty hunter license by ICE that gives you ICE type authority.


This would be seen as a humanitarian act. However, enforcement of U. S. Workers Guest Program dodgers will be deported with an advance cost to the government of $10,000.00 if apprehended by special bounty hunters or $2,000.00 for reporting the location provided the bounty hunter stays with the individual stealthily and or the reported location is the individualís residence, requiring only a phone call.


Yet you must be a licensed bounty hunter with a id no. in order to report anyone.


Enrollment into the Workers Guest Program is very easy; working with embassies, portable consultants created on open land owned by a country that has an embassy in America makes it possible to bridge between INS, Homeland Security, FBI and CIA.


American Modular Systems, Inc., Manteca, California could quickly build trailers utilized as an extension to an embassy, heck, I guess I could or my father could build them as well, but we would have to build a factory.


Yet a contractor could erect a pole building quickly. Bottom line, Mexico will have the most consultants and could even be portable trailer units in the United States in order to evict everyone for hours each day, for back ground checks prior to enrollment into the Guest Workers Program , but once you get your beginning back ground check letter from your embassy you can join the Workers Guest Program making it the responsibility of each country to conclude an individuals back ground investigation within 6-months to a year.


Accompanied with this program, all applicants applying legally for immigration status would be expedited.


Applicants offered 5 year U. S. Guest Workers Program participation, followed with a ten year resident card, then citizenship test and or return back to the Guest Workers Program, not a ten year resident card renewal.


Fine for entering illegally would be twice the fees charged by INS for the equal path way to citizenship and a one time $1,000.00 fine allowed to be paid at $25.00 a month. There would be annual fees for your identification cards, paper work and applications printed off the internet in the web site provided for universal use just like the INS has accommodating the requirements to enroll.


Once you enroll, youíre a participant as long as your visit to your country, consult or embassy provides you with a final or beginning background investigation letter and those that go to the Mexico Training Facilities a long the southern boarder inside Mexico will return with a final letter, training and placed in a data base for employers to select individuals based on their level of skilled trades or university level degrees in all professions.


Those that canít pay the fees for filing and entering the program can finance the debt in five years as well.


If you have felonies that you served federal prison for and you were released, you can join and if your one of those Obama released early or avoided federal trial or deportation hearings as a result of a Presidential order to be released, and youíre still in America, you can join to, provided you can pass your countries background check. In other words, if you stopped being a criminal and have a job, and your crime wasnít child endangerment, gun running, drug running, kidnapping, rape, theft when person was murdered, terrorism or espionage, you can apply.


Exemptions would not be for those who commit a crime addressed by local or state jurisdiction, as a result of your actions causing great harm to its victim or victims.


Those criminals that continue on the path of crime, law enforcement will collect you and they wonít be using plastic bullets, they will be federal marshals, ICE or special ICE type bounty hunters.


Work with the Governor of Arizona to regain 75 miles of the states boarder.


Make a deal with Mexico, to jointly secure our boarders (My Guest program would do the job as 6 million rounded up and released back to Mexico and other countries would be enough to cause severe differences between Mexico and America).


Mexico can pay for the fence along the boarder through guest program revenue their government will earn at a $1.00 an hour for Mexico federal taxes and social security benefits for a Mexican in the Guest program.


If only those in power could see others could contribute as well, or at least consider alternate ideas so much could be accomplished.


If I can build a Workers Guest Program, working with folks in the House, delivered in six months, something Obama would sign, then why canít the congress get it done?


Itís about a utopia created by Obama that doesnít meet the test of unification and economic growth and the difficult path to re unite a country that has lost sense of its roots, searching for an Obama type utopia that illuminates socialism front and center into the political sphere.



2016 Presidential candidates, elections and issues facing America, France, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Middle East, Africa and the world

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2016 Presidential candidates, elections and issues facing America, Israel, France, Egypt, Jordon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Middle East, Africa and the world

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In a U. S. Guest Workers Program, the aforementioned would not all be available.

No U. S. Social Security Benefits as this would be provided by the Guest Workers country of residence/birth;

Unemployment Benefits would be Federal and paid from the tax of the worker;

Federal taxes paid by worker are allocated to the U. S. and residence/birth from the tax of the worker;

Workers Compensation provided by Guest Workers country of residence/birth;

Health, Medical services and Workers Compensation allocated from $2.00 an hour of workers wage;

Education for children in America is paid for by home owners in counties and perishes, with state and federal funding to boot, so a worker in a Guest Program would be able to send their children to school because of Federal U. S. Taxes with held.

My web site goes into more detail and verification from employers to the labor board that no U. S. Citizen will do the job offered would be necessary for all future participants, yet in order to get the ball rolling, a one year suspension of this policy would be in affect.

Sen. Jeff Sessions to be Trumps nominee for the next attorney general, a Chief Opponent Of Federal Hate Crime Law, sends a clear message the direction immigration is headed.