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Planned Parent Hood - 6 Oct. 2012

Arizona Emigration Plight with Illegal AliensĖ 6 October 2012


Is the State Department and the Executive Branch liable for the Death of four Americans serving in Libya at the U.S. Embassy? Ė 6 October 2012

ran Presidentís is nothing more then a rock hanging off a cliff

U.S. Embassy Marines with no bullets and Consulate Personnel in Africa and the Middle East on edge to say the least because America has no Peace through Strength policy


Planned Parent Hood Ė 6 October 2012


    Hey, do you think that building built for that there manufacture of solar cells could be converted into a recycling center for condoms so we can save some money since tax payers must pay through higher insurance premiums, for womenís right to have sex with either a single or multiply parterres in order to prevent pregnancy.


    The argument of course is our intention is to stop diseases being passed between partners and abortions so babies or fetuses that have yet taken a breath of air, can stop being seen as just a glob of cells growing I guess.


    Without oxygen to the brain, thereby creating life, the fetus is seen by many as just a glob of cells growing.


    I wonder in the growing of organs can lead to clones? Can you imagine the laws that would be erected to protect human or non human entities?


    Until that fetus is born through an operation or normal birth, that there critter growing inside the womb, is just a glob of cells that has no right to life unless a woman chooses its beginning by allowing this glob of cells to live.


    So we as Americans, by either not sharing our voices that lifeís creation is scared or are among those that believe, a Fetus is just a glob of cells until its born, are the reason creation has been slowed down in respect to white women performing the majority of abortions I read. It was said the truth is in a rising Spanish population in America as compared to a declining white population in America.


    Americans give the Chinese government a bad time for there policies relating to abortions and the number of children a family can have.


    Can you imagine 1.4 billion people in America? How can Americans judge China on how there managing population growth when the U.S. Federal Government backs and funds an organization like Planned Parent Hood which assists in abortions?


    Many Americans and the Supreme Court declared long ago a Fetus is just a glob of cells until itís born and takes its first breath of air, the second they allowed women to kill there fetuses, yet there are Americans upset because of the way China manages its population.


    Iím not presenting a case where by I agree with Chinaís policies relating to Planned Parent Hood principles that have the Sectary of State, H. Clinton at odds with, but I am suggesting its time to wake up and smell the roses.


    In other words, when our government funds any organization that does things Americans are at odds with where it relates to the creation of life as to whether aborting a fetus is immoral or not, then the government should not invest the peopleís money in any such purpose.


Arizona Emigration Plight with Illegal AliensĖ 6 October 2012


    Republics generally go by a constitution although President Obamaís approach to hope and change has been in several instances, i.e., Obama Care and the Dream Act, questionable as to whether the constitution was consulted and reviewed, requiring the Supreme Court to render a decision exclaiming Obama Care is a tax and under the commerce act, and of course something we all knew, the executive branch has the right to Levi a tax or as it turns out a bunch of taxes bundled together.


    In addition, Arizonaís Emigration law ruffled the feathers of Obamaís Administration requiring a Supreme Court decision to the most part benefiting the federal government, yet the mass invasion of illegal aliens through Arizona from Mexico hasnít stopped and amazingly to enforce emigration laws for the most part is seen has profiling.


    Thirty years from now, when 30 percent of the American people will be Spanish Americans, how many illegal aliens from Mexico will be residing in America?


    If I was the governor of Arizona, Iíd show up to all areas of entrance into Arizona where illegal aliens are entering with bottles of water, dried food and hot soup. Then once everyone is decently cared for, Iíd request they go back to Mexico or offer each one a free bus ride to California and drop them off on the state boarder line and tell them if you return to Arizona we will arrest you and send you home.


    Since illegal allies are entering Arizona every minute of the day, MASH units would have to be set up and buses running 24 hours a day.


    You may ask what this will accomplish besides spend allot of money?


    First, it will upset the Governor of California and he will eventually stop the mass flow of illegal aliens by preventing them to enter thereby creating a refugee camp of illegal aliens on the boarded of both states.


   At no time does any bus enter California. Once that illegal alien camp is created because of the actions of the state of Arizona and resulting actions of California, the Federal Government would be forced to do what? Give them Citizenship?


    No laws are being broken, illegal aliens are treated well, fed and given water and a boost up in there travels for there search of a job from Americans willing to higher them.

    In other words, force the Federal Government to do its job by being compassionate and in essence, following in Uncle Samís foot steps, helping the illegal aliens make it to San Francisco, Ca., a well know illegal alien camp with ships that will take you to New York City around Cape Horn or jump on a bus or train.


    Ok, you think Iím nuts? May be I am or maybe Iím searching for solutions by thinking out side the box?


    Maybe you donít need the busses? Maybe just the MASH Units would work in designated areas keeping everyone pinned in once they enter by offering them the basics before they split back into Mexico or jump on a bus to California.


    The fact is, if you close down the entrances, establish a compassionate platform (which would bring in non profits), in a matter of a few days there will be hundreds if not thousands of illegal aliens stopped in there tracks, fed and given water, medical care if necessary and asked to go home. If they refuse then the camp gets bigger if you donít like the bus idea, which would still force the Federal Government to get involved.


    I canís understand out the Federal Government can just right off 70 miles of U.S. Arizona territories by posting signs informing the public that its not safe nor are there any federal attempts to enforce emigration laws in Arizona that would make Arizona/Mexico boarder high risk zones safe for living and ranching.


    Arizona attempts to enforce emigration laws has met resistance from Obamaís Administration and required Supreme Court rulings in order to satisfy constitutional authorities between states and the federal government.




    Those in a wheel chair with handicap vans larger then aero star van are not allowed in Mexico and medical supplies are taxed when you bring them into Mexico if you donít throw the boxes away.


    If your van has a wheelchair ramp or lift, itís considered commercial because Mexicans use wheel chair lifts on the back of pickups.


    New pickups are stolen by boarder guards and Americans have no representation to fight for there pickup back.


    Mexican Citizens have no representation from Federal Lawyers whose job is to help Mexican Citizens after a citizen submits a claim against the Federal Government.


    My employee who my pickup was stolen from filed a claim now over four years old. He went to see the Federal Lawyer last week and the Lawyer got mad at my employee for visiting him to ask about the case.


    Justice in Mexico comes in the form of cash. If you donít have any cash to give a civilian lawyer you wonít get justice.


    While federal lawyers may be for the people of Mexico, there as corrupt as the police and have no time for the people they represent.


    The lesson to be learned here is that you should never bring a new vehicle into Mexico.

    If you want to visit, rent a car. If you want to go to the dooms, drive strait there, donít stop any where.


    If your car is new, and itís all you got and you bring it to Mexico, sleep in it.


    The number one criminal activity besides selling drugs in Mexico is car jacking.


    Is the State Department and the Executive Branch liable for the Death of four


Americans serving in Libya at the U.S. Embassy? Ė 6 October 2012


     The American people must hold the State Department and the Executive Branch liable for not securing the work environment of the Libyan Embassy Facility and Safety of its Personnel rather then shifting the blame to a bad movie about Mohamed and or terrorist, the latter everyone knew of but the U.S. Government did nothing but order the DC9 out of Libya and if you can believe this one, no bullets for the two marines guarding the Embassy.


    As an American, in the eyes of Middle Eastern folks Iím seen as an infidel born from the Great White Satan.


    I thought President Obamaís childhood brush against Islam made him a valuable mediatory between Muslims in the Middle East and Americans? Yet there burning our flag with Obamís and Bidens head on a two dogs at the bottom of the flag and chanting there were 1 billion four hundred million Obama Osama bin Ladens in reference to Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden whom President Obama ordered captured or killed, whom was buried at sea.


    Releasing the movie of the Killing of Bin Laden I donít think will result in much fan fair and after the Obam Administration made a big deal out of some video that had Mohamed illustrated as a bad fellow I guess, supposedly causing riots allover the Middle East, that resulted in the death of for citizens working for our government in harms way in Libya with no way out or safe place to work.


    The Obamaís Administration even denied access to a DC 9 aircraft for escaping if necessary, fearing for there lives as it has beedn disclosed in the diary of the U.S. ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens found at the Embassy three days later by a Journalist, abandoned by our government with only two body guards to protect the U.S. ambassador to Libya and a ten-year veteran of the State Department and Sean Smith in Libya on a ďbrief, temporary assignment,Ē U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday. In the end, two former Navy SEALs fought and they were all killed protecting American Citizens, by well armed militants.


Two former Navy SEALs were identified Thursday as the third and fourth victims of the attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya this week that also killed the U.S. ambassador.

U.S. officials and family members identified the men as Glen Doherty, 42, a native of Winchester, Mass., and Tyrone Woods, 41.


    The American people must hold the State Department and the Executive Branch liable for not securing the work environment and by not allowing for enough security to protect U.S. Embassy property in a known hot zone in a country thatís own government has little or no control over militants amongst them, a government limited in scope do to its initial creation and beginning in an unstable region and newly formed government, to the extinct that several to six months of government building in earnest has resulted in at present.


    The Embassy was located in an area where militants were and are still hanging out.


    The Libyan people to some degree showed solidarity with America. They even kicked out and disarmed militants not associated to the newly created and forming government of Libby.


    Yet our government knew the entire scope of the problems Libya was facing to include the mission of the U.S. in assisting with rebuilding and government building.


    Bottom line, security first or as I like to say: ďPeace through Strength.Ē


Iranís President is nothing more then a rock hanging off a cliffó28 September 2012


The Iran President once again at the United Nations in New York exclaimed death to the Jews and his Generals exclaim they will attack American bases if Israel attacks Iran.

Since America wonít attack Iran until Iran kills Americans, the congress will have to declare war after being attacked with no preparation and joint cooperation with Israel, leaving troops in harms way in Afghanistan fighting a war on terrorism in essence land locked with not so friendly partners if thatís what you call Russia or Pakistan.

Israelís opening attack should be against Iranís Navy, launching missiles capable of destroying runways then nibble at there aircraft, that is if they go it alone.


Any attack any where in Iran by Israel in any place will result in an actual war rather then a war of words and hiding behind rocket launching cowards to do there bidding and acting like there not. My word, as if the world doesnít know Iran and Syria are helping Israelís enemies. Are there that many dummies out there?


The Iran President doesnít want to destroy Jerusalem, as there are holy places sacred to all Muslims, just the Jewish people, so when he says a Nuclear Bomb is old technology, you better not believe him, as he knows if Iran prevails with its Uranium enrichment to the extinct necessary to have enough thermally hot fuel for a dirty bomb or two, donít you think they will give a few dirty bombs to there radical buddies all interested in power and the death of others trampled beneath there feet as is the case of the Jews and the twelve tribes of Israel I guess.


In my view hate has no end, so once Iranians conquer the Jews, killing other Arabians of other tribes to keep power along the way or after if the world would even allow Iran to wipe Israel off the map, America would be next donít you think?


Look President Obama is the CIC and there are troops in the field abroad and Iran can attack bases I guess if they thought President Obama has plans to attack them, thereby escalating the tensions so maybe Obama is a patriot for doing nothing, I donít know, but  it sends a dangerous message to the world America is passive thereby perceived as being week and not supportive of Israel publicly throwing the Prime Minister under the bus several times, while the latest outrage of this President was to call the Prime Ministers request for a meeting, noise.


Not conducting show of force joint U.S. and Israel operations at sea and in the air in the Mediterranean and Red Sea has given Iranís Navy more room to conduct attack and destroy Israel operations threatening to close the Persian Gulfs entrance if Israel or America attacks Iranís nuclear power plants and enrichment facilities.


We have troops in South Korea so why not some troops in Israel to show good faith between friends, like a forward deployed rapid response battalion of marines with helicopters and harrier jets.


Iran or America and or the world doesnít have a plan for storage of highly radioactive pollutants involved in nuclear energy from spent uranium fuel.

Iran is cooking up a batch of fuel for there Dirty Bomb ingredients, yet as a nation were some what divided on what to do. It is clear to me, that if Iraq under Saddam with Uranium enrichment and Nuclear Fuel feared to be a reality without guaranteed facts,

resulting in a second war with that dead dictator now a distant memory that left a bad taste in everyoneís mouth and a death toll of countless Arabians at his command.


Nuclear energy was a threat, even though no WMD were found, so surely another tyrant with the goals of his and his followers in mind need not be allowed access to technologies allowing for Uranium enrichment and Nuclear Fuel in order to create a nuclear bomb.


How did those one on one meetings between President Obama and Iranís President go?

The Iranís President has made his case pretty clear. Heís upset Israel exist and England and the U. S. is his chief focus as he sees us as aggressors determined to establish democracy in the Middle East and from the beginning until now, without the support of England and the U. S. in his view, the State of Israel could not have evolved into the Country it is now or continued there existence. Iranís President still declares ďDeath to Israel, Death to AmericaĒ, while France is routinely reunited with terrorism and the world stands by in total disregard for overall world safety as if countries in various regions are setting idle, waiting to see the resolve of the U. S., hoping diversity within our own democratic system will challenge our present Administrationís policies toward Iran, other then just saying Iran canít get a nuclear weapon; a war that is inevitable in my view, which by the way will happen if we donít fight the war on terror with all our might like Iran is willing to do for their holly crusade.


I have struggled with the notion of appeasement and it is beyond me why our country would even consider working with Iranís Nuclear Energy Programs provided they allow for International Atomic Energy Agency Inspectors to make random inspections and transport the spent fuel to Russia.




U.S. Embassy Marines with no bullets and Consulate Personnel in Africa and the Middle East on edge to say the least because America has no Peace through Strength policy


On 11 September 2012, over a thousand Egyptians tore down the U.S Flag at the U.S. Embassy and the U.S. didnít even say you canít do that.


The Egyptian Military only responded after President Obama called there President who along with protesters condemned free speech, with President Obama and the Sectary of State following suite.


In my view, the Chain Saw Mascara movie is enough to shout, ha now, whatís up, but to go pickup a chain saw and start cutting people up is down right ridiculous, yet the Arabian people here about one of there perish books being burned, respectfully I might had do to secret notes passed within these books from individuals incarnated, terrorist the lot of them, conducted by U.S. Service Members, resulted in the death of four the day Arabians freaked out in I remember correctly.


Protesting in Cairo, Egypt do to a video I have no desire to watch, that was I guess tasteless relating to the Muslims false profit that history professes was a war lord who himself killed Jews, in my view is bull shit and just an excuse to protest the day and week of 9/11, and I donít believe its all Arabians, but it can be very quickly if America doesnít grow in itís insight and ití present path of appeasement with no strength through peace platform will in my view embolden these folks to increase there strength by recruiting more Arabians that are unemployed.


I tell you, spend billions of the oil revenue to invent work, producing a product to sell for these folks or watch the Middle East in gulf in flames.


You must give these people hope or just allow by doing noting, the strongest most power tribe to rule and the way they want to rule I guess or what, kill everyone?


Maybe you think you can get the Arabians to think differently by winning there hearts and minds? Good look on that one.


You canít change a devil into an angel and those Arabians world wide that want only to live in peace, where are you?


Why canít you shut down funding for those who want to kill Americans or Jews? It looks like to me, Arabians have more weapons then anyone on the planet, so why wonít Arabians stop those out of control.


Two reasons:

Muslims secretly support the down fall of western ideology, capitalism, etc., or only 2 out of ten Muslims have balls and the rest are defeated, sub servant or women making babies to only be educated to hate infidels.


Now say you got a family of five boys and three girls. In the Middle East and Africa Nations, its common practice for girls to be sold or married off at 6 to 12 years old, and if youíre a woman by the time your father bargains you away, if you refuse to marry who your father orders you to as part of there cultural, youíre killed and berried in the desert supported by tribes in Indian and throughout he Middle East and yes, Muslim Americans as well. I remember the Muslim father who ran his daughter over with his car. Can you believe his wife and son were on his side.


The young men, well there learning how to hate, use weapons and kill if they live long enough, many volunteering to kill themselves in order to kill as many infidels as possible.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, reinforcing the Old Testament, embraced ďThou Shall Not Kill.Ē

Americans have fought in many wars and solders, airman and sailors have killed there governments enemies.


Enemies that were once fighting with Americans are now friends as is the case of Japan and possibly Vietnam.


Of course Germany and England are allies to America even though countless lives were lost in battle many years ago.




When Christians were fed to the Lyons and crucified for being peaceful loving human beings believing differently from Romans, they were peaceful but had no strength.

Today, history repeats itself doesnít it? Of course Rome is the Middle East and Christians are being raped and killed, tortured and jailed by individuals exclaiming there ideology is a religion of peace.


Of course appeasement and kneeling before Muslims in the Middle East, in hopes we as either Americans or couch potatoes will be seen as being understanding, open and loving before the eyes of those who want us dead, will in the end get us all killed.


I donít think to many folks want to go to the Middle East right now, so maybe thatís the Brotherhoods goal, keep the Middle East in turmoil, thereby introducing a week economy, and week government, instability thereafter.


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Look, not all Americans express themselves in a dirty, tasteless, disrespectful manner when expressing there views about an issue, yet murdering Christians because there infidels, the same said individuals whoís only crime before an Arabian was to be a peaceful living person of a different faith.


Well I got a news flash for Muslims who refuse to embrace peace, compassion, love or any form of sanity in relationship to humanity, one day our Lord Jesus Christ will remind you that the wages of sin is death.


Of course a person must value there own life and my gosh, how can you value another persons life if you don't value your own life?


When a human being is forced in a corner with wolves all around what do you do?

You either feed those wolves or you kill them and if you do noting those critters will eat you.


Now I personally think inventing jobs building 720 square feet steel homes that can with stand 120 mile hour wind storms, sold through out the world within a manufacture structure, employing tens of thousands in every city would go along way in resolving the in difference in equality and opportunities that Americans, Mexicans, South and North Americans experience at a cost of nearly being insolvent.


So here it is, we Americans must either stand up for truth or not, fight hate with all our might, or continue to say Iím sorry our forefathers fought so many wars against so many nations like Mr. Obama has done by suggesting America was at fault for evolving into the nation it is to do.


Mr. Obama, your idle, old Abe once said if he could have the Union by not freeing the slaves he wouldÖÖ.


His speech went on to say if he could save the Union by freeing the slaves, he would.

Many, many Henions fought in the Civil War to free the slaves and from the 1860ís to today, generation after generation I can assure you, all 200 hundred or so living in America today have one thing in common. The shared sacrifice as a family from those whom served the Republic of the U.S. of America and not the U. S. States of America, a progressives attempt to mold America into socialist democracy by forgetting to state the word ďRepublicĒ every time politicians hope there mouths.


Now, from time to time we find ourselves in a little trouble and some of us step up to the plate, offering in affect our lives for our staunch beliefs.


So be it, Iím a Disabled Veteran, Civilian C/5-C/6 Quad of 53, in good spirit, good health, and love for my Lord and GOD the Father, I AM is as great as the love others have for there inspiration even if that belief is no belief.


My fellow Americans, I now appeal to those of you that like me, who are willing to sacrifice your life for standing up to free speech and if Liberals think I have nothing to live for as to the reason why Iím presenting, than think again:




As my theme and illustration of historical and one day future present operations of U.S. Aircraft Carriers on this web site, before Americas enemies get there asses kicked back to the 18th Century, my fellow planners, lets help Israel by sending the Prime Minister some rather secret ideas. I know how to get aircraft to within a short distance of target areas using ships and forward deployed bases.


So when I say, it is with great sorrow that I and others must know target Iranian assets, publishing as much as allowed from time to time in order not to give away any secrets which for me now is my insight; I hope you believe me when I say, if I were you and you got money enough then split Iran.


And my insight says Iran will be sent back to the 18th Century militarily which will actually help China and Russia because they will be able to sell more military assets to Iran again that is if they ever get back on there feet.


Honored Patriots lost:


Sean Smith  and Glen Doherty, 42, a native of Winchester, Mass., and Tyrone Woods, 41.

Victims of the Libyan Consulate Attack

by Matthew DeLuca Sep 13, 2012 2:14 PM EDT


The U.S. ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, was killed on Tuesday night during a riot in Benghazi. Friends and colleagues recall the diplomat as a man who dedicated his life to promoting democracy, committed to peace, and in love with the region of the world where he lost his life.


Three other Americans working at the consulate perished alongside Stevens in a battle

that pitched American and Libyan defenders against militant gunmen who, White House sources said on Wednesday, seemed to have pre-planned the attack on the U.S. consulate and used a demonstration outside the consulate compound as a distraction. While the last of the four victims has not yet been identified, the Daily Beast remembers the other two named victims who fell alongside Stevens while serving their country abroad. Three others were killed with the U.S. ambassador to Libya in the attack on the U.S. consulate. Matt DeLuca profiles the gamer and the former Navy SEAL who were among the dead.


Foreign Service Information Management Officer

ten-year veteran of the State Department, Sean Smith was in Libya on a ďbrief, temporary assignment,Ē U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday. The 34-year-old father of two young children, Samantha and Nathan, Smith was an Air Force veteran who had served in a number of posts, including in Baghdad and The Hague.



Third and fourth victims of the attack on US consulate in Libya identified; both were former Navy SEALs

Posted at 9:08 pm on September 13, 2012 by Twitchy Staff


Two former Navy SEALs were identified Thursday as the third and fourth victims of the attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya this week that also killed the U.S. ambassador.

U.S. officials and family members identified the men as Glen Doherty, 42, a native of Winchester, Mass., and Tyrone Woods, 41. Details of how they died havenít been made public.


The men were working as private security specialists for the U.S. government when militants attacked the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi on Tuesday night. In all, four Americans were killed; the others were previously identified as the U.S. ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and Sean Smith, an information management officer.



Private Security Contractor


On Thursday morning, the mother and sister of Glen Doherty, a 42-year-old native of Massachusetts, confirmed the former Navy SEAL too was among those killed in the attack on the Benghazi consulate. His name had not yet been released by the U.S. State Department.


ďHe was on security detail and he was protecting the ambassador and also helping the wounded,Ē Dohertyís sister Katie Quigley told The Boston Globe.



US Libyan consulate attack: Timeline of events



KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) Ė Taliban insurgents detonated a truck bomb, then tried to storm a NATO base Friday in eastern Afghanistan, but coalition forces repelled the attack, killing 14 militants, officials said.


No foreign or Afghan troops were killed, according to NATO, but the attack showed the fundamentalist Islamic movement remains a resilient force even as Afghan President Hamid Karzai insists they do not have the means to retake the nation after foreign forces leave.



The entire Middle East is on fire. I hope it is only a handful of folks. Libyans beat off militants in response to the attack as reported on 22 September 2012. That is reassuring.



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